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Duke of Edinburgh skill or service
Duke of Edinburgh skill or service

Are you doing DoE at your school? Do you need your bridge 'skill' signing off?

Welcome to Bridge4Schools

We know that we can count on our keen juniors to come, but we are particularly hoping to attract absolute beginners, with accompanying adults, since school bridge clubs, like all others, closed during Covid.

We are also offering s new group- 16-ish years olds who would like to give bridge a try or refresh who can use it as their residential weekend for gold Duke of Edniburgh. It should be a fun group.

In October we are running a camp at Bowles Rocks- rock climbing and dry skiing thrown in, and at Easter the Cheltenham weekend too. We are continuing online competitions, like most bridge clubs, which a very helpful teachers arranging matches without risk assessments etc!

Last updated : 7th Jun 2022 11:15 BST

The Lords Trophy, given to the top team in the league was won by Eton, containing 2 Oxfordshire players. They will be presented with a salver at the House of Lords on June 29th. Well done boys. Other results can be seen on the EBU website under youth leagues. Each group winner will receive a glass plaque for their school to be presented at the youth camp.

We are delighted with the enthusiam shown by the schools. We had 20 teams of 4 in term 1 and 30 in term 2. Forty in September 2022? Every school in the country can enter and enjoy it. Division 3 ( just started playing) can play other newcomers - 5 to 8 hands,Division 2, probably second year or taught by friends, can play each other, say 8-10 hands, and experienced players can compete against each other in Division 1 for the House of Lords trophy playing 12-14 boards. We had no drop outs during the year, although not all teams completed their matches. Easter deadline 2023!  Give it a go. Choose your own group, so that you feel comfortable and enjoy it. Some schools may have 1 very good player and 3 newcomers. The good player can help the beginners enormously, so that either after Xmas, or next year, they can choose to play in a higher division. 

The matches are be played on RealBridge which is a safe platform for juniors. The schools can arrange a convenient time for the matches to suit themselves. It is online, but you can see and chat to both your partners and opponents if you wish. If you would rather, you can turn your camera off, but still see the others, unless they have turned their cameras off as well. Do not worry if you do not know how this works. We will help you to get started, and if you are playing your first match against your friends, it will be even easier.

Please sign up and give it a go, by contacting Joan Bennett at or ring me if you have any queries 07548 782538

Last updated : 7th Jun 2022 11:16 BST
Schools Challenge 2022

This annual national teams competition was held on Real Bridge on March 5th. 23 teams of 4 were entered, and 91 children turned up on time. Your correspondent had the distinction, for a bridge competition, of being the only player over 18! The winners were Haberdashers A. The other trophies were won by an U16 squad team and High School of Glasgow.

Last updated : 7th Jun 2022 11:02 BST
OJBC in lockdown October 2021



In keeping with government orders, the Oxford Junior Bridge Club closed its doors in March 2020, leaving a dozen juniors and families without their regular Sunday afternoon session at the Oxford Bridge Club.

Realising that this was not a short term measure,  the youth arm of the OBA “met” and decided to hold an online competition in May, for all junior players who could bid. Many of the youngsters had never heard of BBO but most managed to hunt down the site, dream up an appropriate username, find a partner and be ready to go.

The first competition was so successful that we decided to run these events on a monthly basis. Less than one year later, we switched to using RealBridge and have continued the events, free of charge. During the 15 months of online competitions junior players entered from all over the UK, including Scotland, Northern Ireland and The Isle of Wight and from their holiday venues in Nice, Prague, Florida, South Devon and Suffolk. The best attended event had 30 pairs playing in two sections, experienced and intermediate.

Meanwhile, the Oxford Junior Bridge Club re-opened its doors in September 2020, only to be closed again in November but has been permanently open, during term time, since April 2021. The Autumn Term has started well, with three new families enrolled to learn and we are all thrilled not to have to push four tables together anymore – nobody ever seemed to know who their partner was, least of all the adult volunteers!

Now that the juniors are back to a normal school routine, we have decided to hold these online competitions only during school holidays and breaks. The next event will be held on Sunday 12th December 2021 at 4.00pm on RealBridge

Next term starts on Sunday 9th January 2022 – all juniors and their families are welcome on any Sunday; first visits are free of charge.

Holly Kilpatrick

2nd October 2021


Last updated : 31st Dec 2021 21:12 GMT
Bridgathon Reading
Bridgathon Reading

On 6th August 2021, 9 ex-Reading School boys played bridge continuously for 24 hours hours in aid of Launchpad Reading, a charity for the homeless.

You may still donate through the Launchpad website. They played 245 hands, an incredible number, and raised £1768 .

Last updated : 31st Dec 2021 20:59 GMT
August 2020



Buckets, spades, canoes, walking boots, swimmers and flippers were all abandoned at 4pm, UK time, on the afternoon of Sunday 16th August 2020, whilst 18 pairs of intrepid and formidable juniors, from all over the world,   logged on to the 4th BBO Junior Bridge Lockdown competition.

A roundup of the variety of holiday venues proves that distance, oceans and time zones are no bar to junior competitors.

Four members of the Soonawalla family logged on in Nice; forced to share one ipad charger, at least they were not sharing Nice, as most of their fellow countrymen had fled to Blighty to beat Boris’s quarantine deadline!

The Irish Sea parted Phedra Kingston in Belfast from her regular partner, Harriet Cork, in England.

George Niedringhaus finished just in time for lunch, playing from sunny Florida with Zoe Soonawalla.

Alfie Lawrance played from his holiday cottage in Devon with grandfather Derek Boreham in Cheltenham.

Will Battersby abandoned his walking boots and settled down in a café in Prague where he managed to play on his iphone with scratch partner, Aman Parekh in Reading.

Hanmer Hanbury, new to both BBO and bridge competitions, also managed to play on his phone in the U.S.A. with school friend and bridge partner August Deeming, in Woodstock.

Finally, three regular competitors, Aileen Armstrong, Andrew Newbold and Harry Minchin all live on and compete from the Isle of Wight.

Congratulations to the winners of the faster, 18 board section, Bjorn Ahl and Thomas Gardner with Zane Soonawalla and Freddie Beneat a close second.

In the 15 board section, siblings ruled again with Leo and Nola Fleming on the top podium and Milly and Verity Hallam in hot pursuit – watch these names everyone!

Full results of this and the three previous BBO Junior Lockdown Competitions are available on the Oxfordshire Bridge Association Website.


These monthly competitions will continue to run online regularly at 4pm. They are organised by the Education branch of the Oxfordshire Bridge Association, and all juniors are welcome to enter from ALL OVER THE WORLD!

Last updated : 21st Jul 2021 12:37 BST

Top left Year 5 girls teaching minibridge to year 3 children at Kidmore End Primary School.

Top right New Scotland Hill winners of school minibridge SIMS

Left- junior players enjoying the sun and cake after a competition at Wallingford.


The Bridge For Schools Team brings bridge to all schoolchildren in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire. Its volunteers provide their time freely to teach bridge and minibridge in schools. Follow the Bridge4Schools tab on the left hand side of the screen for more information.

For a headteacher’s view of our activities please look at Bridge in a Village Primary School which you will find under 'Bridge & Education'.

In addition to in-school clubs the Team runs a Junior Bridge Club in Oxford that is open to all 8 – 18 year olds wishing to play bridge or minibridge, or to receive tuition as well as a fun weekend in Cheltenham at Easter each year. Follow the links on the left hand side for further details.


Last updated : 4th Mar 2019 07:27 GMT
Oxford Junior Bridge Club - Opening New Premises
Oxford Junior Bridge Club - Opening New Premises

Saturday 26th October 2019 marked the official opening of the newly refurbished premises of the Oxford Bridge Club. Members joined with the Chairman, Pat Lewis, guests and Trustees for a reception and the unveiling of the donors’ plaque by England’s No. 1 bridge player, Andrew Robson.

In the front room of the premises fifteen juniors aged 8 to 16 years arrived early in the day to commence a friendly game of duplicate bridge whilst they awaited Andrew’s arrival. The ‘maestro’ did not disappoint and spent a memorable half hour chatting with the players, whilst he advised and shared tips and jokes.

Some of the young players had been learning since the junior initiative first started in Summertown Church Hall in September 2014.  Now installed in the Oxford Bridge Club, 3 or 4 tables of juniors,  of mixed ability, learn and play every Sunday afternoon term time

Andrew, grew up in Oxfordshire, attended Abingdon School and played as a junior himself at local bridge clubs.

Last updated : 8th Nov 2021 18:58 GMT
Andrew Robson visits Oxford Bridge Club
  • Andrew helping children
  • What went wrong?
  • Concentrating?
  • Zahir helping children

Pictures of him helping the junior members.

Last updated : 16th Nov 2019 11:27 GMT

I am delighted to report that Zane Soonawalla, playing with his father Zahir, won the friendly pairs competition at the 2019 Oxford Congress on Sunday afternoon.

The partnership of Henry Rose and Freddie Beneat played for the England U16 team in the World Bridge Federation online Championship, and have also won. They beat the favourites, USA. All the youngsters learned their bridge at OJBC.

Last updated : 8th Nov 2021 19:00 GMT
7th County juniors day at Roke
7th County juniors day at Roke

3rd March 2019 saw a training morning followed by a competition in the afternoon for 2 tables of minibridge and 4 tables of bridge. As there were parents and grandparents playing with the children, prizes were awarded to the winning pair of children, as well as to the winning pair.

  First Player First Pair
MiniBridge Oliver Preston Molly Salter, Xanthe Walker Jones
Bridge Zoe Soonawalla Zane Soonawalla, Freddie Beneat
Last updated : 8th Nov 2021 19:07 GMT
Wessex weekend 2019
Wessex weekend 2019

This was a fantastic event, held over 6th & 7th April 2019. The main competition of 20 tables comprising Cheltenham BC members, junior squad members and everyone else was won by NS Dominic Cooke and Edmund Lea, both ex Reading School boys, and EW by Henry Rose (OBA) and Giorgio Provenza, the U16 coach. 2nd NS were Jack Lawrence and Nathan Galpin, also both ex Reading School. All are members of the GB junior squads. The picture though summarises the fantastic goodwill and camaraderie of the weekend, showing Margaret, the oldest member of Cheltenham Bridge Club, photographed with Ethan, aged 6 and Emma and Anias who are slightly older.

The weekend started with all 65 children allocated into 5 appropriate groups for teaching. All groups played a competition on Saturday night with even the youngest group managing 6 boards. By the Sunday afternoon competition, these children had progressed to be able to play 10 boards of bridge. The older teenagers cannot go to bed without their late night speed ball, but this was held to 18 boards by mutual agreement. 8 minibridge awards, 6 Bronze (2 OBA) and 2 silver awards (1 OBA) were made.

As usual, the accommodation and food at Cheltenham Ladies College were amazing, and we have been given 4th/5th April for the 2020 event.

Last updated : 8th Nov 2021 19:10 GMT
Learn, play and competition day
Learn, play and competition day

On 2nd January 20 children plus parents, grandparents and tutors spent the day at the Chantry House in Henley. In the morning they improved their skills, 12 of them trying bridge bidding for the first time, and in the afternoon, after a pizza from Zizzis anda run around at the park, they played in a competition, many for the first time. The bridge competition was won by Elizabeth Cooper and Pat Lewis (OBC chair), and in second place were Ella(Gillotts) and John(grandpa) Chamberlain. The minibridge competition was won by Alex(Goring PS) and grandpa  Holman. The prizes were fun packs of cards collected on round the world cruises and donated to us. It was lovely to be joined by so many families including a French bridge playing grandfather called Luis. This was probably due to the fact that it was held during the Christmas holidays. Elizabeth Cooper, Iris and Noah Bennett also received their silver awards on the national junior award scheme.

Last updated : 4th Mar 2019 07:41 GMT
Would you like a free bridge club at your school?
Would you like a free bridge club at your school?

Since we started in Berkshire the Bridge4schools team has taught bridge in over 45 schools in Berks, Bucks and Oxon, and typically teaches to around 600 children in our busiest terms.

If you would like to learn to play bridge at your school, or would like to become one of our volunteer helpers, please phone your area contact .

S & W Oxfordshire Alison Nicolson 01235 851403.

S Oxon(W Berks) Joan Bennett 01491 579795.

Central Oxfordshire Holly Kilpatrick 07753 672001.

Bucks (E Berks) Dory Thompson 01494 433841

For email addresses see 'Organisers' under 'Information' tab

Last updated : 4th Mar 2019 07:31 GMT
2018 junior camps
2018 junior camps

The Wessex weekend in Cheltenham was held on 7th/8th April 2018 and was fully booked with 70 children attending. The England U21 squad used it as a training session, and at a joint session where 40 Cheltenham BC members played with40 children , the young guns came out top.

The junior event at Ardingly in Sussex on 7th/8th July 2018 was a great success, being fully booked for boarders well in advance. The event at the Portland Club on June 17th attracted 10 tables of bridge players, mainly from the London area. It was a fantastic venue to visit, rejoicing in the address of '36, Pall Mall', and was run by Simon Stocken on behalf of the Davenport Trust. Let's increase the number of Berks, Bucks and Oxon children attending it next year.

The JTI at Phasels Wood in Hertfordshire ran a great bridge programme at the beginning of September, but also allowed the children to choose two very physical activities from Zip-wire, GoKarting, Abseiling, human table football(a vicious game!) and others

Last updated : 4th Mar 2019 07:31 GMT
Schools Challenge March 2018
Schools Challenge March 2018

24 teams of four from all over the country competed in this event, and local representation was provided by 3 teams from Oxfordshire and 2 from Reading in Berkshire. The Reading A team qualified from the pool into the knock out, but were unfortunate to come fourth. The local success came from the Reading B team consisting of Euan Sarson, David Fryer, Will Clennell and Matthew Wadsworth who won the schools plate. This meant coming second from the remaining 20 teams, only being beaten by a mixed, but experienced team of international players. The three teams from Oxfordshire, mainly based around its junior bridge club, came respectable 6th, 10th and 11th in the plate, so can feel pleased with themselves, as many will be at school for some time yet.

Last updated : 1st Apr 2018 22:36 BST
Wessex weekend April 2018
  • Bronze awards
  • Gold awards
  • Prizegiving
  • Silver winners
  • Thomas Jacob Aidan Roland

It was a great weekend for all, but once again, Oxfordshire children did us proud.The Sunday competition was won by Oxford's Jacob and Thomas Potter (NS), with the EW winners being Aidan(Oxford) and Roland(Sussex). Many children gained awards under EBEDs scheme, and once again, the Oxfordshire contribution was 1 Bronze (Sam), 3 silver(Finn, Cameron and Zoe), 3 gold (Thomas, Jacob and Aidan).

The food and accommodation provided by Cheltenham Ladies College was superb, as were both the food and facilities at the bridge club.Many of the children were coming for the third time- itself a recommendation. Their behaviour was exemplary- we have been invited back for 2019.

Last updated : 2nd Oct 2018 19:52 BST
Visit to House of Lords July 2017
Visit to House of Lords July 2017

On Wednesday 19th July, a group of 16 juniors, (15 boys and 1 girl!) from schools in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire, visited the House of Lords for a friendly bridge match. Divided into small groups, the children were given fascinating tours of the historic building, after which the bridge match began in the beautiful River Room, overlooking the Thames.  The Lords were outnumbered by the juniors and tables were made up by visiting teachers,  so the winners, from Reading School, were the pair with the most plusses on their scorecard! The children were all given a lovely memento of the afternoon.

Afterwards, we enjoyed a very generous tea in the River Canteen and at the end of the afternoon some of us were lucky enough to be shown the secret underground route to Westminster Tube Station.

The sixteen pupils, who took part, attend the following schools: Abingdon School Oxon, Dr Challoners Bucks, Epsom College, Highdown Oxon, Reading School, Berks, the Dragon School, Oxford, Summer Fields School Oxford, Magdalen College Oxford and the Oxford Junior Bridge Club.

Many thanks to the Lords for their time and generosity.

Last updated : 2nd Oct 2017 09:43 GMT
Youth World championships in China

England had qualified for the final in all four age groups which was fantastic. Oxfordshire provided 3 members of the squads with Laura Covill and Eva Wieczorek playing in the U26 girls team, and Henry Rose in the U16 team. Sadly, all our teams were knocked out in the round robin stage.

Last updated : 22nd Sep 2018 13:50 BST
Oxford JBC Competition

The third competition was held at Oxford BC(OBC) on the afternoon of 19th November when twenty two children aged 8-14 years descended upon the balloon decorated premises generating laughter and goodwill. 

The bridge club and adult helpers were warmly thanked. Prizes were awarded in the three categories of minibridge, novice bidders and experienced bidders and were presented by Pat Lewis the Chairman of  OBC.

1. Minibridge 1st. Oscar Ngong from Summerfields (+ adult), joint 2nd Harry Ellis and Amelia Beecroft from Kidmore End, and Sam Soonawalla(Dragon) and his partner Oliver Christiansen from Millbrook School Grove.

2. Novice bridge players 1st Dimi Fitzherbert from Summerfields(+adult)

3. Bridge players 1st Thomas and Jacob Potter(Dragon School), 2nd Aidan Saunders(Summerfields) and Zane Soonawalla(MCS)

The participating children came from 9 schools Abingdon, Didcot girls, The Dragon, Harrow, Kidmore End Primary, Marcham Primary, Magdalen College, Millbrook nr Wantage and Summerfields 

Last updated : 2nd Oct 2018 19:51 BST

This was a new venture held at Cheltenham in 2016. Over 100 children came of whom over 25% were from Oxfordshire. Berkshire, Warwickshire, Gloucestershire, Devon, London, Sussex, Cardiff and Worcestershire were also represented.The tutors all freely gave their time and included the coaches of all the England junior squads (U15, U20 and U25), the food was excellent, and the only downside was the weather which curtailed the usual outdoor activities.



Last updated : 10th Dec 2018 22:33 GMT
Wallingford BP event 24th September 2017

This event mustered 20 tables with 8 juniors competing- a record. Jack and Nathan won 2nd prize whilst David and Ed won the non-expert prize- both cash prizes and very welcome to teenagers! All eight of them won at least one match and were universally praised by the adults for their superb table manners.


Last updated : 2nd Oct 2018 19:53 BST
Junior Teach in at Loughborough 2017
Junior Teach in at Loughborough 2017

This was held at Loughborough University and was attended by children from much of the country. The facilities and food are amazing as you would expect from a venue used to feeding Olympic athletes. The excitement for us was that the main event, earning them the Arnott Davidson Trophy was won by Jack and Nathan from Reading School. It is very much a family event with one couple bringing four children and another three as well as many grandparents. The same atmosphere is found at the Chletenham weekend in the Spring.

Last updated : 2nd Oct 2017 09:46 GMT
Loughborough - 4th March 2017
Loughborough - 4th March 2017

The Dragon team of Will Wauchope, Thomas Potter, Freddie Yu and Richmond Yeung came 3rd in the Schools Cup beating the usual prestigious schools, the Perse, Haberdashers Aske, Manchester Grammar, Loughborough Grammar, RGS Malvern and managed to trounce Eton College in the playoff for 3rd place! See below for a hand from this match reported by Andrew Robson in The Times. They succumbed only to the winners,Westminster and the runners up, St. Paul's!

20 teams entered this year and our Junior Bridge Team of Zane Soonawalla, Jacob Potter, George and Elizabeth Cooper came 8th in the Harry Scully Trophy, a cup for teams from different schools.
Henry Rose's Under 16 second team came 2nd in the Harry Scully Trophy, narrowly beaten by the Under 16 first team.

For more pictures refer to our blog - see left hand column.

Below is the hand from The Times:



Last updated : 25th Jul 2017 17:50 GMT
Wessex weekend April 2017
Wessex weekend April 2017

Fifty children, 10 family and 10 tutors enjoyed a fabulous weekend in April at Cheltenham Ladies College and Bridge Club.Volunteer tutors included the Welsh and U20 squad coaches- lucky children. Activities included late night speedball for teenagers, rounders frisbee etc.for all, and amazing food and accommodation supplied by Cheltenham Ladies College.

Last updated : 25th Jul 2017 18:03 GMT
Oxford Junior Bridge Club Pairs at The Oxford Congress

Three Oxford Junior Bridge Club pairs took part in the June Oxford Congress: Jacob and Max Potter, Zane Soonawalla and Aidan Saunders and Freddie Beneat and Freddie Wivell.

In the Swiss pairs on Saturday Zane & Aidan won three of their eight matches.

In the Swiss Teams on Sunday the OJBC team of Zane, Aidan, Thomas Potter and Freddie Yu won the best non expert team prize.


Last updated : 25th Jul 2017 17:47 GMT
Junior Teams Championship Nov 2016

An England Under 16 team finished seventh in the Czech Republic Junior Teams Championship at the end of November.


The team of Oscar Selby & Henry Rose, Jasmine Bakhshi & Liz Gahan, Alex Pemberton & Andy Cope, with NPC: Mike Bell, competed against eleven other junior sides - including some U26 teams and many with more international experience.




They struggled in their opening qualifying matches, finishing fifth of the six teams in their group. They bounced back well, however, finishing second in the next group phase to move on to the 5th-8th playoff. They lost their 'semi-final' but an emphatic victory in their final match saw them claim 7th place and improve on their good performance in the 2015 competition.

Henry Rose (on the right of the picture) started bridge at the Dragon School when he was 8 years old and has been attending the Oxford Junior Bridge Club regularly since it started in 2014; in fact, he was their first pupil.

Last updated : 22nd Apr 2017 11:20 GMT
BP Swiss pairs at Wallingford on 18th September 2016

There were some very good county players at the annual event on Sunday, and our junior members played really well against them, all of them winning at least one of their 'minimatches' as well as enjoying the substantial tea. The pairs finished as follows:- 3rd Jamie Muller/JB, 25th George Anstis/John Mewes, 28th Nathan Galpin/Jack Lawrence, 37th Dominic Cooke/ Edmund Lea. This is the 3rd year running in which the junior participation has increased, and Jamie Muller at 16, is the highest placed ever junior. 

Last updated : 3rd Oct 2016 12:11 GMT
England Under 15 team

Henry Rose has every right to be beaming! He has just heard the news that he has been selected to play for the Under 15 England team in the Youth Bridge World Championships to be held in Italy in August. Henry started bridge at the Dragon School when he was 8 years old and has been attending the Oxford Junior Bridge Club regularly since it started in 2014; in fact, he was their first pupil.


Hers is Henry and the two teams from Salsomaggiore.