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We do not run a host system. If you want to play and would like a partner please contact the secretary who will send out an email to all members on your behalf.

Welcome to Tiverton Bridge Club
Welcome to Tiverton Bridge Club

We play duplicate bridge every Monday. Bridge starts at 6.30pm, but we ask everyone

to be in the club room by 6.20p.m. so that the director can plan the evening.

We are accepting new members.  Please phone the secretary for information.

Meetings are held at the Britton Centre
Old Heathcoat School Community Centre
King Street

We look forward to seeing you

Chairman:  Steve Hall (01398 323837)

Secretary: Xanda Vass (01398 331 384)

Treasurer: Roger Norton (01884 841108)


Relaxed Bridge on RealBridge

Jeremy Child, on behalf of Devon Bridge Association, is running a series of games on RealBridge aimed at players who do not feel ready to join a club.

It seems like just what is needed to help people progress so that they feel comfortable about playing in a club.  Please do encourage anybody you know to join in.


AGM Monday 11 March 2024

The club's Annual General Meeting will be held at 6.30pm on Monday 11 March in the Britten Centre.  Our normal bridge game will follow.

29th April 2024
Director: John Chater
6th May 2024
Director: Alan Vass
13th May 2024
Director: Malcolm Boyack
Director: Clive Richardson
Scorer: Malcolm Boyack
Director: Roger Norton
Scorer: Malcolm Boyack
Director: Tony Hards
Scorer: Xanda