A stepping stone
is an action that
helps one make progress
towards a goal.
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Gentle Bridge (0-20)     Mondays 12:30 -3:30 PM

Director:  Cyndy Winkler

Limited Game (0-399)                Tuesdays Noon-3:30 PM

Director: Cyndy Winkler

Games start promptly on time. 

By registration only.  $12 per game

Armour Heights Presbyterian Church - 105 Wilson Avenue, Toronto ON

email cyndywinkler@gmail.com


call 647-723-3006 (NO TEXTS)

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1st May 2024 15:08 CDT
Welcome to Stepping Stones Bridge
Thanks for Visiting...Are you looking for other information?

Please let me know by sending an email or call my phone to find out anything you may need to know.  

Hello- Thanks for your interest
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Pointers to Remember

When arriving at a new table, introduce yourselves. Count your cards (face down) to be sure there are 13. Call us if there is a problem. When you lead, place the card face down and then ask “any questions?”

Tips: Before you play to your first trick 1) MAKE A PLAN, 2) Count your winners/losers, and 3) Make your contract.  Everyone should play in tempo and not cause any slow play conditions.  

Step 2
Director: Cynthia Winkler
Gentle Bridge
Director: Cynthia Winkler
Step 2
Director: Cynthia Winkler