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9th Dec 2023 13:38 GMT
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Welcome to Telford Bridge Club


Lawley Bridge Club


Tuesday 26th, Wednesday 27th and Thursday 28th December 2023

For The Christmas Holidays 

It will be open the following week on the 2nd of January. 2024

Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to everyone


A number of Websites are making themselves available more easily due to the Coronavirus epidemic

Below is a letter provided to the Telford Bridge Club which outlines one approach from the EBU.

On the new "News Item" tab you will see that the EBU mention

three sites which can be used and one where the EBU are running daily events

The "Bridge Base Online" site has many sessions which are free of charge to use


Under the circumstances of the CV outbreak around the world,  we have been asked by many F2F clubs from around the world if we could provide a service to their own members in lieu of their normal club sessions as these were being cancelled.

We have reacted very quickly to provide a simple solution that is coming on stream from today. You may be one of those members?!

We hope it will alleviate the pain and yet provide a place to play with your own club members and of course other members of the main BridgeClubLive.

I hasten to add that those who expect us to create small individual isolated online clubs as parallel entities of your Face2Face clubs with full movements and so on, will be disappointed - it just isn't viable for either party to do that due to the relatively low numbers of each f2f club in themsleves. What we are doing however, is to maximise the utilisation of our well oiled features! And, we have a full range of tournaments and teams events that CAN be used as well.

Full details are explained in a PRESS RELEASE on our web site so please feel free to copy this to any club secretary for action to enrol your own club to get the extra facilities if you think this helpful.




A card game that challenges

Memory, strategy and teamwork

If you enjoy card games and are looking for the opportunity to meet new people in a friendly and casual environment then Telford Bridge Club is the place for you

Players of all levels welcome with or without a partner

Telford Bridge Club has been run by its founder Peter Seager since 1987 and the club members enjoy the camaraderie and healthy competition that the game provides

Bridge is  a game of strategy and tactics, challenging your memory and communication skills


12th December 2023
Tuesday Club Afternoon
Wrockwardine 13.45
13th December 2023
Wednesday Night Bridge Group
Lawley School 19:30
14th December 2023
Thursday Club Night
Lawley School 19:00
Thursday Club Night
Director: Peter Seager
Scorer: Peter Seager
Wednesday Night Bridge Group
Director: Peter Seager
Scorer: Peter Seager
Tuesday Club Afternoon
Director: Jennie
Scorer: Jennie