Unit 147, Washington Bridge League
Welcome to Unit 147, Washington Bridge League
Upcoming Unit Games

September 19, 2019  Stratiflighted Unit Championship

September 26, 2019  GNT Qualifier: Swiss Teams

October 3, 2019  NVBA Sectional: Stratified Pairs

October 10, 2019  Club Appreciation Stratiflighted Pairs

Hakan Berk wins WBF World Youth Online Championship!

Congratulations to Hakan Berk and his teammates Nathan Finkle, Cyrus Hettle, Daniel Sonner, David Soukup, Ilan Wolff, and Victor Xu on winning the WBF World Youth Online Championship!  They defeated France in the finals 97-75.  Click here for more details, and a look at some of the hands that were played.

What's New?

Congratulations to the winners of the 2019 WBL Flight B KO: Eileen Houghton, Gary Gilbert, Diane Blithe, Tom Peters, and Mary Peters!  They defeated the runners-up (Richard Levin, Neal Rosenthal, Ellen Rosenthal, Peter Schiff, Gail Singer, and Don Goldman) by just 7 imps in an exciting final.

Congratulations to Peter Boyd on his election to the ACBL Hall of Fame!

Congratulations new life masters!  We celebrated our 2018 new life masters at the January sectional.  Read more about them on the news page.

Don Berman received the Nadine Wood Service Award for his many years of volunteer service as WBL webmaster.  Read about it on the awards page.

Congratulations WBL Trophy Race winners Brad Theurer, Peter Van Zijl, Alexander Stille, and Elliot Bernold.  See the awards page for more information.  To see where you ranked, go to the 2018 Final Trophy Race Standings page.

Hakan Berk, president of the University of Maryland Bridge Club, has sent us an update on the club's activities.  Read it on the news page.

Check out the results of our May/June sectional.

Check out the standings in the WBL/NVBA Player of the Year contest after 6 of 8 sectionals here.

ABA Updates

Play bridge with our friends and neighbors at the other Washington bridge organization, the Washington Bridge Unit of the American Bridge Association.

September schedule of ABA WBU events

Who We Are

The Washington Bridge League (Unit 147 of the American Contract Bridge League) covers Washington, DC and its Maryland suburbs.  The Washington Bridge League holds a weekly unit game on Thursday evenings, and usually holds four sectional tournaments and one non-life master sectional tournament each year.  The Washington Bridge League also holds annnual round robin and knockout competitions played in less formal settings.  Come join us and play the world's greatest game! 

New to Bridge (or Duplicate Bridge)?

If you've never played bridge before, we'd like to show you why we love it.  With advance notice (use Contact Us), we can provide a mini-lesson before the Thursday night unit game to introduce you to the game.  If you've played rubber bridge but haven't played duplicate bridge then you're ready for our 0-20 Newcomer Game.  If you'd like a one-on-one explanation of how duplicate bridge works before you play, let us know in advance (use Contact Us) and we'll arrange for someone to help you.

October Sectional

Play in our next sectional tournament, October 24-27, 2019.  We have a full schedule of games for all levels.  Parking information can be found here.

Unit Knockout and Round Robin

The unit knockout and round robin are underway.  See the links on the left side of the page for brackets, rosters, and results.

Grand National Teams

Congratulations to the following District 6 Final winners:

Open flight:  Steve Robinson, Bill Cole, Beth Palmer, Ai-Tai Lo, Bill Pettis, Peter Boyd

Flight A:  Mark Laken, Barry Ko, Richard Baum, Joe Trapani, Greg Bright

Flight B:  Walter Smith, Albert Lauber, Ned Griffith, Jay Weinstein, Mel Yudkin, Jim Beller

Flight C:  George Fleeson, Victor Weedn, James Dahlberg, Michael Olmsted

For further details, go to www.districtsixbridge.org