Unit 147, Washington Bridge League
Online Bridge Clubs
Online Bridge Clubs

Gaithersburg BC (Jim Cartlidge)
Tuesday and Friday, 10:30 am

Rockville BC (Mark Lavine)
We are running an open game everyday at 11:15.
We are running a 0-999 game every afternoon at 3:10
We are running an open game every evening at 7pm except Monday and Thursday

World Bank/IMF Club (Neil Cowie)
Tuesday 7:05 pm

Camp Springs DBC (Martha Bley) participates in the NVBA club collective

Guy Mason (Roz Dixon)
Holding games every day during Silver Lining week

Tuesday at 10:45
Wednesday at 11:10
Thursday at 11:10
Friday at 10:45
Saturday at 10:45
And Sunday at 3:10


NVBA club games can be found here.