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Feel free to contact Bud Stowe with any suggestions or updates.

Welcome to Unit 216 & Des Moines Area Bridge
Web Site
Web Site

Welcome to the Unit 216 & Des Moines Area web site - bridgewebs.com/unit216. We have ACBL sanctioned duplicate bridge games running most days. (Check the Information and Calendar items). We also have a variety of instructional classes (See Bridge Classes item) and several times a year hold ACBL Sectional tournaments at the center.

Be sure to check out the Using the Site section (under the News Page menu item) for first time users.

There is a section under News Page for Older News Items (over a year old or so).

Important Information

June BBO Calendar:

Open Pairs Games:
1:00 pm Sunday
6:30 pm Monday
10:00 am Tuesday
6:30 pm Thursday
10:00 am Friday

0-1000 Pairs Games:
10:00 am Wednesday
2:00 pm Friday
10:00 am Saturday

0-300 Paris Games:
2:00 pm Monday (0-750 today, June 1st)
2:00 pm Tuesday
2:00 pm Thursday
2:00 pm Saturday

Online Info:

Click here for more info about these online games.

RESULTS for all the recent Virtual Club Games. 

Note: The Results can also be viewed in normal Results area.
I am unable to remove some of the BBO 'advertising junk'.

Note: How do you see the hand records?
Click on any pair's score in the results and you get to a list of their hands.
For any hand, you can see it best (including how the play went trick by trick)

by clicking on the Movie link. You can see how the bidding went there too.
The play can be viewed by clicking on the Next button.

Evidently, you need to have played in the particular event to see hands
by the above method.

Other options are available too.
(For example, you can go here: https://www.bridgebase.com/myhands/)

You can also easily get to YOUR previous results within BBO via your History tab.
There are lots of ways to get to previously played hands within BBO system.

Note: Getting hand records has been problematic lately either due to privacy concerns
and/or server overloads due to the heavy online activity.

Concerns for setup and/or parnerships should be directed to Nancy Wilson (515)710-0808.

Or Rich Newell (515)518-0029 can help with BBO questions/issues.


I have placed a list of Bridge Base Online usernames within the News Page.
(These now have their own menu item within News Page section.)

0-750 Pairs
Director: Nancy Wilson
Sunday Open Virtual Silver Game
Director: Rich Newell
Sunday 0-300 Sliver Virtual Game
Director: Nancy Wilson
Jun 2, 2020
Open Pairs
BBO 10:00 am
Director: Rich Newell
Jun 2, 2020
0-300 Pairs
BBO 2:00 pm
Director: Nancy Wilson
Jun 3, 2020
0-1000 Pairs
BBO 10:00 am
Director: Nancy Wilson