Unit 147, Washington Bridge League
Committees and Responsibilities




0-20 Game Committee

Clyde Kruskal (Chair), Alex Gretsinger, Julie Marquette, Donna Rogall, Rose Berman

0-20 Game Coordinator

Isabelle Thabault


Linda Marshall (Chair), Eileen Inglesby-Houghton

Calendar of Obligations

Linda Marshall (Chair), Donna Rogall, Chuck Dearolf, Clyde Kruskal

Charity Committee

Hadi Abushakra

Cheer & Sympathy

Eileen Inglesby-Houghton

Club Relations Committee

Chuck Dearolf (Chair), Mark Lavine, Clyde Kruskal

Communications Committee

Alex Gretsinger (Chair), Hadi Abushakra, Don Berman, Rose Berman, Ellen Cherniavsky, Eileen Inglesby-Houghton, Clyde Kruskal, Lloyd Rawley, Donna Rogall

Conduct and Ethics Committee

Lloyd Rawley (Chair), Clyde Kruskal, Mary Tenenbaum, Kim Gandy (‘22), Dick Wegman (‘22), Peter Van Zijl (‘22), David Marshall ('21), Barry Falgout ('21), Merril Hirsh ('21)

Elections Committee

Ellen Cherniavsky (Chair), Hadi Abushakra, Eileen Inglesby-Houghton

Electronic Communications

Alex Gretsinger (Chair), Don Berman, Steve Robinson, Donna Rogall

Executive Committee

Linda Marshall (Chair), Clyde Kruskal, Carole Banks, Lloyd Rowley

GNT Coordinator

Ellen Cherniavsky


Peter Boyd

Holiday Party Committee

Clyde Kruskal (Chair), Jim Geist, Chris Miller, Mary Tenenbaum

Liaison to Educational Foundation

Eileen Inglesby-Houghton

Machlin Sportsmanship Award Committee

Bob Bell (Chair), Dick Wegman, Carole Banks, Rochelle Cohen, Mark Lavine (& the Unit Game Chief Director has veto power)

Membership Committee

Hadi Abushakra (Chair), Eileen Inglesby-Houghton, Alex Gretsinger, Julie Marquette, Mary Tenenbaum

Membership Secretary

Eileen Inglesby-Houghton

NAP Coordinator

Ellen Cherniavsky

NLM Tournament Chair

Murat Berk


Melissa Price


Hadi Abushakra


Barbara Doran

Policy Maintenance Committee

Bob Bell (Chair), Linda Marshall, Chris Miller, Hadi Abushakra, Barbara Doran, Donna Rogall

Publicity, Marketing, Membership Growth & Retention

Alex Gretsinger (Chair), Donna Rogall, Charity Sack, Linda Marshall, Brad Theurer, Eileen Inglesby-Houghton, Julie Marquette, Chuck Darolf

Round Robin Committee

Dave Ruderman (Chair), Bill Cole, Chuck Dearolf, Barbara Doran, Barry Falgout, Steve Robinson, Mary Tenenbaum


Clyde Kruskal (Chair), Barbara Doran, Chris Miller, Ted Ying

Tournament Game Chief Director

Chris Miller

Tournament Committee

Carole Banks (Chair), Ellen Cherniavsky, Barbara Doran, Clyde Kruskal, Mary Tenenbaum, Lloyd Rawley, Donna Rogall

Tournament Chair

Brad Theurer

Unit Game Chief Director

Chris Miller

Unit Game Committee

Clyde Kruskal (Chair), Rose Berman, Chuck Dearolf

Unit Game Manager

Chris Miller

Ways and Means Committee

Lloyd Rawley (Chair), Rose Berman, Barbara Ames, Ellen Cherniavsky, Carole Banks, Mary Tenenbaum