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Want to learn to play bridge? All those dark evenings and limited options!!

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Cornwall County Bridge
Cornwall County Bridge
Contact us
Contact us

You can contact Jim Barker:

Tel:  01736 794134


Welcome to St. Ives Bridge Club

Welcome to the St Ives Bridge Club

Back to Face to Face bridge...
Back to Face to Face bridge...

Back to live bridge

 We will be playing live bridge at St Johns Churtch Hall on Thursdays starting at 6:30pm

As long as we have three tables we can keep this going. Please contact Jim Barker if you wish to play

You may wear masks in the hall if you wish

Would any visitors please contact Jim Barker (01736 794134) or



Partner wanted?
Partner wanted?

If you wish to find a partner for our Thursday duplicate bridge then please contact Jim or Frances:

Tel. 01736 794134 or

Penwith Saturday Bridge

Penwith Saturday Bridge

Carbis Bay and Penzance Improvers  are  jointly running Saturday afternoon duplicate sessions once a month on the second Saturday of each month.  These are open to all levels of duplicate players and include afternoon tea.

They are held at Leedstown Village Hall, situated near the middle of Leedstown on the B3302. Parking is available beside the hall.

The Hall is open from 1.30 pm  for a 2pm start. Table money is £5 per person including afternoon tea (cash only).  You need to register as a pair.   If you would like to play. then please contact Jane Ritchie either by email  or by phone 01736 711818


Table money £3 per session.

visitors £4

Annual membership £5 per annum (our year runs from 1st October)

Top Ten Club
Top Ten Club

Top Ten percentages for 2022:

1st. David  & Sue                  71.1%          May 25th

2ns Frances & Jim B.           70.14%         March 16th 

3rd. Geoff & Phil.                  69.05.  %     Jan 12th

4th David & Sue D                68.75%        Aug 31st

5th=   Geoff & Phil.               68.33%         March 9th

5th = Ivan & Wendy              68.33%        August 3rd

 6th Annette & Peter Allen    66%             April 27th

7th Sue J & Phil                    65.78%       Aug 31st

8th Frances & Maureen         65.28%         July 6th

9th Geoff & Phil                    65.%              May 18th

10th Colin & Peter S                 64.29%.       February 9th










Congratulations to the following members who have been promoted recently by the EBU:

Ivan Greenslade County Master

Dee Staton Local Master

Jose Eustace 2 Star Master

Peter Smith County Master

Betty Rawlings District Master

Annette McAvoy Club Master

Pip Pool Local Master



Hand of the week

What is the bidding after first three bids?




East now bids 2 Hearts.

The use of the 4th suit is FORCING to game.

West now  bids 3 Diamonds to show a minimum of 5 cards in Diamonds and Spades.

.East encourages Diamonds by bidding 4 Diamonds.

West knows East has a game-going hand with Diamonds, and, with lovely shape, bids 4 No Trumps to ask for Aces.

With 2 Aces, East bids 5 Hearts, and East can safely bid the excellent 6 Diamonds.




The use of the 4th suit is FORCING to game

West's bid of 3D is ongoing and East can bid 4D knowing the bidding won't stop

West knows East has a game going hand with Diamonds and with the lovely shape asks for Aces

With 2 in the East hand West can bid 6 Diamonds



Thu 28th September 2023
St Ives Duplicate Pairs
St Johns Church Hall 6:30pm
Director: Jim Barker
Scorer: Jim Barker
Host: Jim Barker
Carbis Bay duplicate
Director: Graham Kidson
Scorer: Graham Kidson
St Ives Duplicate Pairs
Director: Jim Barker
Scorer: Graham Kidson
St Ives Duplicate Pairs
Director: Jim Barker
Scorer: Jim Barker