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Partner pool

Please sign the sheet in advance at the Club if you need a partner for a particular date.  Otherwise, please phone Ann on 01684 292356 who will try to find another lonely heart. 

Good Manners at Bridge


Bridge is an extremely enjoyable game but can be spoilt by thoughtless behaviour.  The majority of players have impeccable manners but there are occasional lapses which may be due to stress and pressure.

This guide describes how we would like bridge to be played at Tewkesbury so that everyone can enjoy their game.

Before play:

  • Arrive in good time.  Be seated by 6.55 so play can start promptly.  Allow time for parking.
  • Switch off your mobile
  • If not playing basic Acol, ensure your convention card is completed
  • Listen to the Director and comply with his requests.

At the beginning of a round:

  • Be a good ‘host’ or ‘guest’ at the table, greeting your opponents in a courteous and friendly manner.
  • Make your convention card available to your opponents.

During the auction, consultation and play:

  • Answer any questions about your bids or conventions fully.  All information available to your partnership must be made available to your opponents.
  • Cherish your partner, the only player at the table who is on your side.
  • Give credit to your opponents for a good bid, play or score.
  • Do not gloat over your own good score
  • Never criticise your partner or opponents in public
  • Do not offer advice unless you are asked for your opinion
  • Do not make embarrassing or impolite remarks, or behave in any way that causes discomfort to others at the table.

Calling the Director:

  • If you need to call the Director, do so in a pleasant manner, calling “Director, please”.
  • Do not object or take offence if your opponents call the Director.
  • Call the Director at the first irregularity.
  • Do not argue with the Director’s ruling.  If you wish to appeal, announce this in a calm and pleasant manner.
  • Please call the Director if you think you have been affected by bad behaviour.


  • North is responsible for entering the correct score on the traveller.
  • East is responsible for checking that North’s entry is correct
  • If an incorrect entry is later found on a traveller, do not place a ‘?’ beside it.  Neither the scorer nor the computer understands a ‘?’. Do not call the Director in this instance but check the score with the players responsible and ask them to correct as appropriate.
  • All scores shall be written in pencil.

Slow Play:

  • Do not hold up the movement with slow play.   If you do fall behind, for whatever reason, it is incumbent upon you to make up the time.
  • Persistent slow play disadvantages the other competitors and will be penalised.


  • Keep noise to a minimum.
  • Do not discuss a hand after play.
  • Only discuss the hands after all the boards are completed, and then only if there is time and nobody else can hear you.
  • All discussions regarding a hand should cease when the new opponents greet each other.
  • If you have to sit out, do so quietly, or leave the room.

At the end of a round:

  • Thank your opponents or make a friendly parting comment.

At the end of a session:

  • Please assist with tidying up and putting all equipment away.
  • Please do so quietly.

As in all games that are governed by Rules and Regulations, bad behaviour will be penalised…..                                

If a player at the table behaves in an unacceptable manner, the Director should be called immediately.  Annoying behaviour, embarrassing remarks, or any other conduct which might interfere with the enjoyment of the game is specifically prohibited by Law 74A.  Law 91A gives the Director the authority to assess disciplinary penalties.  This can include immediate disciplinary board penalties and if a future violation is incurred at the same event, disqualification from future competition in that event.  The guilty party or parties will be deemed not to have played in that event.  No master points will be awarded and no refunds received.  Any further violations may result in a disciplinary hearing where the player(s) future participation in tournaments will be considered.  A Best Behaviour Report Form shall be available for players to report incidents which occur away from the table, and for Directors to document complaints and action taken.