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Want to learn to play birdge? All those dark evenings and limited options!!

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Welcome to St. Ives Bridge Club
Bridge is going online for now

Duplicate online bridge for St Ives Club


From Thursday 3rd September St. Ives Bridge club will be running an online duplicate session each Thursday starting at 6:45pm, courtesy of Bridge Club Live’s private room initiative


This is free to enter at present and you can enter as a pair in the same way you would turn up for bridge. If someone wants a partner I can put out an email asking for a partner


Players do not have to be members of the club but do have to belong to BCL (contact Jim Barker if you want to know about a free trial) Please make sure that you become a Full member not a Social member only Full members can take part in competitions


We will start by playing 18 boards and you must keep up (around 8 minutes a hand) there is no TD although I will be supervising and helping with any lost souls!


So far 32 of us have signed up to play most weeks which should mean that we have at least 3 tables. The competition is run by a central computer and if you want to see how it works enter the nightly imps tourney at 8pm on BCL


There will be Master Points awarded to the top quarter. When we play 27 boards in the hall we get MP’s to the top third


Please let me know if you wish to take part but each week you only have to turn up by 6:40 pm and choose a seat opposite your partner

Web Site
Web Site

Welcome to St Ives Bridge Club

Partner wanted?

If you wish to find a partner for our Thursday duplicate bridge then:


Please contact Jim or Frances on 01736 794134 or


 Four pounds per annum (our year runs from 1st October)

Mon 26th April 2021
Carbis Bay Duplicate
online at BCLn 3:20pm
Director: Graham Kidson
Scorer: BCL
Thu 29th April 2021
St Ives dupilcate pairs
online at BCLn 6:45pm
Director: Jim Barker
St Ives dupilcate pairs
Director: Jim Barker
Scorer: Bridge Club Live
St Ives dupilcate pairs
Director: Jim Barker
Scorer: Bridge Club Live
st Ives dupilcate pairs
Director: Jim Barker
Scorer: Bridge Club Live