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General Information
Short Form Club Rules
STONE BRIDGE CLUB           Member Information & Permitted Conventions

Your kind attention is drawn to the following:-

 Players should be seated by 7.20pm and have their table money ready.

 All mobile phones should be switched off by start of play. If for some reason you need yours on please advise the tournament director who will give permission dependant upon the circumstances.

 At the end of play of the evening, players should replace their bidding cards in the bidding box and ensure the box is closed. North should return the score cards and boards to the tournament director.

 Members should ensure that all visitors sign the visitor’s book. The visitor may only play six times in any year before applying for club membership.

 Players are asked to avoid slow play as this can hold up normal progress. Players should not start to play a hand if dummy has not been exposed by the time the first bell is sounded. Slow play may be penalised.

 Players are asked to consider others and remain quiet whilst boards are in play.

 It is the responsibility of North to ensure that:-
The board numbers run consecutively with those just finished.
The board is placed the correct way round on the table.
The cards are returned to their correct slots after play along with the correct travellers.

 It is also North’s responsibility to score the board. It is East/West’s responsibility to check the score before pressing OK on the bridgemate or agreeing the score recorded on the traveller as correct.

 All players have a responsibility to count their cards before and after the play of each hand. Cards should be shuffled before being returned to the board.

 An opponent should only make a request for information concerning a bid to the bidder’s partner when it is their turn to bid, and the information might affect their bid.  Otherwise they may ask about the bidding at the end of the auction before the opening lead is faced.

 A jump bid must be preceded by ‘STOP’. The STOP card should be replaced after about ten seconds.  The next bid should not be made until the STOP card has been returned to the bidding box.

 Undue hesitation should be avoided.

 Dummy may only try to prevent declarer from committing an irregularity eg leading from the wrong hand.  Dummy cannot interrupt the play to point out that a mistake has been made.

 Dummy must not touch any cards except under the direction of declarer. Dummy must take no other part in the play.

 When claiming the remaining tricks in a contract it is necessary for the claimant to indicate exactly how play would have proceeded. If this is not done then the defenders are entitled to some say in the play, particularly when one or other of the defenders still holds a trump card.

As we do not wish to use convention cards please bear in mind the following

 You do not need to announce your range if you play a weak no trump.
If you play any other range then the range should be announced.  (eg 15 to 17 rather than ‘strong’)
If, by partnership agreement, you might open 1NT with a hand containing a singleton then partner should always announce the range and singleton possibility (eg 12-14, possible singleton).

 In the immediate overcall position you must not double 1NT for take-out. The double must be for penalties. Your partner may choose to take out your double.

 A double of a suit bid at the 1 or 2 level should be for take-out. Please alert this bid if it is not the case.

 You may open 2NT with a singleton.

 If a conventional bid has not been alerted in the auction, or an incorrect explanation of any bid has been given, then declarer or dummy must clarify this before the first card is played. If the defence believe that their bidding has been affected by the error they may call the director who may wish to adjust the score at the end of the board.
Defenders may not make such clarifications as this gives unauthorised information to their partners.

 If a player has revoked and the revoke has been established (i.e. the player at fault or their partner has played a card on the next trick) the director should be called immediately the revoke has been recognised. If the revoke has not been established the player at fault should play a legal card while the original card remains on the table as a penalty card to be played at the first opportunity. Any cards played by other players after the revoke may be changed.

 The penalty for a revoke may be 0, 1, 2 or more tricks depending on the consequent play. The director should decide the penalty at the end of the evening. The non-offending side do not automatically get a top simply because of a revoke, and therefore it is important the scorer is aware when it has occurred. When the bridgemate is used for scoring, please tell the Director and on score sheets the revoke should be indicated eg. R by N/S.                                 

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