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Need a Partner

Should you require a partner, contact Janet Jacques 07939876009 or email

Welcome to The Sunday Tigers
Sunday Tigers duplicate bridge on Line

The Sunday Tigers duplicates are now virtual, on BBO, so that you can still play with your friends and keep a bridge routine in these Lockdown times.

We are now running two duplicate drives on BBO, every Thursday and Sunday starting at 7pm.

You  will  be  playing  18  boards  which  should  take  approximately 2  hours

Next Duplicate is Thursday 9th July - Sunday 12th July Make sure you are registered

No sit outs Undos always accepted we all make misclicks.

For the lastest results click on relevant date from the right side results menu  >>>>>>


The cost will be 3BBO$ (works out approx £2.50 per duplicate) these must be purchased in advance and click HERE to see how to buy them on BBO (dont go through the app they cost a lot more).


You must register before playing, but once you have you don't need to do it again.

To register you will need to send

a) Your name

b) Your BBO login name


c) Your EBU number

(if you don't have an EBU number then send the above details along with your address to me and I will get you an EBU Number, its free)



via this form click HERE


If you don't intend to play next week, but you may do in the future still send your details so that you are registered to play when you do.

If have not registered for BBO yet then click HERE for instructions on how to get a login name and how to log on


If you have any problems please phone Andrew 07407433343 or Janet 07939876009


How to undo on BBO click HERE


How to Self Alert on BBO click HERE


Other useful videos on how to use BBO click HERE


Notice Board

Bridge as we know it has gone for the forceable future

So why not play bridge on line at "Bridge Base Online"

The Sunday Tigers has a virtual bridge club playing on a Sunday Evening starting at 7pm

This is a duplicate bridge pairs event. All are welcome.

If you are interested in joining us please give me a ring

I need to forward your EBU No. and BBO Username to the TD on the night

It costs 3$ Per person

Janet 07939876009




The Sunday Tigers Teams

The Sunday Tigers bridge club runs two teams in the Nottinghamshire League.

These matches are due to start in September/October.

Sunday Tigers - Div 1, captain Michael Bleaney

Cosmos Tigers - Div 3, captain Ken Smith

(If you would like to be considered, for the matches, and are a member of the Sunday Tigers please contact Janet Jacques 07939876009)

Sunday Tigers Bridge Club
Sunday Tigers Bridge Club

The Sunday Tigers Bridge Club is a friendly duplicate bridge club held in The Park, Nottingham. It runs Sunday evenings 7pm-10pm. Its venue is the Park tennis club pavilion on Tattershall Drive, opposite the Squash and Rackets Club.  We play duplicate bridge, stopping for light refreshments at about 9pm. The Club is affiliated to the EBU. Sunday Tigers Bridge Club run two teams in the Nottinghamshire Teams of Eight League. The Sunday Tigers and the The Cosmos Tigers currently playing in Div 1. and Div 3. Repectively. 

A Warm Welcome
A Warm Welcome

Hi there, my name is Janet Jacques. I run the Sunday Tigers duplicate bridge drive and extend a warm welcome to anyone who wishes to come and join us. It is a very friendly club, where beginners are welcome.

Thursday/Sunday Tigers BBO
Scorer: Tony Stephenson
Thursday/Sunday Tigers BBO
Scorer: Andrew Scott
Thursday/Sunday Tigers BBO
Scorer: Tony Stephenson