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National Success

In R2 of the Gold Cup, Hobden (x2, Denny, Poulter) play Small and Swanson (Ford, Chisnall, James) Play Collins. Entering the Silver Plate are Lee (Scoltock, Burn, Fedrick, Leslie, Hansen), Mitchell (Clinch, Jepson, Clifton) and Linfield (x2, Morris, Curtis).


In round 1 of Crockfords, Mitchell (Clinch, Jepson, Clifton, Lancaster, Southwell) are drawn against Lee (Scoltock, Burn, Fedrick, Hansen), Swanson (Ford, Chisnall, James) play Harris, Telfer (Burns, Hegan, Vince) play Kinsey, Hunt (Watts, Allen, Ryder) play Draper, and Linfield (x2, Curtis, Morris) play Lamont. The winners get to join Hobden (x2, Poulter, Denny) – who have a bye – in round 2.


In the Gerard Faulkner (seniors KO), Clinch (Dickson, Jepson, Watts, Allen) and Swanson (Ford, Chisnall, James) have byes into R3, where they will be joined by Telfer (Vince, Burns, Hegan) if the latter can beat Fontes.


In the Hubert Phillips this year, Mitchell (Clinch, Jepson, Clifton, Watts, Southwell) got to the fourth round before exiting at the hands of Brock, while Hobden (x2, Smallwood, Caplan) are into R3 of the Plate where they play Smart.


In the NICKO, Chichester () Eastbourne ‘A’ (Hobden x2, Denny, Poulter) travel to Folkestone, while Eastbourne ‘B’ (Keeping, Benjamin, Park, Caplan) play Tunbridge ‘B’; West Sussex ‘A’ (Watts, Jepson, Read, Hunt) and ‘B’ (Lancaster x2, Fedrick, Southwell) play Farnborough ‘B’ and ‘D’ respectively, Avenue ‘A’ (Mitchell x2, Clinch, Ryder, Newton) play Mayfield ‘B’; Thakeham ‘A’ (Linfield x2, Benson, Hennings) play Petersfield ‘A’, and Thakeham ‘B’ (Harris, Kellett, Pearson, Phillips) play Walton and Hersham ‘A’; Horsham ‘A’ (Downes, Allen, Shuker, Thorpe) play Wimbledon ‘B’ and Horsham ‘B’ (Stanford, Nadim, Curtis, Morris) play Petersfield ‘B’; Chichester ‘A’ (Telfer, Burns, Hegan, Lebrec, Vince) play Petersfield ‘B’; and finally Crowborough ‘A’ (Levine, Lucioni, Penticost, Smallwood) play Farnborough ‘C’.


Nov 4, 2018



An abbreviated report this month as some events (Crockfords and the NICKO) have not yet started.


The new season is under way in the Gold Cup,  Hobden (x2, Denny, Poulter) are already into R2, and the Sussex-linked teams hoping to join them are Lee (Scoltock, Burn, Fedrick, Leslie, Hansen) and Swanson (Ford, Chisnall, James).  Mitchell (Clinch, Jepson, Clifton) - who lost to the Soper team from Kent - and Linfield (x2, Morris, Curtis) who succumbed to Hobden, enter the Silver Plate.


In the Gerard Faulkner (seniors KO), Clinch (Dickson, Jepson, Ryder, Watts), Swanson (Ford, Chisnall, James) and Telfer (Vince, Burns, Hegan) all won to advance to R2; Franklin (Carrington, Pool, Stanford) is in the R1 repechage.


Only two Sussex teams entered the Hubert Phillips this year, Mitchell (Clinch, Jepson, Clifton, Watts) and Hobden (x2, Smallwood, Caplan), and they were drawn together in round 1.  Mitchell emerged victorious and after another good win are into R3 where they will play Chapman.  Hobden have entered the Plate competition and play Smart in the third round.


Sep 4, 2018