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This page has information and news of interest to the members. For a full list of forthcoming events, see "Calendar" on the menu and for a list of results see "Results".


Annual General Meeting

Tuesday 12th March 2019


There were 24 members in attendance


Apologies were received from:  Christine Taylor,  Bernard and Nicole Linsell, Diana Dickerson, Jill Smith, Di Ball, Peter Bond, Sue Bloomsfield, Irma Fowler, Janet Hipwell, Lorna Crowdy, Sara Sharples and Roy Mason.

Minutes of the Last AGM held on Tuesday 13th March 2018

The minutes were taken as read.

Matters Arising

No matters arising.

Chairman's Report

Sue thanked everybody for coming despite the weather.

Sue thanked the Committee for their work. Thanks were given to Barbara for keeping everyone informed and for holding the fort while she and Brian were on holiday. In future two extra people will be asked to assist in setting up the room when they are away.

Finances are healthy. Numbers are good apart from the afternoon session on the first Thursday of the month. Sue asked members if they wished for the afternoon session to continue and after a vote (3 For, 11 Against) it was agreed to abandon it.

There was no need this year for an Election for Committee members.

The Committee is as follows:

Chairman Sue Day

Vice Chairman Brian Burlingham

Secretary Barbara Morrison

Treasurer Jill Smith

Tournament Director Howard Marshall

Other members Colin Dickerson, Rebecca Moore, Bill Muir and Linda Simpson

Tournament Director

Howard gave several updates for avoiding 'slow play'.

When asking for an explanation of bids it must be relevant to your bid. If one has no intention of bidding then it is not permitted to ask what a bid means. Unnatural bids should be Alerted.

He reminded us that if a partner does not follow suit then one should say, Having none. This alleviates some problems of revoking.

Howard then, in a very fitting tribute to Don, read a poem Don had given him called The Perfect Bridge Player.

Sue said the poem summed up Don and that we would all miss him very much.

Treasurer's Report

Bill Muir presented the Treasurer's Report as Jill was on holiday.

Bill said that the Finances had altered very little in the past year and that one of the only differences was that the Refreshments and the Christmas Party were shown as separate items.

The Finances were healthy and showed a very small increase.

Risk Assessment

One new item has been added to the Risk Assessment, Using tables as a support to stand up. Members were advised to check regularly that the hinges are fully extended before they put their weight on the tables.

The Risk Assessment is posted on the Notice Board.

Proposal of Earlier Starting Time

Several members had expressed concern that the Bridge evenings were finishing later. Sue asked members if there was anyone who could not make an earlier start and some said that it would affect them. Rob Young said that he thought that sometimes the Tea Break was longer than it needed to be.

Sue said that members must be prepared to be 'Averaged Out' if they were playing Boards after the rest of the room had finished. She stressed that people must respect the Director's decision and accept it graciously. She said that she, and other Directors, had suffered some adverse behaviour when averaging out some people and she did not wish to experience it again. Colin said that he thought it was preferable to be Averaged Out rather than be rushed through a Board.

It was decided that after Howard's update on rules that would help avoid slow play, a shorter Tea Break and a willingness to be Averaged Out we would keep the times as they are.

The situation would be reviewed in June.


Nicolas raised questions about the Annual Dinner. He said it felt rushed to have just two courses and then return to the Church Rooms to play Bridge.

Sylvia said that most people could only managed a two course meal.

The majority of people felt that the arrangements were satisfactory.

Presentation of Trophies

Members were presented with the Trophies they had won in the previous year. Lists of the winners can be found in the Fixture List booklet and in the Trophy Winners Book in the cupboard.

Sue then thanked people for coming and closed the meeting.

Barbara Morrison


14th March 2019









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