A stepping stone
is an action that
helps one make progress
towards a goal.
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Gentle Bridge (0-20)     Mondays 12:30 -3:30 PM

Director:  Cyndy Winkler

Limited Game (0-399)                Tuesdays Noon-3:30 PM

Director: Cyndy Winkler

Games start promptly on time. 

By registration only.  $12 per game

Armour Heights Presbyterian Church - 105 Wilson Avenue, Toronto ON

email cyndywinkler@gmail.com


call 647-723-3006 (NO TEXTS)

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16th Jun 2024 18:27 CDT
Welcome to Stepping Stones Bridge
Sorry No Games this Week

We are under the weather and hope to return to a regular schedule June 24-25

Thanks for Visiting...Are you looking for other information?

Please let me know by sending an email or call my phone to find out anything you may need to know.  

Hello- Thanks for your interest
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Pointers to Remember

When arriving at a new table, introduce yourselves. Count your cards (face down) to be sure there are 13. Call us if there is a problem. When you lead, place the card face down and then ask “any questions?”

Tips: Before you play to your first trick 1) MAKE A PLAN, 2) Count your winners/losers, and 3) Make your contract.  Everyone should play in tempo and not cause any slow play conditions.  

Step 2
Director: Cynthia Winkler
Gentle Bridge
Director: Cynthia Winkler
Step 2
Director: Cynthia Winkler