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Feel free to contact Bud Stowe with any suggestions or updates.

October 29th, 2018 Minutes
Unit Board 216 Meeting October 29, 2018 at 3:45 pm

Present:  Barb Maas, Carolyn Miller, Bonni Newton, Kate Reynolds, Penny Rittgers, Carolyn Sabroske, Gregg Walsh, and Dee Wilson.  Absent:  Margie Brennan, Bill Long, Rich Newell, and Bill Wallace.  Also present were newly elected unit board members Sally Meixner and Kristin Welter who begin their term in January, 2019.  Tom Olsson is also a new unit board member but was not in attendance. 

President Carolyn Sabroske called the meeting to order.  Carolyn Miller moved to accept the previous minutes and Penny seconded motion.  Approved.  Treasurer’s report was given and Gregg moved to accept it and Dee seconded.  Approved. 

EDUCATION:  Nancy Wilson has 31 player enrolled in her class. Paul Spong has 28. Jessie has a Thursday morning class. Peter Wityk hosts his Moving to the A Side class on scheduled Fridays. Bonni has had mentoring games for the 0-20 players on Wednesdays. Eric Hill has bridge classes going at two middle schools.

Unit 216 will host Grand National Teams District Finals May 4 and 5, 2019.  Gregg Walsh and Rich Newell are in charge.  Gregg also asked for approval to have Unit 216 host the NAP games in the Fall of 2019.  This is a great opportunity for our own members to play without traveling.  Gregg moved to host this event.  Barb seconded.  Approved.  

Barb Maas will plan our Unit 216 Christmas Party on Dec. 7 beginning with the buffet at 5:30 and a free game at 6:30.  A to M are responsible for food but please watch for more specific requests on this.  Craig Nelsen is directing the game.  Gregg Walsh will be doing partnerships.    

Barb Maas, Maggie Nelsen, and Diane Sweet are in charge of the Holiday Sectional Tournament held January 10-13, 2019.  Schedule available shortly.

***The Unit needs chairman for the Holiday Regional held July 1-7, 2019 at the Sheraton.  Please consider teaming up and planning this event.         

Next meeting Jan. 3.     Gregg moved to adjourn.  Penny seconded. 

Prepared by Barb Maas

minor modifications 1/4/19