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Feel free to contact Tom Olsson with any suggestions or updates.

Welcome to Unit 216 & Des Moines Area Bridge
Web Site
Web Site

Welcome to the Unit 216 & Des Moines Area web site - bridgewebs.com/unit216. We have ACBL sanctioned duplicate bridge games running most days. (Check the Information and Calendar items). We also have a variety of instructional classes (See Bridge Classes item) and several times a year hold ACBL Sectional tournaments at the center

Important Information

FREE Unit Game:  June 1, 2024.  It's an Ace of Clubs/ Mini McKinney Recognition Event with a Pot Luck Lunch.  Sign up at the Bridge House!

Summary of Current Bridge Center Schedule:

12:00 Noon Open Pairs
12:00 Noon 0-500

12:00 Noon 0-2500

12:30 PM 0-500
(Free bridge lesson at 12:00)

12:00 Noon Open Pairs
6:00 pm 0-2500 Pairs

10:00 AM - Supervised Play

12:00 Noon Open Pairs

(NOTEs: All games are Stratified.
Team games on 5th same day of month)


April 4, 2024 Unit Board Minutes

UNIT Board Minutes April 4,2024

Present:  Carolyn Sabroske, Carolyn Miller, Tom Olsson, Leslie Heimbach

Absent:  Faith Garnaas, Nancy Wilson, Joyce Halverson

President Carolyn Sabroske called the meeting to order at 10:30.

Treasurer’s report:  Carolyn Miller reported the following results:
The Hawkeye Holiday Tournament had 75.5 tables, and netted $624.56.
The Unit spent $136.43 on the Dec. 2, 2023 Holiday Party.



Thanks to Nancy Wilson and her helpers for a great job on the Holiday Sectional.

Tom and Ann Olsson are working on the 2025 Regional.  Board members were given assignments to check on potential sites.  We are still evaluating holding the Regional in the Bridge House or off-site.

Carolyn Sabroske is coordinating the April Sectional (April 26,27).  Flyers have been posted. Announcements and more flyers are needed.


The Stars of Tomorrow is scheduled for August 23-24 for 0-750 players.

The Mini McKinney and Ace of Clubs Recognition will be held Saturday, June 1.  We will advertise a pot luck and a Free Bridge Game.

The next meeting is 10:30 on May 30.  The meeting was adjourned. 

                                                                        Submitted by Tom Olsson                                    

Open &0-500 Pairs
Director: Gregg Walsh
Charity Pairs
Director: Gregg Walsh
Charity Pairs
Director: Gregg Walsh
May 21, 2024
0-2500 Pairs
Bridge House Noon
Director: Gregg
May 22, 2024
0-500 Pairs
Bridge House Noon
Director: Gregg
May 23, 2024
Open Pairs
Bridge House Noon
Director: Gregg