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June 3rd, 2019 Minutes
Unit Board Meeting - June 3rd, 2019

Unit 216 Board Meeting

June 3, 2019



Present:  Carolyn Sabroske, Carolyn Miller, Tom Olsson, Kate Reynolds, Kristin Welter, Dee Wilson, Sally Meixner, Bonni Newton, Bill Wallace

Absent:  Barb Maas, Gregg Walsh


President Carolyn Sabroske called the meeting to order.  


Secretary’s report:  Meeting minutes were sent via email to board members for review/approval following the last meeting and subsequently posted on the Unit website.


Treasurer’s report:  It was noted that Paul Spong donated $400 for the spring classes and an additional $375 from the Senior College (Learn Bridge in a Day).  The Corporation and the Unit are discussing changing the rent for Sectionals.


Education:  Penny Rittgers presented the education report.  Middle school bridge was offered at two schools this year.  Eric Hill is hoping to expand to an additional school (possibly two)this fall.  Nancy Wilson stated that middle school students can play for free in the upcoming Holiday Regional.  


Regional:  Nancy reported that the hotel has extended the special room rate offer to 6/20.  She is seeking volunteers to help with decorating and hospitality.


NLM Sectional (aka “Stars of Tomorrow”):  The event is to be held on 8/17-18.  The board reviewed the proposed schedule.  


Cornbelt Sectional:  A chairperson is needed. 


Mentoring Games:  Options for mentoring games are being considered by Tom Olsson and Kate Reynolds.


Board Elections:  Bill Wallace is in charge of recruiting candidates for the ballot.  The election will be on October 11, 2019.


Christmas Party:  Saturday, December 7, was set as a tentative date for the party.


The meeting was adjourned.  Next meeting is July 11.​​​​​

Prepared by Kate Reynolds