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Feel free to contact Bud Stowe with any suggestions or updates.

Welcome to Unit 216 & Des Moines Area Bridge
Web Site
Web Site

Welcome to the Unit 216 & Des Moines Area web site - bridgewebs.com/unit216. We have ACBL sanctioned duplicate bridge games running most days. (Check the Information and Calendar items). We also have a variety of instructional classes (See Bridge Classes item) and several times a year hold ACBL Sectional tournaments at the center.

Due to the pandemic, there is no in-person activity at the Bridge Center until further notice.

Be sure to check out the Using the Site section (under the News Page menu item) for first time users.

There is a section under News Page for Older News Items (over a year old or so).

Important Information

Live Games:

ACBL is not having any in-person games until at least May.
However, local clubs have been given the go-ahead if they follow safety protocols.
I have not yet received any news of plans for the Bridge Center yet.

A little birdie told me we may be having live Bridge Center games very soon. Just a rumor.

Bridge House Donations:

There is an article on our News Page asking to help the Bridge Center during this pandemic period. Please check it out.
Please direct any questions or concerns to Ron Neilsen.

Updates have been placed on the the News Page as they come in.


Checks should be made out to:
Bridge House Corporation

and to assure proper delivery mail directly to:

Lee Slorah
9650 Forest Ave
Clive  IA 50325


BBO Games:

Here's the Current BBO Schedule:
(Note: Monday 6:30pm game has been eliminated)\

1:00 PM   0-1000

6:30 PM  0-1000

1:00 PM  0-300

1:00 PM  0-1000

1:00 PM 0-1000

1:00 PM 0-500

Online Info:

RESULTS for all the recent Virtual Club Games. (<-- best route to results directly on BBO)

NOTE: In order to get Results for any BBO game uploaded, I need the BBO credentials of someone who played in the event. I do not have many for the 0-300 group.


Concerns for setup and/or parnerships should be directed to Nancy Wilson (515)710-0808.

Or Rich Newell (515)518-0029 can help with BBO questions/issues.


How To Use BBO:

Here's a thorough tutorial on How To Use BBO. (11+ minutes)

The self-alert method used on BBO is often confusing for newcomers.
Here's a short video that helps explain how it is used.
If you're still unsure how to alert on BBO, please view this (2+ minutes).

Want to know what those numbers are on people's BBO profile?
Here's the explanation.

BBO Usernames are now shown on the Members Details (listing) in the Members Only Section
They are sortable here too! (So you can order by BBO Username to find out who's who easier!)

BTW, if results only show your BBO Username and are not converted to your real name, you need to modify your profile in Members Only -or- contact Bud and let him know.

#35454 Pairs Des Moines 0-1000 Monday 1:00 PM
Director: Nancy Wilson
Scorer: Bud Stowe
#23225 Pairs Des Moines 0-550 Sunday 1:00 PM
Director: Nancy Wilson
Scorer: Bud Stowe
#18566 Pairs Des Moines 0-1000 Saturday 1:00 PM
Director: Nancy Wilson
Scorer: Bud Stowe