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Feel free to contact Bud Stowe with any suggestions or updates.

Zoom Lessons by Rich
April 15th Zoom Lesson

Rich Newell Zoom Bridge Lessons:

Time: 6:30 pm

Date: April 15th, 2021

Cost: $5

Detailed information about the bridge lesson can be found here:



Zoom Classes in January, 2021

On 12/24/2020 2:38 PM, Richard Newell wrote:

Hello everyone, Merry Christmas to you.  I am back with more bridge content on the topic of DEFENSE, a subject that tends to be the weakest link in most people's game. 

I have a Powerpoint presentation with 86 slides currently, and it's not even finished yet.  I plan to first discuss a variety carding, leading, and discarding methods.  Then we will walk through seven different hands played by Toby & me, and I will discuss the different defensive maneuvers at each point in the hand.  There will be some opportunities for the class to weigh in also.

The cost for this lesson will be $10.  That is more than in the past, but I am trying to put double the content and my goal is for the session to last about two hours.  I will send out copies of the powerpoint presentation afterwards - that might disappoint some of you notetakers but I don't want to spoil the mystery of the hands.  As before, this will be done thru Zoom, which is free downloadable software that works with your computer or phone.  I had 25 people in my lessons a couple months ago and as far as I can tell nobody had any issues.  (I am not responsible for your technical problems, if you aren't sure of Zoom find an opportunity to get acquainted with the software ahead of time)  I will of course take any other bridge-related questions you might have before or after the session.

I will again offer the lessons at two times, and you can watch at either time or both if you like - you don't need to specify.  Those times will be:

Thursday January 21 @ 6:30pm

Sunday January 24 @ 2:00pm

You can mail cash or check to:

Richard Newell

1303 S. 51st St.

West Des Moines, IA  50265

Or you can send the money via PayPal too.  Email me with any questions at runewell71@msn.com

  One reminder, make sure I know your NAME, PHONE, and MOST IMPORTANTLY EMAIL so I can send the information.  THose of you that signed up for the class last time, I will assume the same information applies if I don't get anything new.

As we get closer to the date, I will send out the details of the Zoom meeting so you can join.


Zoom Lessons by Rich

Sometime in October Rich Newell plans to start offering online lessons via Zoom.

He is going to start with the topic of Lebensohl which was highly anticipated until COVID came.

People that are interested should contact him at runewell71@msn.com to get on his special mailing list.

Here is a Five Page Intro to the topics he plans on covering.


Information on the October & November Zoom Bridge Lessons by Rich Newell.


Check out the attached flyer, and if you are interested fill it out and return to Rich.

Everyone is welcome to send problem hands which Rich will include for everyone to see, or suggest topics for future lessons.