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Check out 'Let's take a closer look...' for an analysis of some recently played hands.
Laws of Duplicate Bridge 2007

I have added a menu entry (see above) 'Laws and Ethics of Duplicate Bridge' which includes a link to the complete text of 'Laws of Duplicate Bridge 2007' as well as examples of Appeals which include several dealing with incidents involving 'hesitations'. And there is also a short article, 'New Laws of Duplicate Bridge 2007 - what players need to know', written by Ireland's leading Tournament Director, Fearghal O'Boyle.

Paul Scannell,

21st November, 2012

Welcome to Tribes Bridge Club
Tribes Bridge Club - Founded 7th January 1971
Tribes Bridge Club - Founded 7th January 1971

Welcome to the website of the Tribes Bridge Club in Galway, the capital of the West of Ireland.

The club meets every Thursday in the Galway Bridge Centre which is located on St. Mary's Road. The regular club game consists of Duplicate Pairs with a start time of 7.30pm. The game usually finishes circa 11.00pm.  The playing year runs from late September to end of May. A summer club operates during the period June to September.

Visitors are always welcome and with adequate notice a partner can usually be found.

The club also welcomes new members. Please contact the Secretary for further information should you be interested in joining.

The Galway Bridge Centre features a bar which also serves tea/coffee. And free car parking is also available. 

Enda does it again!!!

Congratulations to Enda Glynn who won the Dundalk Congress T/4 with partner Michelle Moloney and teammates Michael MacDonagh (former member of Tribes BC) & Liz Taaffe.

Enda and Michelle also finished 4th in the Congress Pairs.

Having won the Dongeal T/4 the previous week, and with finishing 2nd in the recent Camrose Trials, it is surely appropriate to say that Enda is on a roll!

Link to Final ranking, scores, and hand records can be found here.

Paul J Scannell, 9th November 2019

Well done to Tribes members Enda Glynn and David Walsh...

Enda & David, together with Dublin-based teammates Peter Pigot & Karel Rayemaker, finished a close 2nd in the Camrose Trials held in Dublin over the past weekend.

Click hyperlink below for access to Final Rankings, Match Results and Hand Records, courtesy of Fearghal O'Boyle.

Paul J Scannell, 29th October 2019

Tribes Bridge Club members at Limerick Congress

Congratulations to Enda Glynn and partner Paul (PB) Barrett, who together with team-mates Joan Kenny & Teresa Rigney, finished a close 2nd in the Congress Teams.

And Well Done also to Margaret Forde, Norma O'Connell, Geraldine Carroll, Rhona Bolger who scooped the Best Inter A prize in the Congress Teams.

Paul J Scannell, 14th October 2019 

Tribes Members to the fore (and more!) at Duais an Uachtarain
Tribes Members to the fore (and more!) at Duais an Uachtarain

Congratulations to Colette Mulhern & May O'Sullivan who finished 4th (in a field of 119 pairs!) at the recent CBAI Duais an Uachtarain (President's Prize) held this past weekend.

Well done also to Enda Glynn (and partner Michelle Moloney) who finished in 8th place.

And congratulations also to Liam Faherty & Deirdre O'Halloran who finished a very respectable 18th. And well done also to Declan Harte & Margaret McCarthy for a scorching 59% score in the 3rd Session and a final ranking of 43rd.

Paul J Scannell, 23rd September, 2019

President's (Roddy Wyer) Prize and President's Dinner
President's (Roddy Wyer) Prize and President's Dinner

The President's (Roddy Wyer) Dinner took place in the Galway Bay Hotel on Thursday, 30th May 2019.

Photos can be viewed here:  Link to PhotoGallery

Results can be accessed here: 2019-05-31-Presidents Prize - results.pdf


Paul J Scannell, 31st May 2019


Bridgemates - Entering and checking scores


The above represents the scores entered for board # 17 recently. THREE North/South pairs entered an incorrect contract and THREE East/West pairs failed to spot the error.

Note that in this case the error (entering 4 instead of 4♠) did not cause a problem with the scoring of the board.

HOWEVER, if 4 had been entered instead of 4 or 4 instead of 4then a major discrepancy would have occurred and one pair would have suffered a big loss in their overall score and the other pair would have gained.

Remember, as with all computers GIGO always applies, i.e Garbage In, Garbage Out.  Computers can only process what is input.

So, let us all be vigilant. North/South in terms of what is originally entered into the Bridgemate and East/West in ensuring that what is entered is correct.

If the score is incorrectly entered then please call the Bridgemate operator who will correct the error.

Checking scores when entering results into the Bridgemates!


Spot the odd one out!

Remember that East/West are responsible for checking the score that is input by North. The culpability for incorrectly entered scores does NOT rest solely with North!

In this case N/S suffered a loss of 5 points and E/W gained 5. But it could have been more significant.

So N/S, please be vigilant when entering scores via the Bridgemates...and E/W be even more vigilant when checking them.

And the following was another error on the same night!

Note that in both of these examples the error was not about recording the wrong contract but rather recording the wrong declarer!


Kevin Moylan, President, Tribes Bridge Club 2019-2020
Kevin Moylan, President, Tribes Bridge Club 2019-2020
Club Calendar and Results

The next 5 entries from the Calendar will automatically show below.  And 'Results' are available in respect of the most recent game. 

And results are also available for all completed games, either regular weekly club game or major club competition. See 'Results Calendar'.

Note that results are available covering the period 23rd September 2013 to present day. Use the <Next Page> and <Previous Page> options at top right hand corner of Results Calendar to 'cycle' thorugh the years, months, and weeks.

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