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Breaking News

European and local elections

As the hall will be used for voting on

Friday 7th June 2024,

there will be

no face to face bridge

However, it is hoped there will be an on line game on the night.  Information relating to this will be posted nearer the date.  



PRESIDENT Aidan Synnott
PRESIDENT  Aidan Synnott
Club Secretary 2023/24
Club Secretary 2023/24

Barbara Bunworth, Club Secretary





Competition Winners - Patricia Quigley & Frances Gill - The Linnane Competition 2024
Competition Winners - Patricia Quigley  & Frances Gill - The Linnane Competition 2024
News Page

This page has information and news of interest to the members. For a full list of forthcoming events, see "Calendar" on the menu and for a list of results see "Results".

Bridgemate Scoring System

This scoring system replaces the travelling scoresheets.

The contract and result for each hand is input onto an electronic pad (similiar to a mobile phone)  by North and accepted, or otherwise by East.

The pad calculates the score and sends it to a computer / laptop. it also displayes the percentage scored by N/S and E/W.

When the last hand is played the laptop displays the final result, which can be uploaded to the club website.

As the game progresses the pad displayes the board numbers which are to be played and the names of the moving pairs who should be at the table for that round.

If so desired, the laptop can be linked to a screen to allow players to watch their progress during the game. 

Last updated : 16th May 2020 14:28 BST
CBAI changes / clarification to regulations Sept 2019


1. You are required to alert / announce your partner's bids even though you have declared your basic system at the start of the round.

2. You do alert calls above the 3 level that are made on the first round of the auction.

3. A 1 Club opening that cannot be passed must be alerted. Also a negative Diamond response.

4. No alert or announcement is required for a 5 card suit opening.

5. No alert or announcement is required for a 2 Club Stayman response to a 1 NT opening bid.

6. Puppet Stayman ( asking for 5 card majors) must be alerted.

7. No alert / announcement is required to an Strong ACOL 2 opening bid.

8. You must alert a Stayman response to a 2NT opening.

9. You 'Announce' 2 Diamond and 2 Heart transfer responses to a 1NT opening.

10. You do not alert the completion of the transfer unless it carries a special partnership message.

11. You do not alert leads or signalling methods.

Further information on alerting / announcing is available in the CBAI 2020 diary and in the Sept2019 CBAI Newsletter.


Last updated : 16th May 2020 14:29 BST
Bridge Classes

The following member gives bridges lessons;

Bernice O'Halloran  - Ph: 086 2449112


Last updated : 2nd Dec 2023 16:28 GMT
Joining Bridgebase Online (BBO)

Joining Bridgebase (BBO)
This is free and relatively straightforward.
1) In the address panel at the top of your web browser, enter OR
if you are one of those people who insist on doing everything through Google, just
enter bridgebase in the Google search window and click on “Bridge Base Online –
Play Bridge Online”

2) In either case, you will end up looking at a window containing a picture of three
rather unlikely looking bridge players! At the top right of that window is a red button
labelled Login/Register. Click it. If you get a privacy notice, accept it.

3) You will now be looking at a screen headed “Bridge Base Online”. Below the heading
is a place to enter a username and password, below that is a big red button labelled
Login and below that again, a big blue button labelled “Become a Member (Free!)”.
Click the blue button.

4) You are now brought to the application form window. At the top are four fields
which you MUST fill in. These are User Name, Password, Confirm Password and Email
address. Notice that there is a label to the right of each that says “Required” in
red letters.

5) Enter whatever Username you have decided upon. It can be a maximum of 10
characters long. This is the name by which you will be known on BBO, so pick
something you won’t subsequently be ashamed of! Type it in. If the username you
have chosen is available, the required label changes colour from red to blue and the
label itself changes to read “Available”. If the name is unavailable, the label still
changes colour to blue but reads “Unavailable”. Note that the Username is not case sensitive.

6) Now enter whatever password you have dreamed up and enter it again in the
confirm password field. This again can contain a maximum of 10 letters but unlike
the username, this one is case-sensitive.

7) Next, enter your email address.

8) You have now entered all the mandatory fields. There are a few more that you may
wish to attend to. If you choose not to, that’s OK and you can always change them
from within your account at a later date if you wish:
a.    You might want to enter your real name, but you don’t have to.
b.    ACBL number is irrelevant in CBAI land; leave it blank.
c.    If you wish, you can enter free text under “other”. You might want to enter a
       brief description of your system here, but that’s entirely up to you.
d.    Skill level defaults to Private. You can change it if you wish.
e.    Country defaults to Other. Change this to Ireland if you wish.

9) The last thing you have to do is tick the box agreeing to the terms of service. Then
click the “Register” button.

10) If all has gone well, you will get a message on your screen telling you that BBO has
sent you a confirmatory e-mail. Open your mail and click the script in the body of the
message you got from BBO to activate your account. You will then get a “Welcome
to BBO” e-mail. Note that you don’t have to open the e-mail on the same device you
are using to access BBO but you can, of course, do so if you wish.
That’s it – you’re good to go! Note that the above instructions are designed to be used if
you are running the web-based version of BBO i.e. you are logging into BBO using a web
browser running on a computer or on a tablet. There is a BBO app for iPhones, iPads,
Android phones and Android Tablets. The procedure is essentially the same except you
obviously have to download the app from Apple or Google first. Note however, that the app
lacks some of the features of the full-blown web version so, other things being equal, you’re
better off using the Web version, even if you are running it on a tablet. The app is a lot
handier though, if you are running BBO on a smart phone.

One final thing, none of this will work for you if you are not connected to the BBO website.
You obviously need a stable internet connection at your end. However, in the last few
weeks, BBO has being experiencing a dramatic increase in traffic because of the lock downs
in various countries. It is currently common to see in excess of 50,000 people on the site at
peak times. Their site frequently becomes overloaded in the evenings and it can be
extremely difficult to get on then, even to register. If it’s full when you try to get in, you will
get a message telling you that either you have a problem with your internet connection or
that the site is full. If you are experiencing difficulties, try logging on in the early afternoon.

Aidan Synnott.

Last updated : 2nd Dec 2023 16:33 GMT
BBO June 7th Update
Dear  Members
The following is a notice from the CAVBC website:-

"We continue to offer an Open Game every Thursday at 19:30 and it is open to all CAVBC members and your friends.  However, due to low numbers we will not be running our Saturday evening game for the moment.

With the level of curtailed games, we will no longer be offering spot prizes and we won’t have a player of the month competition. We will review how everything is going and then decide whether we need to make any changes to the schedule or not.

We do plan to play up to 5 Inter Club Online Team Competitions throughout the year.  If you are interested in playing, please email Dan at 

For those of you, who have got used to having your Bridge fix on Bank Holidays, don’t worry we will still be here to look after you."


The game will start at 19.30. You should expect to play between 18 and 24 boards each night. This will be decided upon by the TD depending upon the number of participating pairs. 

Now there is a number of things we need you to do to help us ensure that the games run smoothly:
1. Please register before 19.00 so that the TD can see the number of participating pairs and allow the TD to finalise the movement and number of boards to be played. 
2. If you are playing with a guest that is not on the Clontarf list (guest BBO User Names will be there if they have already played in one of our Clontarf games), please send their BBO User Name to Dan (087 6824300) or Aidan (087 2469129) before 15.00 on the day of the game. 
3. Be logged in in the BBO Competive Area by 19.20 to ensure that you are included in the game
4. Update your “Real Name” on your BBO account. People are not always able to decipher your real name when they look at your BBO User Name. Our games are friendly neighbourly ones and it is important that people know who they are playing against. 
5. Treat the virtual game as if it was the same as our normal sit down game. This means that you must play all boards and not decide to give up in the middle of a game. 
6. Each board is timed to take 7 minutes. Please be considerate of each other and don’t engage in slow play. While we may all want to to pop out for a cup of tea, don’t do it in the middle of a board. You may need a cup of tea when you are dummy and you have put your partner into an impossible contract, but don’t take too long and hurry back to the table. Also use the “Claim” function when you are sure of the last few tricks. There is no point in making your opponents squirm over what card to discard when you have all the tricks. 
7. Make sure you are playing bridge where you have a “strong” internet connection in your house. If you do drop out because of an internet connection problem, we will replace you with a Robot (Who would have thought that I would be writing an “e-mail” and telling a real live human “THEY WILL BE REPLACED BY A ROBOT”. What is the world coming to?) for a short time. However you should attempt to log in again. If you don’t succeed, you should contact the TD and explain your problem. The TD will then replace the pesky Robot with one of our “In Game Substitute” humans. 
8. Be courteous throughout the game. You should use the “Chat” function to chat to the table. When you sit at a table for the first time, greet your opponents and let them know your basic system. If you have time at the end of the game, say TY (Thank You). Of course if you have been playing slowly, you will have no time for such niceties as you are moved unceremoniously to the next table.
There is an excellent YouTube video which helps you to understand the different option open to you when you are sitting at a table. Please take some time to look at this.

9. You may also give a brief description of your bidding system in the “Other” section of your Profile on BBO and you may also update your convention card on your BBO account, but I think that would need a whole email in itself

10. Finally there is the need to have substitutes for each game. We need a pair to act as “Start of Game” Substitutes. These are required in the event of a 1/2 table. If this pair is called upon, they get a free game. If they are not called upon, then unfortunately they will not get a game that night. We also need two “In Game” Substitutes. These are required to replace the pesky Robots that I have already talked about. If you don’t want to play bridge on a night, but you are happy to be on call to help us out when a person drops out, this is the role for you. Your club rep will be in contact about setting up Substitute Rotas for each club. 
Thank you 
Enjoy your bridge 
Last updated : 2nd Dec 2023 16:57 GMT