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Feel free to contact Bud Stowe with any suggestions or updates.

December 7th, 2017 Minutes
December 7th, 2017 Minutes

Present: Margie Brennan, Eric Hill, Barb Maas, Carolyn Miller, Craig Nelsen, Bonni
Newton, Kate Reynolds, Penny Rittgers, Carolyn Sabroske, Gregg Walsh, Dee Wilson
Absent: Bill Wallace
Guests: Bill Long, Rich Newell

Minutes: Approved. Dee Wilson is still working on the Sheraton for 2019.

Treasurer’s Report: Accepted. Are we acknowledging donations? Mike Smith and
Nancy Wilson have specified the donations from their classes/book sales go to the
education fund. Paul Spong’s donations were not specified.

Education: Beginner, Play of the Hand, Conventions and Defense classes have been
scheduled. Classes on squeeze plays and thinking at bridge will be scheduled after the
new year.

Old Business:
CPR class is scheduled for Tuesday, Jan 16 at 7:00 pm. Directors and teachers will
attend. Those who would like to attend need to contact Carolyn Sabroske.

By-Laws Committee: Rich Newell will head up the committee to begin work in 2018.

Holiday Party: On schedule. Dee Wilson will direct.

Hawkeye Holiday Tournament: Gregg passed out the flyers. It will be announced
beginning the week before Christmas. A final decision on the Sunday food has not been
decided. Probably chili and/or a sandwich.

Postcard Proposal cards have been mailed.

I/N Regional, Iowa Gold: NLM, 750 - under, August 17-19.

Bidding Computers: 11 have been repaired at $40 per. Barb Maas has numbered the
computers, 1-11 are the repaired ones.

Unit Games: 24 in total. Need to be delegated at the beginning of the year. 10 to
Gregg and 10 to Dee. Add to next agenda.

New Business:
Spring Festival: April 5-8, Lois Kriebs will chair. Linda Johnson will help.

Shared Expenses: In 2018 talk to Corporation to determine jointly sharing expenses
for the dealing machine repair and toner for the copy machine.

Election of Officers: Secretary - Barb Maas, Treasurer - Carolyn Miller. Tabled the
decision for president and vice-president.

Next Meeting: President and Vice-President will be determined on January 1, 2018 at

Prepared by Penny Rittgers