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Welcome to Tribes Bridge Club
UPDATE re President's Prize and President's Dinenr

Please be advised that the dates of the President's Prize and President's Dinner have been brought FORWARD by one week. New dates as follows:

President's Prize -16th May 2024

President's Dinner -23rd May 2024

Note that there will be an Open Pairs on Thursday, 30th May.

Summer Bridge will commence on Monday, 3rd June.

Paul J Scannell, 4th May 2024

2023-2024 Ryder Cup winners


Congratulations to May O'Sullivan and Ann Roche, winners of the 2023-2024 Ryder Cup


Photo shows the Ryder Cup being presented to the winners by Michael O'Gara, President Tribes Bridge Club.

Paul J Scannell, 4th April 2024

Catherine Kelly R.I.P.

It is with much sadness that we advise members of the recent passing of Catherine Kelly. Catherine was a member of the Tribes Bridge Club from the early years and served as President during the the 1980-81 season. She was a thoughtful player and an enthusiastic proponent of the game. She formed a regular and successful partnership with her good friend Bridie Kenny. Together with team-mates Bridie Kilgarriff & Vi Cunningham they won the Club T/4 in the 1975-76 season. In 1986-87 they successfully teamed up with Enda Glynn & Maura O'Farrell and won the Geraldine O'Flynn T/4.

Catherine was a fun person to be with, either at the bridge table or away from it. She will be sorely missed by those who knew her, especially from the early days when the club was based in the Warwick Hotel.

See for funeral arrangements.

Paul J Scannell, 31st March 2024

Corn na dTreabh 2023-2024 - Winners


Congratulations to Bob Hackett & Marion Donlon, winners of the Corn na dTreabh (Handicap Pairs Championship).

Photo show the winners receiving the cup from Dr. Seamus MacMathuna, who first presented the trophy to the Tribes Bridge Club in the 2013-2014 season. In background is Michael O'Gara, President Tribes Bridge Club 2023-2024. 

Paul J Scannell, 5th February, 2024

May O'Brien R.I.P.

It is with much sadness that we belatedly advise members of the recent passing of May O'Brien, She would have reached the age of 98 in a couple of months.

You won't find her name enscribed on the Tribes Bridge Club's championship cups. But you will find it hard to identify a more enthusiastic player who so loved her game of bridge. With that special glint in her eye she undertook every hand, be it as declarer or defender, with a dogged determination to achieve the best outcome possible.

And while she didn't win any club championships she certainly won the hearts of all those that she met at bridge.

She was an absolute joy to meet, be it at the bridge table or away from it. Always with a smile and a warm greeting.

She will be sadly missed by those who knew her. 


Paul J Scannell, 1st February 2024

2024 Waterford Congress - Congress Pairs Winners

Congratulations to the Limerick / Galway combination that recently won the Congress Pairs Championship at Waterford Congress which was held in the Tower Hotel, Waterford 5th-7th January.

Tribes Bridge Club member, Paul Scannell partnered Gordon Lessells (Limerick), CBAI President, to take 1st place in the Congress Pairs.


Kay Heskin R.I.P.

It is with much sadness that we advise members of the recent passing of Kay Heskin who it seems joined the Tribes Bridge Club at the beginning of the 1987-88 season.

Kay was a regular participant in the weekly games run by the club and was also a supporter of other club events e.g. Christmas Party, and President's Dinner.

What surprised me most when I checked the records was that Kay, despite being a competent player never won a major club championship!

But Kay will forever be remembered by those that knew her as A LADY. Of refined manner and eternally elegant presentation she was always very pleasant and courteous company at the table. Kay enjoyed her bridge and also the regular 'apres game' game tipple, especially with good friends Paddy & Eileen Murphy (both of whom pre-deceased her) when they often enjoyed a hot whiskey during the winter months. 

Our sympathies go to the extended family.

The funeral was held on Thursday, 4th January at the Church of Christ The King, Salthill.

Members who may wish to record their condolences can do so at the the website via the following link:

link to Kay Heskin page on

Click either of the following links to access a Photogallery or Slideshow of photos of Kay at The Tribes Bridge Club, spanning the period 2004-2013.

Link to Photogallery

Note: click navigation arrows at bottom of each photo to advance (or go backwards) through the 19 photos in the Photogallery.

Link to Slideshow

Note: the slideshow is configured to 'automatically' advance each slide after 3 seconds.


Paul J Scannell, 4th January, 2024

Tribes Bridge Club - 2023 Christmas Party

The Tribes Bridge Club 2023 Christmas Party was held in the Bridge Centre on Thursday, 21st December.

Click the photo below to access a small gallery of photos.

A session of bridge preceded the nice selection of sandwiches, smoked salmon, and mince pies, which had been prepared by a number of members. All washed down with some wine, or soft drinks, provided by the club. 

A good night was had by all.

The Tribes Bridge Club wishes all its members a Happy Christmas and best wishes for 2024.

The club resumes on Thursday, 11th January 2024

Paul J Scannell, 23rd December 2023

Winners of Geraldine O'Flynn T/4 (Handicap)

Congratulations to Colette Mulhern & May O'Sullivan and Paul Scannell & Rory Timlin, who won the Geraldine O'Flynn T/4 (Handicap) which was held over two sessions on 30th November and 7th December. Winners pictured receiving the trophy from Michael O'Gara, President Tribes Bridge Club.

Note that Colette & May were winners of the event in the previous year with then team-mates Geraldine Carroll & Norma O'Connell. 

Paul J Scannell, 10th December 2023

Tribes Bridge Club 2023-2024

Please note that Summer Bridge @ Galway LIVE has now finished and consequently The Tribes Bridge Club will commence the 2023-2024 season on Thursday 28th September @ 7.30pm

We look forward to welcoming back members, especially those that took a break from bridge during the summer months.

And we welcome potential new members including those who have not played with the Tribes Bridge Club before.

We offer a good game, played in a pleasant atmosphere, and an enjoyable evening irrespective of where you finish!

Looking forward to seeing friends, old and new, next Thursday and in the coming weeks and months.

Paul J Scannell, 22nd September 2023

Ena Brennan R.I.P

It is with much sadness that we advise members of the recent passing of Ena Brennan (nee Gorman).

Ena was a very active in The Tribes during the 1970s and 1980s when she was a part of a close-knit group of members that included Colette Mulhern, May O'Sullivan, Bridie Kenny, and Catherine Kelly.. During that time she played regularly with May O'Sullivan. Frequently competitive, they won the Forward Trust Handicap Pairs in the 1986-1987 season.

Ena is also a member of that small group of members who have won the President's Prize. Ena recorded her victory in the 1972-1973 season. Ena, in partnership with Liam Hanratty, also won the Western Pride Open Pairs which was held annually in Ballinrobe.

Ena's life (and that of her beloved husband Eddie), was bedevilled by ill-health which significantly impacted their lives. In the 1990s she stopped playing bridge so that she could better tend to her ailing husband, Eddie. And later, after Eddie died, she then faced her own health challenges. One can only believe that they are now enjoying a happier hereafter.

She made occasional appearances in the early 2000s but to all intents and purposes her involvement with The Tribes was now over.

Ena was a very private person and her diminutive size and quiet nature belied a woman of strong character and fortitude. She was unfailingly polite to partners and opponents alike. And she enjoyed a joke.

I will forever remember the beauty that transcended her when she smiled. It was a sight to behold.   

Our sympathies to the extended Brennan and Gorman families.

Click the following link for details re funeral arrangements via 


Paul J Scannell, 4th September, 2023

Eileen Murphy R.I.P

It is with much sadness that we report the passing of Eileen Murphy, a former member of the Tribes Bridge Club. Eileen joined the club in the 1970s and together with her late husband Paddy, was a popular member of the Tribes Bridge Club. She always sported a cheerful smile with which she disarmed all who met her. 

She played regularly until recent years and enjoyed a couple of regular partnerships during her sustained membership of the club. In the early years she played with Breege Duffy while their respective husbands (both named Paddy) also enjoyed a regular partnership which was sometimes referred to as 'The 2 Paddys'.

After Breege, passed away Eileen embarked on a partnership with Kay Heskin. Together with Paddy, the three could often be found enjoying a little tipple in the bar after the weekly game.

The 1986-87 season was a memorable one for Eileen. She won the Club T/4 with partner Breege Duffy and teammates Clare Burke & Jim McGauran. And she then capped it off by winning The President's Prize.

But Eileen's legacy will be her fun personality and good humour.    

Memorably she was a member of the Galway squad that won the Ballina Congress T/4 in 1980 (see photo from cover of the October 1980 issue of the Irish Bridge Journal)

A selection of photos featuring Eileen, together with Paddy, and Kay Heskin.

Click link for funeral arrangements.

Paul J Scannell, 30th May, 2023

President's (Colette Mulhern) Dinner - some photos

What an enjoyable evening. The first time since 2019 that members of the Tribes Bridge Club gathered for a President's Dinner. Well done to Colette Mulhern and the committee for organising such a wonderful evening.

Click the links hereunder to access 23 photos taken during the President's (Colette Mulhern) Dinner held in Galway Bridge Centre on Thursday, 25th May 2023.

Link to Slideshow  [Note: Photos display in full-screen mode and advance automatically after an interval of a second (or two!).]

Link to PhotoGallery 


And a further set of photos (snapped via my Samsung mobile phone) of prize-winners receiving their prizes from Club President, Colette Mulhern.

Link to Slideshow  [Note: Images advance automatically after an interval of a second (or two!).]

Link to snaps of prize-winners   [Apologies to those that I missed!]


Paul J Scannell, 27th May, 2023

President's Prize (Colette Mulhern) - Thursday, 18th May, 2023

Please note that entries for the single session President's Prize (Colette Mulhern) close at 11pm on Tuesday, 16th May 2023.

If you wish to play and have not already registered your entry then please contact the Tournament Director, Liam Faherty, directly. Entries CANNOT be accepted on the night.

Paul J Scannell, 16th May, 2023

Presentation of Dr. Sean Mulhern Perpetual Trophy

Colette Mulhern (President of the Tribes Bridge Club) presenting the Dr. Sean Mulhern Perpetual Trophy to Paul Scannell who won this year's competition in partnership with Rory Timlin.

Paul J Scannell, 16th May, 2023

Geraldine O'Flynn T/4 - Winners

Congratulations to May O'Sullivan, Norma O'Connell, Geraldine Carroll, and Colette Mulhern, winners of the Geraldine O'Flynn T/4 Cup 2022-2023.

Winners receiving cup from Mary Dolan, former President of the Tribes Bridge Club (2016-2017) who is daughter of Geraldine O'Flynn who served as Treasurer in the years 1979-80, 1980-81, 1981-82 and in whose memory the cup was donated by the O'Flynn family.

Paul J Scannell, 19th April, 2023

Winners of Corn na dTreabh Cup 2022-2023

Paul Scannell & Rory Timlin, winners of the Corn na dTreabh 2022-2023 receiving the cup from Colette Mulhern, President - Tribes Bridge Club.

Paul J Scannell, 19th April, 2023

NO BRIDGE TONIGHT, 9th March 2023 - 2nd session of Ryder Cup postponed until next week

The President and Committee have reached the decision to postpone tonight's bridge game in response to the current weather conditions.

The 2nd session of the The Ryder Cup will now take place next Thursday, 16th March. 

Paul J Scannell, 9th March 2023

Thursday, 2nd February 2023 - NO BRIDGE!

Please note that there will be NO BRIDGE this coming Thursday, 2nd February 2023.

Bridge will resume, as normal, the following Thursday, 9th February, with the annual CBAI SIMS, the national fund-raiser for Irish teams competing in international events. Several members of the Tribes Bridge Club have benefitted from this support in the past.

And remember... Galway Bridge Congress takes place in the Ardilaun Hotel this coming weekend, Fri - Sun (3rd-5th February).  Click this link for details:

Paul J Scannell, 30th January 2023

Corn na dTreabh - 2 Session Pairs

Please note that the Corn na dTreabh competition will take place over the next two weeks, i.e. Thursday, 19th January, and Thursday, 26th January.

Apologies for short notice.


Paul J Scannell, 15th January, 2023 

Tribes Bridge Club re-opens Thursday, 5th January 2023

The Tribes Bridge Club will re-open on Thursday, 5th January, 2023 at 7.30pm.

We wish all members a Happy New Year and we look forward to continuing live bridge on Thursdays for the rest of the season.

Colette Mulhern, President, Tribes Bridge Club 2022-2023

Western Region Pairs Championships and Qualifier for National Pairs Championships

Sean Glynn R.I.P.

Sean joined the Tribes Bridge Club in the late 1980s and played extensively with Fr Enda Glynn. During this time he won all the major club championships including The Ryder Cup (1990-1991), Mulhern Trophy (1992-1993). Sean and Enda had a particularly strong record in the Club T/4 which included the singular achievement of four wins in a row which started in 1990-91 with team-mates Maurice Hession & Rory Timlin and they then followed this up with three successive wins with new team-mates Maura O’Farrell & Seamus MacMathuna in 1991-92, 1992-93, 1993-94

Sean and Enda also won the Geraldine O’Flynn T/4 when they partnered Kathleen Dolly & Mary Kilgarriff in the 1994-95 season.

Sean and his wife Anna were inveterate cigarette smokers and when the Tobacco Smoking (Prohibition) Regulations 2003 was introduced in March 2004 they stopped playing in the club. After Anna was laid to rest in February 2014, Sean re-emerged from bridge exile and started playing with Paul Scannell in the RTC Club (Monday). When the Galway Bridge Centre ceased operating the bar, Sean enjoyed bringing in a drop of vodka in a hip flask and maintained a small stock of bitter lemon on the premises!   

Sean also renewed his membership of the Tribes Bridge Club and commenced a partnership with Henry Curran.

A notable challenge for Sean upon his return to bridge after Anna’s passing was the fact that bidding systems had evolved significantly in the intervening years and Sean was now being encouraged to adopt new conventions at a time when his general health made this very demanding on him. Despite his trademark obstinance and strong resistance to change, he did, to his credit, take onboard many of the new systems and apart from the inevitable occasional ‘accidents’ he adapted well. That was some achievement by him for which he is, belatedly, due much credit!

Despite being in his twilight years, Sean enjoyed considerable success in the Tribes during this period and duly won the Club T/4 with partner Eddie Fitzgerald and team-mates Maurice Hession & Rory Timlin in 2016-2017 and again in 2018-2019 with the same team-mates, but with a new partner, Henry Curran.

Another significant success was capturing the Western Region Pairs (2017) with Enda Glynn which gained him entry to the national stage when they duly competed in the 2018 Davidson Cup (National Master Pairs Championship). They won the 3rd session and finished 6th overall of the 40 competing pairs.

Sean was an accomplished player beyond club bridge and won several National Championships during his lengthy playing career, including the following:

Kelburne Cup (National T/4 Championship):

1972 – Paul Barrett, Pat Barry, Sean Glynn, Arthur Kavanagh

1973 – Paul Barrett, Pat Barry, Sean Glynn, Arthur Kavanagh

1994 – Anna Glynn, Sean Glynn, Maurice Hession, Paddy Walsh

N.B. The 1994 win in the Kelburne final was preceded by a phenomenal performance in the regional final when Sean’s team faced Gay Keaveney, Rory Timlin, Enda Glynn, Paul Scannell. [This team had won the Kelburne Cup on 4 occasions in the period 1984–1992]. After 3 sessions of 8 boards Sean’s team were down by circa 40 Imps. Three members of the team were happy to concede defeat at that point in the match but Sean, in his obstinate way, insisted that they play the final segment of 8 boards and lo and behold when they dust had settled they had pulled off a miraculous win which proved Sean’s stance to be right! And then they went on to win the national final!

Holmes Wilson (National Open Teams Championship):

1988 – Paddy Byrne, Sean Gillen, Sean Glynn, Michael MacDonagh

Sean was also a member of six Connacht teams that won the Inter-Provincial Championships: 1983, ‘84, ’85, ’90, and also in 2016, 2018.

And of course Sean also taught bridge and even produced his own highly popular Bridge Flippers, sadly no longer available.

Sean had more strings to his bow other than bridge. He spent almost 40 years as principal at St. Brendan’s National School, Mullagh where his wife Anna also was a teacher. But Sean’s teaching career only came about when he gave up his ambitions with The Swingtime Aces Showband (1957-1972) in which he played the saxophone!  Sean, a founder member, played with the band during the period 1957-1961.  And click this link to see an advertisement for the band's upcoming appearance at the Newcastle Ballroom Dunmore on Sunday February 1st, 1959. It names Sean Glynn - Tenor Sax.  A tough decision to make when you’re in your early 20s!

Sean had a fine voice and was often encouraged to sing at bridge party events to the delight of those present.

He was an active member of the Loughrea Golf Club even renewing his membership last year when he felt his illness had abated somewhat.  He was also an ardent GAA follower and was deeply involved with Mullagh GAA.

Upon his retirement Sean set about researching and documenting the family tree and he established a Glynn Family website.

Sean was a strong family man and he and Anna raised four wonderful children…Kevin, Declan, Paul, and Denise. They were a great comfort and support to him, especially after Anna’s death, and also during the later years when he was afflicted with various illnesses. Saturday nights were a particular favourite when he was regularly entertained for the evening by his adoring daughter Denise and her family. Sean always looked forward to those special dinner evenings.  

Sean was first, and foremost, an absolute gentleman, both at and away from the table. Unfailingly courteous in that old style way, reminiscent of a time that now seems so long ago! And he could be so disarming with the smile that always creased his face, which often grew bigger as he regaled all at the table with a joke or funny story.

Not only has Galway bridge lost a fine player but more importantly it will mourn the loss of a warm and genuine human being.

And I have lost a bridge partner and a friend. I’ll miss you Sean.  

Thoughts and prayers are with the immediate family.

Funeral arrangements can be viewed on this link:   Click here for funeral arrangements

Note also that there will be a live streaming for those unable to attend:  Click here for live streaming of funeral service


Paul J Scannell, 18th October 2022

Mary MacSweeney R.I.P

It is with much sadnerss that we report the recent passing of Mary McSweeney a long-time member of the Tribes Bridge Club. Official records show that Mary was not only a member of the club from at least the early 1980s but was a very regular participant in club activities during that time. She played reguiarly in the weekly club game and also attended Chsitrmas Parties and President's Dinners.  Mary was a thoughtful and competent player and won Major Club Championships on three occasions. With partner Betty McCarthy, she won the inaugural Forward Trust Cup in the 1982-83 season. She also partnered Betty successfully again a couple of years later when, together with team-mates Rose Higgins and Lil Corless, the quartet emerged as winners of the Club T/4 Championship in the 1987-88 season. Mary won the Club T/4 championship for a second time in 2003-2004 with partner Imelda Brenan and team-mates Tess MacSweeney and Connie Canavan.

Mary was pleasant company, for partners and opposition alike, and she was enthusiastic about her bridge. She particularly enjoyed the apres-game sessions in the bar at the Galway Brdige Centre when players huddled together in small groups and reviewed the hands played while enjoying a glass of their preferred beverage. In Mary's case a glass of wine tciked all the boxes!. Fun times indeed, enjoyed by all!  Mary will be missed by those that knew her.

We extend our sympathies to her sons and daughters and the extended MacSweeney family.

Click here for link to funeral notice at


Paul J Scannell, Tribes Bridge Club, 15th June 2022 

Tribes Bridge Club resumes Live Bridge @ the Galway Bridge Centre

The Tribes Bridge Club re-opened for Live Bridge ('Face to Face') on Thursday, 6th October @ 7.30pm in The Galway Bridge Centre. 


Paul J Scannell, 10th October 2022 

Eddie Fitzgerald R.I.P

It is with much sadness that we report the recent passing of Eddie Fitzgerald who was an early member of the Tribes Bridge Club which he joined in the early 1970’s. Eddie was one of a group of UCG students at that time who were very active enthusiasts of the game including Rory Timlin, Gay Keaveney, Paddy Walsh, Michael MacDonagh, Sean McInerney, Pat Byrne, Mick Lavelle, Sean Gillan and others, most of whom joined the Tribes Bridge Club.

At club level Eddie’s achievements were modest in proportion to his ability, perhaps reflected by his inability to play more regularly due to work commitments with the Irish Army. And his successes in the Tribes Bridge Club were all achieved in the same competition…The Club T/4 which he won three times and which included an interval of 34 years between the second and third successes.

1974-75 Club T/4 with Rory, Gay and Michael MacDonagh

1981-82 Club T/4 with partner Rory and team-mates Dr Michael Coughlan & Paul Scannell

2016-17 Club T/4 with partner Sean Glynn and team-mates Rory Timlin & Maurice Hession

Eddie re-located to Athlone for several years in the 1980s and 1990s and lost contact with the Tribes Bridge Club during that period. He renewed his membership of the Tribes upon his return to Galway although he was no longer playing club bridge as regularly as in former years.

Eddie was a regular winner of Major National Championships which he achieved with several partners, most notably Rory Timlin and Michael MacDonagh. In chronological order:

1976 Master Pairs with Rory Timlin

1988 – 1991  Eddie won the Shamrock Lodge Trophy - Open Pairs (1963-1992) in FOUR consecutive years with Michael MacDonagh 

1990 Holmes Wilson with Rory Timlin and team-mates Gay Keaveney & Paddy Walsh

1993 Kelburne Cup with Michael MacDonaghand team-mates John Cunningham & Tom Hanlon

1994 Revington Cup (Men’s National Pairs Championship) with Michael MacDonagh

1997 Geraldine T/4 (Mens National T/4 Championship) with Michael MacDonagh and team-mates Derek O’Gorman & Terry Walsh

2000 Kelburne Cup with Rory Timlin, Maurice Hession and Gay Keaveney & Enda Glynn

2002 Geraldine T/4 (Mens National T/4 Championship) with Michael MacDonagh, Enda Glynn and Rory Timlin

In recent times, having graduated to Senior status, Eddie, with parttner Michael MacDonagh, scored successive wins in the Pairs Championship of the Seniors Congress over the four year period from 2014 - 2017.

Eddie also had the distinction of winning, with Gay Keaveny, the inaugural Four SessIon Great Southern Hotels Pairs Championship which was an invitation only event held in the early 1980s and which attracted the cream of Irish bridge players from across the land.

Inter-Provincial Championships. Eddie was a staunch supporter and regular member of the Connacht Inter-Provincial Team that represented the province from the early 1980s when Connacht finally emerged as a growing force in this annual Irish Bridge Union event. Eddie was a member of twelve of the Connacht teams that WON this competition during the period 1982 – 2021 and would have been a member on the four other occasions when Connacht won the competition had he been available for selection.

Apart from his proven ability as a player Eddie also made his contribution as an administrator and was elected CBAI President in 1994 and IBU President in 1997.

Whereas his prowess as a player is indisputable Eddie also won praise for his demeanour at the table. He was unfailingly courteous to partner and opponents alike and shared triumphs and disasters with equal magnanimity. And Eddie invariably had a joke / story to relate as his table waited for the next round to start.

I recall an occasion, after a T/4 event where several team-members related their ‘mistakes’ during a post-mortem session. Eddie listened attentively to the confessions from his team-mates and then contributed the following classic line…’Mistake!’, he started...’the last time I made a mistake was when I thought I made a mistake!’  Only Eddie could have thought of, and delivered, such a withering riposte to team-mates!

On another occasion, I had returned to bridge after a five year break and was playing in an Inter-Provincial Championship match. I sat down as north at the appointed table and my partner, Enda Glynn, sat opposite me, the way that we always sat. Eddie duly arrived at the table, and looking at me, he announced “I always sit north and Enda will explain how the scoring is done after the set has been completed.” Enda duly explained that we had to make our way outside of the playing area so that Eddie could enjoy a smoke while we did the scoring! And that’s precisely what we did! Eddie was inimitable!

On yet another occasion, Eddie was playing in a team-of-four competition and his team was leading going into the last round. Eddie gathered his team together for a pep talk, outside of course, and the guidance was straightforward and simple… In his most imperious voice he intoned… ‘If they play a spade you play a spade; if they play a club you play a club; if they play a heart or a diamond you follow suit. Have you got that?’ The team followed his instructions and duly won. You can’t argue with success! 

When Eddie and Helen moved to Oranmore a couple of years ago his attendance at the Tribes Bridge Club declined somewhat. But the city club’s loss became Oranmore’s gain.  Eddie was invited to join the Oranmore Bridge Club by Roddy Wyer who had also re-located to Oranmore at a similar time. Eddie and Roddy used to share driving duties when playing in the Tribes Bridge Club. Eddie joined the Oranmore Bridge Club in January 2020, a couple of months before Lockdown put a stop to Face to Face bridge. When the club resumed in November 2021 Eddie and Roddy once again shared driving duties, this time to the Oranmore Lodge Hotel for the weekly game of bridge. Eddie played regularly with Joe Lavelle and occasionally with other members. And although Eddie enjoyed the weekly game he particularly appreciated the couple of pints after the game and the accompanying banter. After the few pints Eddie and Roddy would share a taxi home and ‘the car’ was retrieved in the morning. Roddy summed it up succinctly when he said: “He became a much loved member of our club and despite his past heroics in bridge he just loved playing ordinary bridge with ordinary people followed by a few pints and a good chat and banter. He will be sorely missed in Oranmore.’

Yes, Eddie will be sorely missed, not only by members of the Tribes and Oranmore bridge clubs but by all who knew him. We extend our heartfelt sympathies to Helen, sons Stuart and Ed, and daughter Clodagh, and the extended family.

Link to for funeral arrangements: - Funeral arrangements

Paul J Scannell, Tribes Bridge Club, 23rd May 2022

Thursday, 1th April - NO BRIDGE

Please be advised that the Tribes Bridge Club will NOT operate tonight, Thursday, 14th April. Normal service will resume next week, Thursday, 21st April. 

Best wishes to all members of the Tribes for a Happy Easter 2022.

Paul J Scannell on behalf of Tribes Bridge Club, 14th April 2022

Maeve Brennan R.I.P

It is with much sadness that we report the death of Maeve Brennan who passed away while on holiday recently in Lanzarotte. She was a former member of the Tribes Bridge Club. Maeve was an active member during the period 1980 - 1988. She played regularly with her very good friend Carmel O'Sullivan. She endeared herself to all who met her, at the bridge table or away from it, with a hugely disarming smile, a gentle manner and a positive disposition. She was always pleasant company and although she may not have won any club championships she was a very active supporter of the club during that time and won the the hearts of all that met her.   

We extend our sympathies to her husband Martin, daughters Fiona, Jenny, Susie, and son Martin Jr. 

Click here for funeral arrangements as per

Paul J Scannell, April 4th 2022 

No Bridge on St. Patrick's Day, Thursday, 17th March 2022

Please note that there will be no game of bridge in the Tribes Bridge Club at the Galway Bridge Centre on St. Patrick's Day, Thursday, 17th March. Face 2 Face bridge will resume on the following Thursday, 24th March,

Paul J Scannell, 11th March 2022

Tribes’ Bridge Club-Next Steps

The Committee of the Tribes Club has considered again the future activity of the club. It has concluded that the club should resume “normal” in-person bridge in the Bridge Centre on Thursday 3rd March. On-line bridge will therefore continue for 3 more Thursdays (10/17/24 February) and the club will then stop operating as an on-line club. Of course, these decisions are made, based on information available today, and will be reviewed if there is a change in public health advice.

The committee realises that these decisions will not necessarily please everybody, but they represent an attempt by the committee to strike a balance between competing viewpoints.

The committee is very anxious to resume live bridge games and to give an opportunity to members to meet, play bridge and socialise. Many members have missed the social dimension which is not available on-line.  In addition, the committee is mindful of the future of the club and wants to maintain a stable, active membership and provide an opportunity for others to join.

Some members would prefer an immediate resumption rather than a further 3 week transition. The committee considered their views and those of the many members who said they would not yet be comfortable with an immediate resumption.  The committee also sought information on the number of people who attended the bridge centre in its first week back. The re-establishment of good quality in-person bridge will require the presence of a reasonably stable and adequate number of players, and this was also a consideration.

In addition, the committee also considered the views of those who would prefer to remain online and of the on-line members who may not be able to play in Galway. First, we really have been delighted to have new on-line members and we hope to see you in person in Galway whenever it suits you. This might be a good reason to come for a short break to Galway. The committee also wishes to remind you (and indeed all members) that your €10 payment this year goes directly to CBAI for its membership fee. That fee remains active throughout this bridge year.

In respect of online bridge, the committee also notes the options that are and will continue to be available on BBO and other platforms for those who wish to play exclusively or occasionally on-line. The committee anticipates that bridge players across the globe will continue to use this excellent facility.  The committee is very aware of the excellent support the club has had from the fine work done by Paul Scannell as on-line tournament director. A great debt of gratitude is due to him for enabling the on-line presence of the Club.

The committee also discussed an option for a hybrid and the majority view was that it was not the way to go. There are other easily available on-line options; it is technically cumbersome; and, it could  lead  to an unintended consequence: the long-term fracturing of the Tribes’ membership. This would not serve the club well.

The committee wants to see the Tribes thrive in Galway. For over 50 years it has been a place to meet, make friends, play good (and sometimes bad) bridge and crucially, a place that has welcomed new bridge players throughout its history. We hope that our plans will assist the club to build on its foundation, maintain its spirit and atmosphere and move forward, confident that it will adapt to the inevitable future challenges.


The Committee of the Tribes Bridge Club for 2021/2022:

President : Colette Mulhern (087- 2967128)

Secretary: Marion Coy. (087-2488465)

Treasurer: Margaret McCarthy (086-3844851)

On-Line TD; Paul Scannell  (087-2494797)

Live bridge TD: Enda Glynn

Kevin Moylan

May O'Sullivan

Deirdre O'Halloran.

Tribes Bridge Club re-opens on Thursday, 6th January 2022

The Tribes Bridge Club will resume it's online BBO competitions on Thursday, 6th January 2022.

In the interim bridge is available on Galway Virtual Bridge on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings and on Summer Bridge @ Galway on Fridays and Saturdays while the Sunday Game @ Galway continues every Sunday evening.  All sessions start @ 7.45pm.

Paul J Scannell, 30th December 2021

Seasonal Greetings from the American Contract Bridge League

Click here for Seasonal Greeting bridge style!

[Thanks to Peggy Fay for the link]

Paul J Scannell, 16th Decmber 2021

Message from Colette Mulhern, President, Tribes Bridge Club

Just a few words to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a peaceful and healthy New Year. I hope that you have enjoyed our online games during the last few weeks. We are very grateful to Paul for running everything so smoothly and efficiently. Also thanks to Marion and Margaret for all their hard work as Secretary and Treasurer respectively.

It’s a shame that we can’t have our Christmas party for the second year running but hopefully we will meet again in person sometime in 2022. It is also a pity that we can’t celebrate our 50th anniversary in style either but again we hope to do so at a later date.

Again good wishes and good Bridge!



16th December 2021

Brendan King R.I.P.

It is with much sadness that we report the death of Brendan King who passed away yesterday evening after a brave fight with cancer that had plagued him for several years. Brendan joined The Tribes in the early 1990s and forged a bridge partnership and friendship with Roddy Wyer. Work commitments took Brendan away from Ireland for several years but the pair resumed their bridge partnership when Brendan returned to Ireland in the early 2000s. Brendan was elected Secretary of the club for the 2019-2020 season, a position that he conscientiously filled until ill health forced him to step down in late 2020 wherupon his good friend Roddy stepped into the breach.

Brendan enjoyed his bridge and was a competent player. In the 1993-1994 season he won the Geraldine O'Flynn Trophy in partnership with Roddy and teammates, the late Hugh O'Neill & John Stack.

Brendan & Roddy also won the club's Corn na dTreabh Trophy in the 2017-2018 season. 

Brendan's bridge was not confined to the Tribes Bridge Club and he formed a sucesssful partnership with Fiona Place with whom he played regularly on Wednesday evenings in the Galway Bridge Club. They also competed in regional events and at congresses around the country.

But, for those who knew him, Brendan will be remembered not so much for his exploits at the bridge table but rather for his gentle and friendly manner together with warm smile and genial disposition to all he met both at the table and away from it. Brendan was both a gentleman and a gentle man.

We extend our sympathies to his wife Angie, daughters Sarah and Fiona, and the extended family.

Click this link to for details re funeral arrangements.

May He Rest In Peace

Paul J Scannell, 1st September 2021


Summer Bridge @ Galway

Winter bridge clubs in Galway traditionally wind up at the end of May and resume in mid-September. This year, Galway online clubs are also finishing at the end of May and Summer Bridge @ Galway will commence on Monday 31st May and will be run on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday under the aegis of the Galway Bridge Centre.

Competitions will stat at 7.45 pm each evening. All welcome. Entry Fee 3BB$.

Further information and results can be found at the website of the Galway Bridge Centre 

Paul J Scannell, 27th May, 2021

Tribes Bridge Club - 50th Anniversary: 1971 - 2021
Tribes Bridge Club - 50th Anniversary: 1971 - 2021


The Tribes Bridge Club: 1971 – 2021…In the beginning…Colette & Sean Mulhern, and others who were there at the start.

Colette took up residence in Galway during the early 60s while studying Science at UCG. She lodged with Miss Emerson who introduced Colette and fellow student lodgers to the basics of the game. As Colette recalls… ‘She used to deal the cards around the table and showed us what it was all about. I remember her telling us that there were people in London under The Embankment, without shelter, because they hadn’t drawn trumps.’  After graduating from UCG Colette spent some time working in Dublin where she shared a house with Mary McInerney who used to play with Mary Trench who went on to become an established Irish Lady International. Mary McInerney joined a bridge club in Dublin and ‘I picked up a bit more from her.

Colette subsequently returned to Galway and then ‘when Sean and I got married we used to deal the cards and tried to learn more. Then we were told that there was a bridge club in the Scare Coeur Hotel. So we went there one night. Mrs Ryder was in charge and she was forward looking enough to know that it was in the interest of the club to welcome new young members.(We tried to keep that policy in The Tribes).  We couldn’t play that night because there was a competition running. We went back the following week and joined. Mrs Ryder’s son Trevor, and his wife Peggy, were members as were Peter & Lorna Kinder, Paddy & Nuala Walsh, Dr. Michael Coughlan, Ena Brennan, May O’Sullivan, Freda Flavin. Other clubs wanted to maintain higher standards and we realised that there was a need for a new club for new players so we started The Tribes.

As can be seen from the minutes of the inaugural meeting, the aforementioned formed the nucleus of the committee of the newly founded club. Peter Kinder was elected President. Colette became Secretary, Michael Coughlan was elected Vie-President. Peggy Ryder filled the role of treasure and Trevor Ryder (right) became the first Tournament Director. Phyllis Byrne was elected to the position of Masterpoints Secretary. Finally, Lorna Kinder, May O’Sullivan (left) and Paddy Walsh were elected to the Committee. 



The club initially held its weekly sessions in the Beach Hotel (left) where members were made feel very welcome by proprietor and keen bridge player, Mrs Treacy, before settling in the Warwick Hotel (right).  As Colette recalls it, for some of the younger members it was a case of ‘a pint and a cigarette at every table.  And of course in those early years it was customary to have a short break in the middle of the bridge session.



The newly founded club also had strong links with the bridge club in UCG where Sean (left) was now established as a lecturer in Mathematical Physics. Sean, together with Arthur Kavanagh (cousin of Gay Keaveney), lent their support to what was an active bridge club at that time. {Arthur, together with partner Paul Barrett went on to become the first members of the club to represent Ireland at international level in 1974. Arthur and Paul were subsequently bestowed with Honorary Life Membership of The Tribes in recognition of their achievements.} Other members of the UCG Bridge Club who also became members of the Tribes included: Michael MacDonagh, Johnny McKeown, Sean McInerney, Mick Lavelle, Sean Gillan. Paddy Byrne, Sean Moynihan. Later members included Gay Keaveny, Rory Timlin, Eddie Fitzgerald, John Wood. Several went on to represent Ireland at Junior and/or Senior level..

Several of these names featured in the winners enclosure in the early years of the club’s major competitions.  Paddy Walsh (left) & Michael MacDonagh (were the inaugural winners of the Ryder Cup, presented to the club by Mr & Mrs G Ryder (right), parents of Trevor.  Maureen was not only an established player on the local and national stage but was also one of the first teachers of the game in Galway. The inaugural Club T/4 was won by Michael Coughlan & Sean Mulhern and Colette Mulhern & Nuala Walsh (left). The first President’s Prize was won by Sean Moynihan. 


In those early years (1970s) Colette played regularly with Nuala Walsh while Sean regularly partnered Michael Coughlan (right) who had been appointed as a lecturer in BioChemistry at UCG in 1969, just one year after Sean had joined the academic ranks at UCG. Michael was a dashing and handsome young man who caught the eye of many of the female players of that time. Michael also wrote a regular bridge column for the Galway Advertiser. Michael held the position o f Vice-President of the Tribes in its inaugural year and  was elected President the following year. Michael was an active member of the club and won several Major Club Chamionships up to his untimely death in 1993.

In 1975 Paul Scannell took up residence in Galway having been appointed to a lecturing position in the Hotel School at the recently opened Regional Technical College. Paul and Sean established a regular partnership until Sean’s untimely death in 1977.  Just before he died, Sean won the Pairs Championship at Sligo Congress with Gay Keaveney.  Gay was club secretary for two terms, 1979 -1981.

With Sean’s passing Colette was left to rear a family of three young cjildren... Margaret, Aoife and Owen. Bridge took a back seat for a while and then slowly Colette returned to the bridge scene and established a partnership with Seamus MacMathuna with whom she won several major club championships. She subsequently developed a partnership with Maria O’Shaughnessy during which time they also won several major club competitions.  In recent years Colette has played regularly with May O’Sullivan.

Colette also played, circa 2000, in the Ladies Irish Trials with the late Bridie Kenny. Although they didn’t claim a place on the Irish team for that year they finished comfortably in the middle order.

As with any club, there is always that small cohort of members who seize the initiative and lead while the vast majority of members are happy to follow. The Tribes Bridge Club is fortunate that Colette, and others of like mind at that time, chose to seize the opportunity all those years ago and set about founding the club that we enjoy today.

Happy 50th Anniversary to the Tribes Bridge Club…and a special Thank You to Colette and the other founder members.



Colette with  Aoife, Owen, and Margaret.



Paul J Scannell, 10th February 2021

Tribes Bridge Club re-opens for the 2021-2022 season

The Tribes Bridge Club is planning to re-open for the 2021-2022 season and as a pre-cursor the AGM will be held online via Zoom on Thursday 25th November @ 5.30pm where the incoming President will be elevated to office and a new committee will be formed with the primary objective of taking the club forward in these very challenging times in which bridge has to operate.

A link to the Zoom meeting will be emailed to members closer to the date.


Paul J Scannell, 20th November 2021, on behalf of Tribes Bridge Club. 

Deirdre & Orla to the fore in Icelandic Friendship Swiss Pairs

Congratulations to Tribes Bridge Club members Deirdre O'Halloran & Orla McEntee who finished 5th in the recent 54 pair invitational Icelandic Friendship Swiss Pairs. Not only that, but they also finished as the leading ladies pair and highest ranked Irish pair in an event that featured several top Irish and Iceland ladies internationals and several partnerships of Iceland's leading mens pairs including some former World Champions.

P.S. Sorry I couldn't fit in the entire field of 54 pairs!

Well done to Deirdre & Orla for this wonderful achievement.

Paul J Scannell, 16th Decemaber 2021 

Online Thursday sessions re-start for members of Tribes Bridge Club

The incoming committee of the Tribes Bridge Club has decided to re-open the club for online bridge commencing this coming Thursday, 2nd December @ 7.45 pm.

For the first two weeks, paid-up members from the previous season (2020-2021) will be able to play online under the aegis of the Tribes Bridge Club. Thereafter access will be limited to those players who have registered as memerbs for the new season.

Paul J Scannell, 30th November 2021

Michael O'Gara - President Tribes Bridge Club 2023-2024

Click to view Paul's Hand Analysis from previous weeks BBO Competitions.

2021-05-20 - Pauls Hand Analysis.pdf

To access Hand Analysis documents for previous weeks simply click on the Title Bar (Paul's BBO Hand Analysis) at top of this Window.

Paul J Scannell, 27th May 2021

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Thursday Pairs
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