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Online Bridge Players and Teams

This page will be updated regularly with the names of players. Daily updates have migrated to the individual Day pages below.  We have a Wednesday page, Thursday page , Nighttime page etc. to keep our community together. And there is no reason for you to remain constrained by this “Club” and its schedule.  If you do decide to opt out, let us know, and let us know when you will be playing. We want to keep our community together if we can.

Update 3/16: Tom Foerster's team will play at 7 PM EDT Thursday either among themselves or against an opponent team.  Any volunteers?

Teams Formed:

"Feel The Bern”: Bern Rehberg, Debbie Schenkel, Melody Henderson, Mark Henderson
“It’s a New Century”: Jess Stuart, Lois Stuart, Pat Civale, [partner TBD]
“Four Boreds Around”: Andy Stayton, Paul Amer, Jeff Ruben, Rick Rowland
“Moroccan Express”: Tom Foerster, Ala Hamilton-Day, Mooch (Francis Taylor), Lisa Mita
"Strange Club": Bill Herdle, Teresa Spicer, John Strange, Caroline Hughes
"4NT Gals": Sally Humphrey, Denise Ucciferro, Nancy Ferguson, Karin Schwenk
"Bolotin's Bored": Lynn Condon,Wayne Rosenberg, Andy Rosenberg, Mark Bolotin
"TaNKK": Nancy Ferguson, Karin Schwenk, Tom Tully, Karen Pollak

Teams interested in Night Games:

[no name yet]: RDavid Walker, Dara Dinner, Jay Apfelbaum, April Apfelbaum  (night games)
[no name yet]: Tom Foerster, Chris Marlow, Carl Pershonek, Barry Dehlin  (night games only)
[no name yet]: Barb Rhoades, Harold Jordan, Soley Kristjansdottir, Greg Burch, Roy Perry (5 members for flexibility)

Pairs not yet in teams:

Carl Berenbaum and Barb Kepple
Anne Taylor and Kurt Engleman
Neil Sussman and Bill Eisen
Bobbi Shotel and Shellie Klein


Dave Dresher
Elaine Clair
Jeff Billmeyer
Sam Amer
David Venetianer
Pat Andrews (

For additions and corrections please contact Bill Herdle or Mark Henderson.

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