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07593 653278
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Roll of Honour
Honorary Members
Year Member
2015 Gordon Baldwin
2013 Vera Ferrie


Past and Present Officials of the Club
Past and Present Officials of the Club
 Year  President  Captain  Vice Captain
2019/2020 Maurice Adams Kath Adams No Longer Appointed
2018/2019 Maurice Adams Kath Adams Vacant
2017/2018 Henry Hutsby  Pat Hammersley Norma Fradley
2016/2017 Henry Hutsby  Pat Hammersley Norma Fradley
2015/2016 Henry Hutsby  Richard Adams  Vacant
2014/2015 Anne Jones  Richard Adams  Henry Hutsby
2013/2014 Mike Beach  Richard Adams  Henry Hutsby
 Year  President  Captain  Ladies Captain
2012/2013 Mike Beach  Nick Thorne  Katheen Rein
2011/2012 Mike Beach  Nick Thorne  Carolyn Parnell
2010/2011 Maureen Finlay  Nick Thorne  Carolyn Parnell
2009/2010 Gordon Baldwin  Mike Beach  Carolyn Parnell
2008/2009  Gordon Baldwin  Mike Beach Anne Green
2007/2008  Gordon Baldwin  Mike Beach  Anne Green
2006/2007  Kath Adams  Nick Weaver  Maureen Finlay
2005/2006  Kath Adams  Nick Weaver  Maureen Finlay
2004/2005  Kath Adams  Nick Weaver  Maureen Finlay
2003/2004  Ian Peace  Peter Collier  Eileen Chambers
2002/2003  Ian Peace  Peter Collier  Eileen Chambers
2001/2002  Ian Peace  Peter Collier  Eileen Chambers
2000/2001  Gill Ronayne Geoff Losh  Kath Adams
1999/2000  Gill Ronayne  Geoff Losh  Kath Adams
1998/1999  Gill Ronayne  Geoff Losh  Kath Adams
1997/1998  Warren Pacey Geoff Losh  Kath Adams
1996/1997 Warren Pacey  David Hadley  Maureen Finlay
1995/1996  Jose Cheshire  David Hadley  Gill Ronayne


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