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The Bridge Centre is a purpose-built complex located on Templeogue Road, opposite Cheeverstown House. The Centre is used exclusively for playing Bridge, and is home to five different Bridge clubs.

Evening Bridge takes place each night Monday to Friday.  Evening Bridge is confined to members of the Bridge Centre and is run by one of the five clubs. (A visitor may play up to four times provided that they are signed in by a member of the Centre.) Please note that evening Bridge starts at 7:30pm and that all players are asked to be seated at their table by 7:20pm so that play can start on time.

Morning Bridge is organised by the Bridge Centre on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of each week and play starts at 10:00am. Please note, however, that Morning Bridge does not take place on Bank Holidays.

Morning Bridge is open to all Bridge players, and both members and non members of the Bridge Centre are welcome. You can come without a partner. On some weekends  Regional or National competitions run in the Centre. 

The Centre also runs its own Inter-Club Team of Four competition and the Marie Moran Pairs competition.


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Complaints procedures
Complaints Procedures

Templeogue Castle Community Bridge Centre


Complaints Procedures

The Executive Committee consists of voluntary members who are not experts

but who make every effort to deal successfully with the business of TCCBC on behalf of the members.


Complaints, Objection and Disciplinary Rules and Procedures


  • All complaints must be made to the Hon Secretary within fourteen days of the date of the alleged offence.
  • The Trustees and Officers will be informed of the complaint and will inform the person about whom the complaint has been made.
  • All efforts will be made by the officers to satisfactorily resolve the matter.
  • If a satisfactory resolution is not reached the complainant will be requested to put the complaint in writing, if they have not already done so, and the matter will be referred to the Executive.
  • The Executive reserves the right to seek information/advice from relevant specialists such as solicitors.
  • The Executive, after due consideration and consultation where deemed necessary, will make an informed decision on the validity or otherwise of the complaint.
  • The parties will be informed of its decision.