Unit 147, Washington Bridge League
Unit Round Robin
WBL Unit Round Robin

In light of the current coronavirus situation, we are suspending the June 30 deadline for completing the matches. At a later date, we will revise the deadline to be a reasonable time after the threat of the virus abates. Now you won’t have the pressure of the deadline forcing you to make a decision about playing during this situation. Note that teams can continue to schedule matches if they want.  

The WBL Round Robin will begin on March 1, 2020. There will be two flights, A/X (Open) and B/C (0-2500). This is a fun social event which can be played in a relaxed home setting or at a club. The entry fee is $50.00 for flight A/X and $40.00 for flight B/C. Entries must be submitted by February 21, 2020. We invite NVBA, MBA and other Unit's players to participate!

First place in each flight will win their entry fee back!

Round Robin Coordinators, David Ruderman and Chuck Dearolf, will gladly help you to form or join a team of four to six players to play in the A/X or B/C Flights. In both flights, you'll play two 12-board matches against each of the other teams in your league. B/C eligible teams (or players) may play in both flights if they want to.

League play to determine qualifiers for the knockout portion of the event begins March 1; the end date will be determined by the number of matches to be played.

The deadline for entries is February 21, 2020.  (Late entries may be accepted to balance out the event.) Team rosters can be submitted by email to davidru_999@hotmail.com (there is an underscore mark in the email address between the letter u and 9, “u_9”) or to barb.doran@verizon.net

Checks should be made payable to the Washington Bridge League. Entries should include a team roster, designated Captain and contact information for the Captain. You can mail your check and entry to David Ruderman at 3600 Bell Road Burtonsville, MD.  20866 or you can give your check or cash entry to David Ruderman, Chuck Dearolf, or Barbara Doran at the Unit Game. 

Leagues normally consist of 5-7 teams with a playoff after completion of round robin play. The end date will be determined by the number of matches to be played. To the extent feasible, leagues will be designed to minimize travel for all participants.

In Flight A (Open) there will also be an X-strat (the master point limit for X will be determined by the points held by the teams). Flight B is limited to players with 0-2500 master points. Adjustments may be made to the master point limit to foster competitive leagues. 

 There will be a C-strat within the B/C event if the field is large enough and diverse enough to warrant it (the master point limit for C will be determined by the points held by the teams).

Don’t have teammates? Don’t have a partner? Don’t worry. Contact the people listed above. We will make every effort to find a team for you. There are many good reasons to participate and play against other bridge players in a civil and social atmosphere.  We hope that all teams who played last year plus additional teams will play this year. 

Any questions about Flight A should be directed to David Ruderman or Barbara Doran (email addresses above). David can be reached by phone at 301-384-8825; Barbara can be reached at 301-608-0347. Questions about Flight B should be directed to Chuck Dearolf at dearolf@rcn.com or 617-412-9151.

The Conditions of Contest will be posted once we know what the teams are.

2020 Winners

Flight A: Bill Cole, Peter Boyd, Steve Robinson, Mark Shaw

Flight B: Peter van Zijl, Mike Berard, Murat Berk, Hakan Berk, Richard Wissing


2019 Winners

Flight A: Fred King, Lyle Poe, Dave Ruderman, Dick Wegman, Brad Theurer, Bob Bell

Flight B: Terry Klein, Chuck Dearolf, Margie Cocodrilli, Leon Masiewicki


2018 winners

Flight A:  Bill Cole, Bill Pettis, Steve Robinson, Peter Boyd, Ai-Tai Lo, Mark Shaw

Flight X:  Vince Wilmot, David Genne, Adam Gann, Zach Madden, Brad Libros, Ellen Cherniavsky

Flight B:  Terry Klein, Charles Dearolf, Jeffrey Halle, Witold Palosz