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Bridge Centre Closed until further notice

Please be advised that the decision has been made to close the Galway Bridge Centre until further notice on the grounds of health and safety in light of the current Coronavirus pandemic.

Stay safe and well and hopefully the Tribes Bridge Club will resume regular bridge playing sessions in the not too distant future.  

Paul J Scannell, 14th March 2020 

President's (Roddy Wyer) Prize and President's Dinner
President's (Roddy Wyer) Prize and President's Dinner

The President's (Roddy Wyer) Dinner took place in the Galway Bay Hotel on Thursday, 30th May 2019.

Photos can be viewed here:  Link to PhotoGallery

Results can be accessed here: 2019-05-31-Presidents Prize - results.pdf


Paul J Scannell, 31st May 2019


Tribes Members to the fore (and more!) at Duais an Uachtarain
Tribes Members to the fore (and more!) at Duais an Uachtarain

Congratulations to Colette Mulhern & May O'Sullivan who finished 4th (in a field of 119 pairs!) at the recent CBAI Duais an Uachtarain (President's Prize) held this past weekend.

Well done also to Enda Glynn (and partner Michelle Moloney) who finished in 8th place.

And congratulations also to Liam Faherty & Deirdre O'Halloran who finished a very respectable 18th. And well done also to Declan Harte & Margaret McCarthy for a scorching 59% score in the 3rd Session and a final ranking of 43rd.

Paul J Scannell, 23rd September, 2019

Tribes Bridge Club members at Limerick Congress

Congratulations to Enda Glynn and partner Paul (PB) Barrett, who together with team-mates Joan Kenny & Teresa Rigney, finished a close 2nd in the Congress Teams.

And Well Done also to Margaret Forde, Norma O'Connell, Geraldine Carroll, Rhona Bolger who scooped the Best Inter A prize in the Congress Teams.

Paul J Scannell, 14th October 2019 

Enda does it again!!!

Congratulations to Enda Glynn who won the Dundalk Congress T/4 with partner Michelle Moloney and teammates Michael MacDonagh (former member of Tribes BC) & Liz Taaffe.

Enda and Michelle also finished 4th in the Congress Pairs.

Having won the Dongeal T/4 the previous week, and with finishing 2nd in the recent Camrose Trials, it is surely appropriate to say that Enda is on a roll!

Link to Final ranking, scores, and hand records can be found here.

Paul J Scannell, 9th November 2019

Well done to Tribes members Enda Glynn and David Walsh...

Enda & David, together with Dublin-based teammates Peter Pigot & Karel Rayemaker, finished a close 2nd in the Camrose Trials held in Dublin over the past weekend.

Click hyperlink below for access to Final Rankings, Match Results and Hand Records, courtesy of Fearghal O'Boyle.

Paul J Scannell, 29th October 2019

Presentation of Ryder Cup to Margaret Forde & Rhona Bolger
Presentation of Ryder Cup to Margaret Forde & Rhona Bolger

Congratulations to Margaret Forde & Rhona Bolger on their recent success in winning the Ryder Cup for the 2019-2020 season. The Ryder Cup was presented to the Tribes Bridge Club in its inaugural year by George & Maureen Ryder, parents of founder member Trevor Ryder and his late brother Malcolm who was an  active member of the club for many years.

Photo shows Margaret & Rhona being presented with the Ryder Cup by Kevin Moylan, President, Tribes Bridge Club with Pat Ward providing appropriate support!

Paul J Scannell, 12th December 2019

Presentation of Mulhern Trophy to Paul Scannell & Enda Glynn
Presentation of Mulhern Trophy to Paul Scannell & Enda Glynn

Congratulatons to Enda Glynn & Paul Scannell, winners of the Mulhern Trophy for the 2019-2020 season. This was a closely contested competition and less than 2 matchpoints separated the eventual winners from runners-up Colette Mulhern & May O'Sullivan.  It should be noted that Colette & May are both founder members of the Tribes Bridge Club and the Mulhern Trophy commemorates Colette's husband, Sean, who made a huge contribution to the club in its early years and who tragically passed away at a very young age.

Photos show presentation to Paul & Enda by Kevin Moylan, President, Tribes Bridge Club.

Paul J Scannell, 12th December 2019

A little Chistmas Double-Dummy Challenge! #1 - UPDATE - The Solution

Solution to Double-Dummy Challenge #1.

Click the Show Answer button to view the solution.

Paul J Scannell, Friday, 27th December 2019.


A simple problem to start off our Christmas 2019 Double-Dummy Challenge Series.

This hand featured on the first day of the current season, Thursday, 26th September 2019.

The challenge is to make all thirteen tricks in a NT contract, as either East or West, against any lead and any defense! And in this instance there is more than one route to thirteen tricks depeding on how the opponents defend!

More challenges, and hopefully more challenging in nature, to come over the holiday period.

Solution will be published in due course.


Paul J Scannell, 19th December 2019 interesting problem. Remember, a Double-Dummy Problem means that you have access to all four hands while attempting to work out the solution.

Let's start by counting our tricks:

3 x top hearts...and 3 x aces in other three suits = 6 Quick Tricks

Additional tricks may come from the following sources:

1 x diamond finesse

4 x clubs (double finesse against South's K105)

2 extra spades (or maybe three if North makes a mistake) by leading ♠ Q and finessing if North follows low. A repeat finesse will produce a total of three spades. Note that if North covers the ♠ Q with ♠ K then declarer can score FOUR spades tricks by dropping South's ♠ 10 6 thereby promoting ♠ 9 8 in West hand as winners. North can prevents this by refraining from covering with ♠ K. This will restrict declarer to three spade winners. 

There is also an extra possibility of scoring additional diamond tricks. More of this later.

Thus declarer can count to thirteen tricks as follows:

3 x spades

3 x hearts

2 x diamonds

5 x clubs

HOWEVER...whereas it's one thing to be able to count to thirteen tricks it's another thing to actually score them!

The easy bit was identifying the thirteen tricks! The difficult bit is sequencing the plays to score the thirteen tricks.

This is one of those hands where declarer needs to mentally play the hand from first trick until last one, being sure that he is in the right hand (East or West) at each crucial point in the play. For example, declarer needs to play spades and diamonds from the West hand. Note also that access to the West hand is severely limited. Clubs MAY provide two entries but can be restricted to a single entry if South ducks the lead of ♣ J. And the only other entry is  A but this may be at the expense of a heart trick, i.e. declarer may have to overtake dummys  K or  Q with the  A thus reducing heart winners to two!

Let's start off with West as declarer... but the outcome is the same if East is declarer.

On a diamond lead: finesse the  Q BUT DO NOT CASH A which would force you to discard a spade from hand thus elimimating the possibility of scoring four spade tricks. Continue by cashing a top heart and then lead ♣ J and win with ♣ A if South covers ♣ J with his ♣ K. Now play three rounds of spades, leading ♠ Q on first round. Note that North cannot afford to cover the ♠ Q as that would see South's ♠ 10 fall on 2nd round leaving declarer's ♠ 9 8 as winners and with access to hand via a third spade. After playing three rounds of spades now cash dummy's two heart honours and A on which you discard ♠ 9 from hand. Finally, lead dummys last club and finesse against South's ♣ 10 5 winnning in hand with ♣ Q or ♣ 9 as appropriate. Cash remaining clubs and A for thirteen tricks via 3♠, 3, 2, 5♣.

Observe that South makes life easy for declarer by covering the ♣ J with ♣ K thus giving declarer TWO club entries to his hand which means declarer can now play three rounds of spades after winning the first club in hand and can subsequently finesse a second club to get back to hand to cash remainng clubbs and to finesse the Q for the thirteenth trick.  

So, if South does not cover ♣ J with ♣ K then we need a different route to thirteen tricks. Cash dummy's top hearts and then continue with another club and finesse ♣ Q. Now declarer can cash A discarding small diamond from dummy. Declarer cashes remaining club winners in hand and then subsequetly leads ♠ Q and finesses dummy's ♠ J on second round of the suit. Again, note that if North covers the ♠ Q with ♠ K then declarer can score FOUR spades tricks by dropping South's ♠ 10 6 thereby promoting ♠ 9 8 in West hand as winners. North can prevents this by refraining from covering with ♠ K. This will restrict declarer to three spade winners. 

After winning third spade in dummy declarer now cashes A for thirteen tricks.

On a heart lead: Life is a little more difficult on a heart lead but once again, depending on whether or not South covers ♣ J, a different sequence of plays still produces thirteen tricks. Win lead in dummy and lead ♣ J. Again, South offers best defense by NOT covering with ♣ K. Repeat with a finesse of ♣ Q, winning in hand. Now lead ♠ Q (North does best not to cover) and then finesse ♠ J and cash ♠ A. 

Now lead remaining heart from dummy and overtake with A in hand. Yes, you've just crashed two top hearts leaving you with a losing heart in hand but that's not a problem. Now cash remaining club winners leaving you with three small cards in hand: ♠ 9,  5,  4. while dummy holds A Q 8. And North is squeezed on the last club having to reduce himself to three cards from ♠ K, K J 10. Whichever card he discards promotes a winner for declarer in hand (♠ 9) or three diamond winners in dummy!  

On a spade lead:  win in hand and continue spades winning the third round in dummy. Proceed as before by leading ♣ J and if South fails to cover with ♣ K then cash remaining top hearts in dummy before finessing ♣ Q. Alternatively, proceed as previously outlined if South covers ♣ J with ♣ K. Re-enter dummy with a top heart and cash remaining heart in dummy before repeating the club finesse and cash remainng clubs and finally take the diamond finesse for thirteenth trick, i.e. 3 spades, 3 hearts, 2 diamonds, 5 clubs.

On a club lead: be especially careful how you disentangle that suit. Best to play ♣ J from dummy at trick one. If South ducks then continue with finesse of ♣ Q followed by three rounds of spades ending in dummy. Now cash a top heart in dummy and then overtake second heart in hand with A. Cash remaining clubs leaving declarer with ♠ 9,  5,  4 sa before while dummy holds A Q 8. Once againn North is squeezed having to reduce himself to three cards from ♠ K, K J 10. Whichever card he discards promotes a winner for declarer in hand (♠ 9) or three diamond winners in dummy! 

This was not an easy hand and well done if you solved the challenge, as East or West, to make all thirteen tricks on any lead and against any defense.


Please be advised that there is NO bridge tonight, Thursday, 2nd January 2020.

I was not present on 19th December when a decision was made to cancel bridge for this evening and I only heard about this decision within the last 30 mins. So, apologies for the late notice.

Bridge will resume on Thursday, 9th January 2020.

Paul J Scannell, 2nd January 2020 @ 17:50

Tribes members to the fore at Waterford Congress

Congratulation to those members of the Tribes Bridge Club who featured strongly at the recent Waterford Bridge Congress:

Declan Harte & Margaret McCarthy continued their recent excellent form with several good performances as follows:

3rd (of 48) in the Mixed Pairs

5th (of 49) in the Intermediate Pairs Championship

16th (of 28) in the Congress Teams


Michael Waldron & William (Billy) Cunniffe also performed well as follows:

4th (of 44) in the Congress Pairs

Winners (with team-mates Marion Croke and Maria Whelan) of the Congrees Team of Four (28 teams)


Well done to all.


Paul J Scannell, 5th January 2020


Another little Chistmas Double-Dummy Challenge! #2 - The Solution...

Challenge #2.

As South you find yourself as declarer in ♣ 6.

West leads  7 (Middle Up Down) 

Your challenge is to make twelve tricks with clubs as trumps.

Over to you...

Click the 'Show Answer' button below to view the solution...

Paul J Scannell, 27th December 2019 ...Solution uploaded 6th January 2020

So, as South you find yourself as declarer in a contract of 6♣  on the lead of 7.

A quick assessment shows that you can count 5 hearts, 3 clubs, and 2 aces. 

Yes, you can develop an extra trick in diamonds... but unfortunately the finesse fails. Alternatively you could lead a spade towards dummy's ♠ Q 9 but again you would lose a trick to West's ♠ well as the inevitable trump loser.

And note that we need TWO additional tricks.

The solution is a special play called a 'Strip, Throw In, and Endplay'.

Essentially we will Strip West of his hearts, Throw him in on a third round of trumps which will lead to him being Endplayed, i.e. whatever he returns will gift declarer a trick. For instance if West returns a spade or diamond declarer will win with the relevant Q and then cash the A and ruff the third round of the suit in dummy. Declarer will then cash the remaining top hearts discarding the two losers in the other suit from hand. 

But we must be careful... Cash two top trumps first, followed by three hearts and THEN exit on a third trump. West wins and is endplayed and must either play a spade or a diamond either of whch declarer can win with the relevant Q and then cash the Ace of the suit before ruffing the third round in dummy and then discarding the two losing cards in the other suit on dummy's long hearts.

Twelve tricks via 3 clubs in hand, 5 hearts, 2 diamonds (or 2 spades depending on what West return after winning third club) and a ruff in dummy and the Ace of the other suit for the 12th trick!    


1) This illustrates the benefit of playing in the 4-4 fit as opposed to the 5-3 fit when both options are available. The five card suit can be used for discards when the four card suit is trumps. The reverse is not possible! 

2) In reality, most declarers will probably take the simple, and reasonable option, of finessing in diamonds. If the finesse succeeds then declarer can count 3 clubs, 5 hearts, 3 diamonds, 1 spade.

Final Christmas 2019 Double-Dummy Challenge! #3 -SOLUTION

Challenge #3.

As South you find yourself as declarer in  6 or 6 NT.

West leads  7 (Middle Up Down) 

Your challenge is to make twelve tricks.

Over to you...

Solution will be uploaded in due course.

Paul J Scannell, 10th January 2020 

Again, as South you find yourself at the helm in either 6 / 6NT. West leads  7 (Middle Up Down)

As before, a quick assessment reveals 5 hearts, 1 spade, 1 diamond, 2 clubs, in terms of top tricks.

An additional trick can be achieved in spades, diamonds, or clubs but that still elevates the total to only 10 top tricks.

While an extra trick can be developed in one of the three suits we seemingly cannot also enjoy an extra trick in either of the other two suits!


Time for a squeeze.

Win heart lead and cash two more top hearts.

Now play THREE rounds of clubs, being careful to unlock the ♣ 10 from hand so we can subsequently enter dummy via ♣ 9.

So now we can count TEN tricks...1 spade, 5 hearts, 1 diamond, 3 clubs AND West must gift us an eleventh trick in spades or diamonds upon winning the third club. The trick that West gifts us after wnning the third club also puts us in Squueze Land, i.e. we have winners for all remaing tricks except one!  

So what options has West after winning the third club.

1) He returns ♠ J or ♠ 10 or ♠ 4.  Win in dummy. Cash A promoting West's K as a winner (Vienna Coup) and now lead a club to dummy's carefully preserved ♣ 9.

Next cash dummy's two remaining hearts and discard two diamonds from hand. This brings about the following position before the last heart is cashed. Declarer discards 10 from hand and West is squeezed. Declarer will win two spades in hand if West discards a spade. Alternatively declarer will cash Q if West discards K.

2) If West returns K that hands declarer three diamond tricks and the contract (1 spade, 5 hearts, 3 diamonds, 3 clubs). If West returns a low diamond then win in dummy. Cash ♠, promoting West's ♠ K as a winner (Vienna Coup) and return to dummy with carefully preserved ♣ 9.

Next cash dummy's two remaining hearts and discard two spades from hand. This brings about the following position before the last heart is cashed. Declarer discards a spade from hand and West is squeezed. If West discards ♠ K then declarer will cash ♠ Q. Alternatively declarer will win 2 diamonds if West discards a diamond.

Note that both plays described above involve a Vienna Coup followed by a squeeze. A Vienna Coup is created when declarer cashes a winner which results in an opponent's card in that suit being promoted to winning status,, e.g. in both above cases the cashing of the ♠ A or A promotes West's K in the relevant suit. Howeveer his joy is shortlived as declarer proceeds to execute a squeeze that will cause West, in this case, to make a discard which promotes a winner for declarer. It is worthwhile studying the three card endings.

There is one card that West can return after winning the third club which requires declarer to execute a different type of squeeze for the twelfth trick.

If West returns the ♠ K after winning the third club then declarer must proceed as follows:

Win with ♠ A and play a club to dummy's carefully preserved ♣ 9.

Now continue with two remaining hearts on which you discard the two smallest diamonds from hand leaving this most unsual position which results in a Criss-Cross Squeeze being executed on West.

On the play of  5 declarer discards  10 from hand and West is caught in a Criss-Cross Squeeze (as opposed to the Simple Squeezes outlined above).

If you have difficulty understanding the effect of this type of squeeze then lay out the four card ending shown above and then play as indicated below. Note that both declarer and dummy can be accessed via the respective Aces. Note also that declarer and dummy hold two cards in either spades or diamonds together with the Ace of the other suit.

If West discards a diamond then declarer plays a diamond to hand, felling West's now blank K, and then retuns to dummy with ♠ Q to cash  Q thus winning all four of the last tricks.

If West discards a spade then declarer cashes ♠ Q in dummy and enters his hand with  A and cashes the now promoted ♠ 8...again declarer wins all four of the last tricks.

And so ends the fascinating challenges of Board #5, played on 28th November 2019.

If you study the hand records you will note that they indicate that 6 /6NT can make on any lead or defense WITH SOUTH AS DECLARER. I specifically limited this series of artices to dealing with a non-helpful lead, i.e. a heart lead which does not gift declarer an extra trick.

NOTE: Rory Timlin is preparing an article related to this hand for an upcoming edition of the Irish Bridge Journal which also includes solutions to non-heart leads. 

I hope that you have enjoyed this series of challenges and would be delighted to received any feedback.

Paul J Scannell, 17th January 2020 

Rosamund Jennings, R.I.P

Click this link to view a short video clip of photos of Ros from 2007 to 2017. 


It is with much sadness that we advise members of the recent passing of Ros(amund) Jennings former member of the Tribes Bridge Club.

Ros was an enthusiastic member over many years and served as Hon. Secretary of the club for six consecutive seasons spanning the period 2007 - 2013. During that time she was conscientious and efficient with regard to her duties and responsibilities and I was particularly happy when she agreed to serve for her sixth term which coincided with my first year as President.

Ros exhibited the highest standards in her dealings with members and others in the wider CBAI community, at Regional and National level.

As a member she was always courteous and polite and as a player she was keenly enthusiastic and quicker to blame herself rather than partner when things went wrong. She was a competent player and despite her undoubted ability she only achieved limited success in the club's Major Championships. Her sole victory was winning the Club T/4 in the 2008-09 season with then partner Lynn Duffy and team-mates Michael & Marlene O'Connor.

Ros enjoyed a sustained regular partnership with May O'Sullivan over eight years.

May she Rest In Peace.

Paul J Scannell, 13th January 2020


Funeral arrangements as per

 The death has occurred of Rosamund Jennings (née Carley Read)

Corcullen, Galway

(Peacefully) at home, surrounded by her loving family, beloved wife of Gerard and much loved mother of Marion, Bridget, Tara, John and Mark. Sadly missed by her husband and children, brother Rowland, sons-in-law Nigel, Simon and David, daughter-in-law Leyla, her adored grandchildren Keira, Ryan, Aisling and Leo, extended family, neighbours and friends.


Reposing at the O' Flaherty Funeral Parlour, Munster Avenue, Galway (H91V1K8) on Tuesday, 14th January, from 4.30 p.m. with Removal at 7.00 p.m. to St Jame's Church, Bushypark. Requiem Mass on Wednesday, 15th January at 11.00 a.m. followed by burial in the adjoining cemetery. Family flowers only.

'May her gentle soul rest in peace'



Corn na dTreabh : Session 1 - MISSING SCORES - ISSUE NOW RESOLVED


Thanks to those who responded to my email.

Paul J Scannell, 17th January 2020



The following scores need to be inputted before Final Results for Corn na dTreabh Session 1 can be published.

Board N/S E/W N/S Pair E/W  Pair
2 22 4 Pat Ward & Sue Madden Maura Connolly & Carmel Morahan
4 23 5 Marion Coy & Deirdre McCoy Clare Burke & Esther Maloney
8 25 7 Sharon Phelan & Susan Cranley Mary Canavan Brigid King
10 26 8 Rose Higgins & Lil Corless Billy Cunniffe &Marie O'Shaughnessy
20 16 13 Sean Glynn Eddie Fitzgerakd Maureen Kenny & Connie Canavan
22 17 14 May O'Sullivan & Colette Mulhern Patricia Rushe & Bridie Redahan
23 18 15 Rory Timlin & Maurice Hession Frank Reynolds & Anne Killilea
24 18 15 Rory Timlin & Maurice Hession  Frank Reynolds & Anne Killilea
28 20 2 Liam Hanratty & Anne Roche Ann Davy & Mary Dolan
30 21 3 Roddy Wyer & Brendan King Seamus MacMathuna & Maura O'Farrell


Please confirm the relevant result with your opponents and then forward the agreed contract details (contract, declarer, and result) to Paul Scannell via email, text message or phone call. 


mobile: 087 2494797

phone: 091 761059


Paul J Scannell, 16th January 2020


Winners Corn na dTreabh 2019-2020

Congratulations to Maureen Kenny & Connie Canavan, winners of the 2019-2020 Corn na dTreabh.


Photos: Margaret Ford and David Walsh

Paul J Scannell, 1st February 2020

We remember...Bridie Kenny who passed away on 13th February 2019

We remember Bridie Kenny. She may be gone but she's not forgotten...

Click on this link to access a short one minute video clip of photos of Bridie from 2007 - 2017 


Bridie passed away on 13th February 2019.


She was a member of long-standing and was elected as President for the 1982-1983 season.

Bridie was a competent player and won five Major Club Championships spanning the period 1975 - 2017. She won the Club T/4 with her then regular partner Catherine Kelly in partnership with Vi Cunningham & Bridie Kilagrriff. In the 1986-1987 season she won the Geraldine O'Flynn T/4 with Catherine and team-mates Maura O'Farrell & Enda Glynn. Thirty years later she again won the Geraldine O'Flynn T/4 this time with then regular partner Liam Hanratty and team-mates Colette Mulhern and Maria O'Shaughnessy. She also won the Mulhern Trophy with Liam Hanratty in the 2007-2008 season. Bridie & Liam also won the Corn na dTreabh Pairs Championship (Handicap) in 2016-2017..

Bridie was an active supporter of the club and always had a ready smile, a cheerful greeting, and a devil-may-care attitude. She was down to earth and with her the glass was always half-full and never half-empty. And if you had the good fortune to share her company, even for the briefest of time, you were sure to be in better form on taking leave of her than prior to joining her!

May She Rest In Peace

Paul J Scannell, 12th February 2020

Re Thursday, 5th March 2020

Note that due to a possible ESB power cut on Thursday, 5th March the regular game will start at 7pm instead of the usual 7.30pm. 

Paul J Scannell, 4th March 2020 


At meetings on Saturday 7 March, the CBAI Governing Council and the IBU Emergency Committee decided, with regret, to postpone all national competitions scheduled for the months of March and April, as a prudent measure to avoid large gatherings and to protect the bridge playing population, which by its demographic is an at-risk group, against the threat of the Covid 19 virus (“corovirus”).

Specifically, this means the postponement of the following scheduled competitions:

  • the IBU Burke and O’Connor Trophies (14/15 March),
  • the CBAI National Pairs Championships (Davidson, Laird, and Civil Service Trophies, 21/22 March),
  • the IBU Moylan Cup (4/5 April),
  • the CBAI National Confined Championships (JJ Murphy, Lambert, and Cooper Cups, 18/19 April),
  • the IBU Seniors Congress (21/23 April)
  • the CBAI National Teams Championships (Kelburne, Bankers, and Tierney Trophies, 25/26 April).
  • The Clonmel Congress organisers have also advised that the congress (27/29 March) has been cancelled, and will not take place this season.

Note: The second scheduled weekend of the IBU Mixed Trials (28/29 March) will go ahead, unless advised to the contrary.  

For the moment, our guidance is that regions and clubs can decide for themselves what policy to adopt in relation to their own events, including congresses, which typically tend to be smaller in size than the national events, although the situation is obviously developing rapidly. We are in constant touch with the health authorities, and we will communicate any changes to this guidance as soon as we are advised of them. If a congress committee decides to postpone or cancel a congress, please let us know so that we may reflect this fact on our website.

The CBAI and IBU will review the situation in relation to the national events at Easter, in light of developments on the coronavirus in the meantime, and will issue an update at that point. It is hoped to hold the postponed competitions over the summer, assuming (a) that the threat of the virus has been contained at that stage, and (b) that suitable venues can be found. Please be assured that this decision was not taken lightly; your delegates felt that, given the current guidance from the medical experts, the risk involved in holding large gatherings of card-players was simply too great.

We have also written to all clubs to advise them as to best practice to combat the threat of the coronavirus. All the essential information and guidance is set out on the HSE’s website. In particular, we would draw your attention to the advice to wash your hands properly and frequently, to cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you sneeze, and to avoid making contact with your eyes, nose, or mouth if your hands are not clean. In addition, if you are concerned that you may have contracted the coronavirus, the protocol is that you should telephone your doctor, not call to them or to a hospital. In that case, you are also obviously advised not to attend gatherings such as bridge clubs.

The HSE has produced a very useful poster on this topic which is available for download, and it would be helpful to display it prominently within your club – we would suggest on an entrance door rather than on the noticeboard, if practicable. In addition, we have put together a bridge-oriented flyer which you can display, or even leave on tables, to provide guidance for your members.


Paul J Scannell, 11th March 2020

Results for Thursday 12th March 2020

16 members of the Tribes Bridge Club turned up on Thursday, 12th March and joined 8 members of the Aran Club which then hosted the joint session.

Results can be found on the Aran Bridge Club website. Click on link below to view the results:

Results for Thursday 12th March 2020

Paul J Scannell, 14th March 2020

2020 Galway Bridge Congress Cancelled


The Galway Bridge Congress Committee apologises for the inconvenience this decision may cause but deems it the prudent option in the interest of the health and safety of the many bridge players from all corners of Ireland, and abroad, who have regularly supported this popular congress.

The next Galway Bridge Congress will take place at Easter 2021 when we hope to meet once again at the Ardilaun Hotel. 

The 82nd Annual Galway Bridge Congress was scheduled to take place in the Ardilaun Hotel from Friday, 10th April to Monday, 13th April 2020.

Paul J Scannell, 18th March 2020

Eilish Fitzsimons R.I.P

t is with much sadness that we report the recent passing of Eilish Fitzsimons, a former member of the Tribes Bridge Club who was an active participant in club activities during the 1980s and 1990s. We extendd our sympathies to husband Damien and their children, Garret, Erika, Karl and Erika, and extended family members. 

Link to page on where condolence messages can be left.

Paul J Scannell, 8th April 2020

Brenda Feely R.I.P

It is with much sadness that we advise members of the death of Brenda Feely who passed away on 22nd March 2020.

Brenda was a long-standing member of the Tribes Bridge Club which she joined in the early 1970s. She remained a member until ill-health dictated that she could no longer attend. She formed a regular patnership with Nancy Mullins, another long standing member. Brenda never held office with the club throughout her lengthy membership.  But Brenda was a very stalwart supporter of the club as reflected by her reguilar attendance. Brenda never won any of the club's major championships but was always a strong contender and fiercely competitive. She was a good delcarer player and sound in defense. In fact her record in the major club competitions does not do justice to her undoubted ability as a bridge player. But more importantly she will be affectionately remembered as a warm-hearted member who enjoyed the funny side of things. She was also remarkably resilient and tenacious, none more so than when she tripped one evening during a regular weekly session. She badly injured herself and was duly hopitalised for some time thereafter. But that didn't prevent her from attending the President's Dinner in May 2013 where she was presented with a special 'True Grit' award in recognition of her fortitude in the face of adversity.

I have assembled a short video which features photos of Brenda taken at club eevnts during the period 2001 - 2013. Click this link to view rhe video which is located on my YouTube page

 May She Rest In Peace

Paul J Scannell, 25th March 2020 

Obituary details as posted on

In the loving care of the Staff at Áras Chois Fharraige, Spiddal, Co Galway. Predeceased by her beloved husband Tom and son-in-law Peter; much loved mother of David and Carol, adored grandmother of Amy and mother-in-law of Emma. Very sadly missed by her family, brother Leo, sisters-in-law, brothers-in-law, nieces, nephews and many friends. Private funeral to take place in keeping with Government advice and HSE guidelines on public gatherings. A Memorial Mass in celebration of Brenda's life will be held at a later date.

'May her gentle soul rest in peace'

Those who would have liked to attend Brenda's Funeral but cannot due to the current restrictions are invited to leave a message on the condolence page. Link below.

Link to obituary page for Brenda Feely on


Paddy Murphy - Guard of Honour at Bohermore Cemetery

Given the current restrictions re attendance at churches and funerals it has been suggested that a Guard of Honour by members of the various Galway Bridge Clubs would form at Bohermore Cemetery circa 1.45pm on Wednesday, 1st July 2020. All are welcome. The usual Covd-19 precautions to be observed by all participants..

Paul J Scannell, 30th June 2020

Paddy Murphy R.I.P

It is with much sadness that we report the recent passing of Patrick J (Paddy) Murphy, long-time member and former President (1981-1982) of the Tribes Bridge Club.

Paddy was a core element of the Galway Bridge community for a very long time. He loved the game and was an active member of several city clubs down through the years, playing with a variety of partners. He joined the Tribes Bridge Club in its infancy and remained a stalwart supporter until his passing. He was elected President for the 1981-1982 season. Paddy was a very competent player and won four club championships, three since the turn of the century. He won his first title, The Geraldine O'Flynn T/4, in 1987-1988 with partner Clare Burke and team-mates Marie Silke & Mary Bane-Curran.. He picked up his second title in 2003-2004 when he won the Dr. Sean Mulhern Trophy with Miriam Moloney. He repeated his earlier success in the Geraldine O'Flynn T/4 by winning it again in 2008-2009 with regular partner Miriam Moloney and team-mates Maurice Hession and Rory Timlin. The same quartet subsequently won the Club T/4 Championship in the 2011-2012 season.

Undoubtedly one of his most famous successes took place at the 1980 Ballina Congress when Paddy captained his three female team-mates to victory in the Congress Team of Four Championship. The October issue of the Irish Bridge Journal featured a lovely photo of the winners on the front cover...



Paddy was not only a bridge player but also an active supporter of the various clubs of which he was a member. He was a regular attender at President's Dinners and Christmas Parties organised by the various clubs.

Paddy was also a founder member of the Action Committee that that brought about the purchase of the Galway Bridge Centre.

But most of all Paddy was an exmeplary member. His gentle nature, gentlmanly manner, happy smile, warm and cheerful greeting, will be what he will be most remembered for by the many who had the good fortune to sit at his table. And for some he occasionally shared a joke or funny story. He never uttered a cross word to partner although he was quick to criticise himself for any shortcomings in his own bidding, play or defense.

Truly it can be said that he was one of a kind.

We extend our sympathies to his wife Eileen and children Evelyn, Mary, Brenda, Philip.

May he Rest In Peace.

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Paul J Scannell, 30th June 2020