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(6th Apr 2022)

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Wednesday Afternoon

This session is 'hosted', which means that you do not need a partner to join us; if required, we'll provide one for you. 

Come along and play in a bridge session specifically for beginners, improvers and those wanting to play in a relaxed atmosphere - without MPs/NGS ratings.

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Club Competitions and Sims

This page has information of Club events and competitions.  For a list of forthcoming events, see "Forthcoming Events" on the menu and for a complete list of event results see "Results"

Club Competitions and Sims - From 2017 onwards

Club Competitions 2017

Mixed Pairs & Flitch (1st March)

 Mixed Pairs Winners:      Paddy Murray & Jill Hair

 The Flitch Winners:         John Klein & Vivien Klein

Open Teams of Four (19th April)

 Winning Team:  Allan Greenstein & Yvonne Dias;  Jill Hair & Tanya Genthe

 Plate:  &y Mundy & Paul Cast:  Sheila Mednick & Peter Sullivan

Mixed Teams of Four (21st June)

 Winning Team:   Allan Greenstein & Alan Cohen; Jill Hair & Yvonne Dias

Open Pairs (18th October 2017)

 Winning Pair: Roger Bright & Mike R&

Senior Pairs (8th November 2017)

 Winning Pair:  Marc Chawner & Paul Spencer

Gentlemen's Pairs (29th November)

 Winning Pair:   Chris Chorley & Mike Wren

Ladies' Pairs (29th November)

 Winning Pair:    Mary Perkin & Carol Gedda

Club Competitions  2018

Mixed Pairs & Flitch (7th March)

 Mixed Pairs Winners:   Chris Chorley & Tanya Genthe   

 The Flitch Winners:   Alan & Diane Cohen

Open Teams of Four (18th April)

 Winning Team:  Dave Duffy & Bernie Harrison; Chris Chorley & Mike Wren

Mixed Teams of Four (27th June)

 Winning Team: Dave Duffy & Bernie Harrison; Dennis Johnson & Tanya Genthe  

Open Pairs (17th October)

 Winning Pair: Roger Bright & Mike R&

Senior Pairs (7th November)

 Joint Winning Pairs:   Alison Spencer & June Atkins;  Bernie Harrison & Dave Duffy

Gentlemen's Pairs (28th November)

 Winning Pairs:   Dave Duffy & Bernie Harrison

Ladies Pairs (28th November)

 Winning Pairs:  Tanya Genthe & Val Card

Club Competitions  2019

Mixed Pairs & Flitch (27th February)

  Mixed Pairs Winners:   Danny Greenbaum & Carol Gedda

  The Flitch Winners:     Richard & Rita Perryman

Open Teams of Four  (17th April)

  Winning Team:      Bernie Harrison & Dave Duffy; Tanya Genthe & Dennis Johnson

  Plate Winners:       Ranjan Shah & Angie Shah;  Wendy Waterman & Cherry Buckley

Open Pairs (24th May)

   Winning PairJanet Caink & Nikki Headl&

Mixed Teams of Four (11th June)

   Winning Team:  Malcolm Todd & Alan Cohen;  Dennis Johnson & Tanya Genthe

Restricted Pairs (6th November)

   Winning Pair:  Paul Mason & Fred Saxton

Ladies Pairs  (29th November)

   Winning Pair: Jill Hair & Judy Forde-Hatton

Gentlemen's Pairs (29th November)

    Winning Pair:  Derek Boston & Graham Taylor

Club Competitions  2020

Bob Hair Charity Shield SIMS  (24th January)

 Winning Pair:  Marc Chawner & Paul Spencer
Runners-up:  Janet Caink & Nikki Headland

Mixed Pairs & Flitch (26th February)

  Mixed Pairs Winners: Beverley Kloos & Dennis Valtisiaris
Flitch Winners:  John Klein & Vivien Klein 

Club Competitions & Sims 2022

Mixed Pairs & Flitch (30th March)

  Mixed Pairs Winners: Tanya Genthe & Dennis Johnson
The Flitch Winners:    John Klein & Vivien Klein 

British Spring Sim Pairs (4th April)
Overall Results:
   2nd - Colin Sinclair & Paul Mason 
th  - Alan Cohen & Paddy Murray
9th - Richard Perryman & Dennis Johnson 

Open Teams of Four  (13th April)

Winning Team:  Richard Perryman & Steve Curran; Michael Wren & Paddy Murray

Open Pairs (20th May)

Winning Pair:  Richard Perryman & Steve Curran

Mixed Teams of Four (8th June)

Winning Team: Richard Perryman & Michael Wren; Linda Moran & Steve Curran

British Summer Sim Pairs (25th July)
Overall Results

   7th  Bernie Harrison & Brian Ormsby   
 14th Dennis Johnson & Richard Perryman
 15th Alan Cohen & Paddy  Murray 

British Autumn Sim Pairs  (10th October)
Overall Results

 1st  Mike Rand & Sally Riley
 19th Carol McCue & Lynn Webster
 29th Paul Spencer & Marc Chawner

Fletcher Trophy (23rd October)

TBBC Winning Team consisted of:

    Marc Chawner & Paul Spencer
    Alan Cohen & Dennis Johnson
    Chris Chorley &  Paddy Murray
    Richard Perryman & Steve Curran

Restricted Pairs (9th November)
(NGS rating of 9 & below)

Winning pair: Colin Sinclair and Zvi Klemer

CIN Sim Pairs (11th November)
Overall Results

   1st  Linda Moran & Nikki Headland
   2nd Bernie Hunt & Alan Cohen
   5th  Eileen Wilson & Dennis Wilson

Gentlemen's Pairs (25th November)

Winning pair: Paul Spencer &  Bernie Hunt

Club Competitions & Sims 2023

Ladies' Pairs (2022) (Friday Afternoon, 13th January)

Winning Ladies Pair: Mary Dowson & Sarah Street

Bob Hair Charity Shield Sim (Friday Afternoon, 20th January)

 Winning Pair: Sarah Street & Mary Dowson
 Runners up:  Mary Perkin & William Abbot

Events TBA and Confirmed....

Mixed Pairs & Flitch (Wednesday Evening, 22nd March)

  Mixed Pairs Winners:
The Flitch Winners:

British Spring Sim Pairs (Friday Afternoon, 14th April)
Overall Results:

Open Teams of Four  (Wednesday Evening, 19th April)

Winning Team: 

Open Pairs (Friday Afternoon, 19th May)

Winning Pair:  

Mixed Teams of Four (Wednesday Evening, 7th June)

Winning Team:

British Summer Sim Pairs (Monday Afternoon, 24th July)
Overall Results

British Autumn Sim Pairs  (Monday Afternoon, 9th October)
Overall Results

Fletcher Trophy (TBA)

Restricted Pairs (Wednesday Afternoon, 8th November)
(NGS rating of 9 & below)

CIN Sim Pairs (TBA)
Overall Results

Ladies' Pairs  (Friday Afternoon, 24th November)

Winning Pair:

Gentlemen's Pairs (Friday Afternoon, 24th November)

Winning Pair:

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