Unit 147, Washington Bridge League
Unit Round Robin
WBL Unit Round Robin

The annual WBL Round Robin is currently underway.  See the menu links to the left for rosters, scores, and the Conditions of Contest.

Any questions about Flight A should be directed to Steve Robinson. Steve can be reached by email at
robinswr@erols.com or by phone at 703-379-4371. Questions about Flight B should be directed to
Chuck Dearolf at dearolf@rcn.com or 617-412-9151.

2020 Winners

Flight A: Bill Cole, Peter Boyd, Steve Robinson, Mark Shaw

Flight B: Peter van Zijl, Mike Berard, Murat Berk, Hakan Berk, Richard Wissing


2019 Winners

Flight A: Fred King, Lyle Poe, Dave Ruderman, Dick Wegman, Brad Theurer, Bob Bell

Flight B: Terry Klein, Chuck Dearolf, Margie Cocodrilli, Leon Masiewicki


2018 winners

Flight A:  Bill Cole, Bill Pettis, Steve Robinson, Peter Boyd, Ai-Tai Lo, Mark Shaw

Flight X:  Vince Wilmot, David Genne, Adam Gann, Zach Madden, Brad Libros, Ellen Cherniavsky

Flight B:  Terry Klein, Charles Dearolf, Jeffrey Halle, Witold Palosz