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Wessex & Daytime League
5th Dec 2019 14:04 GMT
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Oxford Junior Bridge Club
Oxford Junior Bridge Club

The Oxford Junior Bridge Club welcomes participants aged 8-18 to its autumn term sessions on Sundays, now being held at Oxford Bridge Club. Click here for details. 

Bridge Education in Oxford

Oxford Bridge Club runs a comprehensive bridge education programme under the banner of Oxford Bridge School. Courses are available at all levels, from beginners to more experienced players. Further details are on their website.  

Wessex League 2019-20

This is a teams-of-eight competition for Oxfordshire clubs. We have two teams: our "A" team is in Division 2 and our "B" team in Division 3.  Speak to Howard Arnes (A-Team) or Roger Heath-Brown (B-team) if you would like to play for Summertown.  For fixtures, results and match reports click on the link on the lefthand side of this page.  We are also participating in a daytime league: speak to Neil Whiting if you are interested in playing in this.

Wessex & Daytime League
In the 2019-20 season we have two teams in the Wessex League, a teams-of-eight competition for Oxfordshire clubs. Our "A" team is playing in Division 2 and  our "B" Team in Division 3.
Fixtures and results for 2019/20 season are from the links below.
For match reports, please scroll further down.
Match Reports

Daytime League

The Daytime Wessex League A team had their first match on 6th November (against Abingdon MG) and did really well - winning by Plus 26.
The team was:
   Christina Hardyment
   Tom Brus
   Kati di Gleria
   Tunde Scott
A really good start to the D-WL season so well done to them all.

The daytime Wessex league B team started the season off badly against Oxford B on 14th November, in the absence of their captain Neil who was enjoying tea in Japan. We had a terrible first half, with only 2 out of 10 positive boards, 4 flat, but 4 bad ones. This meant we were -11 at the interval. We did rally and only narrowly lost the 2nd half. However, we came home with a result of 6.80 to 13.20 VPs

Sorry, Neil!

The team was: Annabel and Suzette; Paul and Ann.


We travelled to darkest Abingdon on the morning of Wednesday 5th December to take on one of the Abingdon Bridge club teams in our second match.

In the first half it seemed that North-South were going to have all the fun and we were lucky that Ann and Joanna’s 20 minutes convention chat beforehand came up with game dividends whilst Neil and Sara were Guesstuming and discarding decisively as their NS opponents were bidding games. At the end of that first set of 10 boards we were 32-12 up.

After some very nice coffee and biscuits (which I assumed had been meant for the Wednesday morning bridge club really!) the second half did not go quite so well so, with a couple of games going begging, and Neil still thinking he was in a  different time zone, we lost it 22-34.

But luckily with the aid of a spreadsheet we were able to calculate that we won overall 54-46 making it a 12.07 to 7.93 victory

Well done team!

Ann and Joanna

Neil and Sara (very last minute sub!-thanks)

Reserve: (thanks Annabel)

As always there were several  interesting hands in pre-dealt boards but this one was set up for a slam.

How would you bid it? (even the club finesse works for 13 tricks!)

 Dealer S

S   AK

H  2

D  AQJ865

S  J943


S  JT7643

H  73

D  94

S  T82


S  Q52

H  QJT65

D  72

S  K75


S  98

H  AK984

D  KT3

S  AQ6


A Team

The A team hosted its first Wessex league match at OBC on 23rd October.

We lost the first half 45 -16 in the main due Blewbury bidding 2 slams that we did not.

The halftime consumption of hot drinks and chocolate biscuits was just the pick me up the team needed ;and we won the 2nd 12 boards 86-10 giving us a 16.4 a 3.6 win.

An excellent start and many thanks to:
Robert and Alison
Sandra and Krys
James and Valerie
Ruth and Howard

Thanks to Ruth for doing all the scoring and to Christopher and Erica who stood by as reserves.


The A team played the Oxford D team at OBC on 30th October. We knew everyone very well and it was a pleasant harmonious atmosphere.
We won the 1st half by a good margin, but their biscuits didn't have the same magical effect as last week and we lost the 2nd half by 10.
Overall the result was 15.79 to 4.21 to us ,another good win.
Thanks to Christopher and Erica,

Robert and Alison,

Krys and Sandra,

and Ruth & Howard

and to Steph for standing by as reserve.

The A-Team played its third match at Abingdon on Wednesday 13th November and after a closely contested first half which we won 34-32, we were thoroughly thrashed in the second half by 53 to 5 resulting in a 16.4 - 3.6 defeat.

Not quite sure why we had such a poor second-half ! But one board saw Abingdon bid a slam, see below

S: T8632

H: T2

D: 97

C: T985

S: A754

H: Q63

D: Q865

C: 32

E dealer

Nobody vulnerable


H: J95

D: JT42

C: J6

S: -

H: AK874

D: AK3

C: AKQ74

which I don't blame any of our team for not bidding.
The 2D opener having received a negative 0-3 reply from partner quickly bid 6H with a 5-2 fit, gambling on a 3-3 trump split.

Many thanks to Krys and Sandra, Steven and Steph, Robert and Alison and Ruth for also doing all the scoring.


B Team

Summertown B had its first match on 29th October, at home to Bicester A. The first half went badly for us, despite Paul & Roger being doubled into a vulnerable game and making an overtrick (3S X +1 = +930); elsewhere there were games missed, and games let through, and we ended up 36-58 down on the half.

The second half went somewhat better, and it was Bicester's turn to miss a couple of games. There was one slam, found by Ann & Mike, but also by one of the Bicester pairs, and we ended up 31-31 for the second half. That meant a loss of 67-89 overall (6.55-13.45 in Victory Points).

Board 15 produced an interesting issue:-

S: KT4
D: 532
C: KJ8

S: J8
H: K9752
C: 7

S: AQ763
H: -
D: K9
C: A96532

S: 952
H: J864
D: 876
C: QT4

Paul, as East, was declarer in 3N (please don't ask about the bidding!). South led the ten of clubs, the unbid suit, to the King and Ace.
Paul then took the next 9 tricks reaching this ending, with declarer (East) on lead:-

S: -
D: -
C: J

S: -

H: K97
D: -
C: -

S: -
H: -
D: -
C: 965

S: -
H: J
D: -

When Paul led a club, South put in the ten, thinking to win cheaply. As a result, North had to overtake and ended up giving a trick to dummy's King of hearts, and presenting Paul with a second overtrick. If South had read the position correctly he could have played the club queen rather than the ten, giving the defenders the last three tricks. Apparently this play has been dubbed the "Crocodile Coup". The Q & T of clubs form the jaws of the crocodile, and South has to open his jaws and swallow the jack!

Many thanks to the team

Tunde & Kati
Ann & Mike
Moira & Trevor
Paul & Roger

and to our reserves: Annabel & Suzette.


Summertown B had its second match on 20th November, away to Frilford.  Things did not go well, and we lost 43-90 overall.  We had a few successes - Annabel and Suzette scored a vulnerable game made by no-one else, and Paul & Roger made a doubled 4C.  Overall though there were too many 7's and 8's in the minus column.

Here was one particularly disasterous hand - Board 9 with EW vulnerable:

S: 9
H: KJT865
D: A8
C: QJ83

S: T75
H: Q9432
D: J92
C: 62

S: AQJ83
H: -
D: QT6
C: AKT75

S: K642
H: A7
D: K7543
C: 94

One Summertown NS played in 4H-1, another as EW were in 2S+1. A third pair were EW in 4SX-2, while the fourth conceded 4SX= as NS. That was a total of -1200 , = -15IMPS. I don't know how the play went in 4SX, but one can construct plausible defences for both results.

Thanks to those who played:

Ann & Mike
Annabel & Suzette
Kati & Moira
Paul & Roger

and also to Sean, our reserve.