Unit 147, Washington Bridge League
Partnership Information
Unit Game Partnership Information

The WBL has a "Guaranteed Partner" (GP) Program for players who occasionally  need a partner for the Unit Game.

​Are you just returning to bridge? New to the area? Is your regular partner unavailable? Are you suddenly without a partner at the last minute? That's no reason not to play bridge! Our Partnership Chair will match you up with a partner (in advance or at the game) or the Unit's standby partner will play with you. Here's how it works. If an odd number of people in need of a partner arrive, the players are matched as best as possible, and the GP plays with the one who is left. For team games, we guarantee a pair; singles are not guaranteed a game. (If there is an even number of players or pairs looking, the GP goes home.)

A player who anticipates needing a partner is encouraged to contact the Partnership Chair in advance to see if a match can be made. To find a partner at least a day in advance, email Barbara Doran or call 301-608-0347 between 9 am & 10 pm.

Players in search of partners at the last minute should try to arrive between 7:00 and 7:15 (or call ahead). The partnership desk closes at 7:25.

You might want to volunteer  for the GP program yourself.  It's a great way to meet people.  You will play for free on the evening you serve as GP, and will also receive a free play for any future Unit game regardless of whether you play on the night you serve. To volunteer, contact Barbara Doran.

Note that the GP Program is not intended to be a regular replacement for finding a partner on one’s own once a player is settled in the community.

Are you new to bridge? The Thursday night Unit Newcomer (0-20) Game provides its own separate guaranteed partner. Contact Novice Coordinator, Isabelle Thabault.