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Welcome to all of our Summer Players!

Falling Leaves STaC week starts September 11th!

Friday September 22nd is a Mix and Match Pairs games.

Players, please make use of the calendar on this website to RSVP or look for a partner! Let Sharon or Pat know if you would like assistance.


The Longest Day Fundraiser to fight Alzheimer's
Thank you for playing June 21st and / or donating to Steamboat's Team Page:


Bridge Education

Mentor Tables
Join us at the Community Center at 2pm on Tuesdays!

Mentor Tables - play and learn with advisors on hand
Thank you to our volunteers that host this event.


♠    Bridge Lessons   ♣  

In Person Bridge Lessons at Colorado Mountain College
Wednesdays 10am-12am

'Tune-up your bridge game': October 4th - November 29th (8 of 9 weeks)

'Bridge for the Fun of it': January 24th - March 27th (8 of the 10 weeks)
Register Here


Virtual Bridge Lessons on Shark Bridge
Thursdays at 3pm



District 17 News

District 17 News

Mini-McKenney Points Race
Congratulations Unit 422 and D17 2021 Races Winners! Each Year, ACBL tracks player points by Unit, District and Nation wide. The links are in the News section of our website and on the website. Click here for the Unit 422 Mini-McKenney Awards list. Hope every point was Fun!

News, Tournament Listings, Learn listings and much more on!

Follow D17 ACBL on facebook!


Welcome to Steamboat Bridge
Face to Face (F2F) In Person Bridge
Face to Face (F2F) In Person Bridge

Bridge is Blooming this Summer!
Mondays at the Heart of Steamboat Methodist Church at 1pm

Wednesdays at the Community Center at 1pm
Fridays at the Community Center at 1pm

please RSVP to

Sectional Tournaments at Clubs (STaC) Schedule

Sectional Tournaments at Clubs (STaC) games are club games that are included with all the other participating D17 club results. Silver Points are awarded. Local Session results are reported (as Silver) when the game concludes. Later, the overalls (and colors) are reported on the D17 STaC page for the event. Click the event for District 17 Final results.

2023 STaC Weeks
          Winter Wonderland STaC - January 30th - February 5th
  Summer Fun
ROYAL STaC - June 5th - 11th
          Autumn Leaves STaC - September 11th - 19th

          Wishbone ROYAL STaC - November 6th - 12th

Swiss Team GNT Q Events

Swiss Team Games involve a different strategy from Pairs games. This Fall and early Winter, Steamboat will host a monthly Swiss Team game on Saturdays at 3pm to encourage players to play and practice Swiss Teams. We hope each team that wants a coach has one to review the game afterwards. Swiss team games are great fun at Sectionals, Regionals and Nationals. Note that events cannot be held when ACBL is running a National event on BridgeBase. Dates have been updated.

The Saturday Swiss games will be GNT Qualifiers and players will earn half red points.

Please plan to play, the larger the game, the better the competition for all involved. Let Sharon know if you need help finding a coach!

Coaches, please let me know you are available. Your support nurturing our Swiss Teams of all levels will be priceless! 

Grand National Team (GNT) Games are Swiss Team events first held at clubs. Players that Qualify can compete in the Regional GNT Team Finals at the Denver Regional in May. District 17 First and Second Place teams compete in the National GNT Finals at the July NABC. More information about GNT games can be found on the District 17 website.

2023 - 2024 Saturday 3pm Swiss Team GNT Qualifier events hosted by VACB255828
         September 16th - cancelled because of International Fund Week
         October 14th
         November 11th
         December 9th
         January 13th
         February 17th



Colorado & Friends Virtual Club Games

Join our fun local players for virtual club games:
Click HERE for the Colorado & Friends Listing with Club details**

7:00       Monday Open hosted by Fort Collins
7:30       Monday All Western Nite Club 99r and 199r

1:00       Tuesday Open hosted by Aspen & Durango
6:20       Tuesday 499r hosted by Boulder

7:30       Tuesday All Western Nite Club 99r and 199r

7:00       Wednesday Open hosted by Fort Collins
7:30       Wednesday All Western Nite Club 99r and 199r

7:30       Thursday All Western Nite Club 99r and 199r

1:15        Friday Aft Mentor + Novice hosted by Denver

2:15        Sunday Open hosted by Durango
7pm        Sunday Charity Open hosted by Front Range

Looking for a fun Virtual Club Game near you? Try the VACB Game Planner Tool

WYCO Steamboat Virtual Bridge Games
WYCO Steamboat Virtual Bridge Games

Bridge It with Elaine Club 255828
hosts Virtual Club Games on
Steamboat hosts Colorado and Friends Virtual Club Games at 3pm Monday & Wednesday

Upcoming ACBL Event Calendar:
ACBL Event Calendar

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WYCO Steamboat Laramie Bridge Club Unit 422

Wed 20th September 2023
Steamboat F2F Pairs
CC 1:00 pm
Director: Sharon Smith
Wed 20th September 2023
All Western Nite Club 99r, 199r
BBO 7:30 pm
Director: VACB904227
Thu 21st September 2023
Virtual Bridge Lessons
Shark 3:00 pm
Director: Sharon Smith
Thu 21st September 2023
All Western Nite Club 99r, 199r
BBO 7:30 pm
Director: VACB904227
Wed Aft Intl Pairs
Director: Sharon Smith
Mon Aft Intl Pairs
Director: Sharon Smith
Fri Aft STaC Pairs
Director: Sharon Smith
Wed Aft STaC Pairs
Director: Sharon Smith
Mon Aft STaC Pairs
Director: Sharon Smith
Fri Aft Intl Fund
Director: Sharon Smith