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Competition Rules

The current version of the Competition Rules was approved by the SCCBA Management Committee (MC) meeting on November 30th, 2018.

The most recent changes are :-

  • arrangements for matches at 'half-way locations' (approved by November 30th, 2018 MC meeting);

  • the inclusion of details (in new Appendix E) of how qualifiers and reserves from heats of SCCBA competitions are determined (approved by August 17th, 2018 MC meeting);

  • the requirements affecting attendance at club heats are now not relevant to all Sussex Simultaneous Pairs events (approved by March 16th, 2018 MC meeting);

  • the incorporation of updated guidance from the EBU together with some further clarifications (approved by November 25th, 2016 MC meeting);

  • (a) lists of qualifiers will always be published on the county web-site instead of just 'normally'; (b) clubs are requested to action lists of qualifiers promptly; (c) in an emergency, the Tournament Manager can only change Competition Rules with the agreement of a majority of Tournament Committee members; (d) there should be no pairs playing without standing in semi-finals or finals; (e) in the list of Chairman's Cup invitees, the Ardingly winners are replaced by the best-placed Sussex pair in the Green Point Swiss Pairs (all approved by March 18th, 2016 MC meeting);

  • updated to include current status of Mixed Heats (approved by July 18th, 2014 MC meeting);

  • addition of Correction Periods appendix  (approved by May 10th, 2012 MC meeting);

  • clarification of entry qualifications to SCCBA events and addition of procedure for updating the Competition Rules (approved by August 10th, 2011, October 13th, 2011 and January 13th, 2012 MC meetings);

  • introduction of Mixed Heats (approved by May 15th, 2011 MC meeting).