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Upcoming events:
Mentor-Mentee Game hosted by Maggies
October 21st @ 1 pm

Club Appreciation Week
26 October - 1 November - 2X Black Points

0 - 20 Games
Hosted by Fort Collins

Fridays 9:15am
Saturdays 9:15am
Tuesdays 1:15 pm

Looking for Lessons? Supervised Bridge Play?

Welcome to Steamboat Bridge
Welcome Steamboat Bridge Players

Welcome to Bridge In Steamboat!

Because of COVID-19, all in person club games are currently suspended.
Good News! Steamboat Bridge is hosting Virtual Games on BridgeBase Online.

Virtual Games allow all of our fun Steamboat Bridge players to play together regardless of where we are safely playing at home! ACBL is supporting Virtual Clubs by awarding elevated master points for club play.
Every open game is a club championship!

Limited Games! We try to fill at least 3 tables just prior to each Open Game. Look for the 199r  section at 2:55pm followed by the OPEN section at 3:05.
To play in a limited game, each partner must not have more ACBL Masterpoints than the limit.
Please register at least 30 minutes before each game and be online at least 10 minutes before each game. The Open will kick off as soon as the 199r has launched - be Ready by 3!

Check out the News and Useful Links pages in addition to this Home Page
View the Calendar for upcoming games
Take advantage of the Partner? and Membership List!

Contact Us!

When will Face-to-Face Bridge resume? A Question all of ACBL is pondering. Click Here for a Hamilton answer!

Bridge for the Sport of it ...
Bridge for the Sport of it ...

Convention Card Information & Sportsmanlike Conduct

To quote another director of a large, successful club:
"Convention cards, answering questions put to you by the opponents, and playing in a timely manner are not just courtesies or conveniences. They are a requirement, thanks".

How do you fill out the convention card? Click HERE to checkout the ACBL articles with tips on every section.

How do I post a convention card on BBO? Click HERE to checkout the BBO help on posting cards.

Still have card questions? You are not alone! ACBL has been hosting seminars. Click HERE to see the schedule.

And, Sharon is available to help - just call or email!


Conduct Becoming a Great Sport:

We are so lucky at Steamboat Bridge (and our Peer games) to have friendly, nurturing, sportsmanlike players. This should not be taken for granted. Read on:

Additional Information Needed during the Bidding:
How to ask an opponent for more information about a bid? Click the Bid! This will pop up an 'explain' dialogue for the bidder.
How to answer a request for more information? Click your own bid or fill in the 'explain' dialogue that pops up.
Do not use the Chat to answer questions. Your partner should not see the explanation you provide the opponents.

Slow Play:
The October Bridge Bulletin column "In First Seat", defines deliberate slow play  as “flagrant, unsportsmanlike conduct.” (Refusal to answer an opponents request for information falls into the same definition.)  When the clock runs out, either the BBO Double Dummy software or the Tournament Director (TD) must review and evaluate the hand to consider changing an average (A==) score awarded to both sides. It is best for the overall results for all players if the actual predictable score is posted. Sometimes there are so many tricks remaining, the director must review and make a judgement. If frequent or deliberate delays are obvious, the TD may assign an Average Minus to the offending team. BBO now provides timing details for TD's to utilize in making judgements.

Have Fun Playing and thank you all for setting the standard for a great game!


Steamboat Peer Games

R👊ck, P🖐per, Sc✌️ssors Pairs Games:
Join us for friendly competition between Boulder, Fort Collins & Steamboat
Every Other Saturday (299r at 9:30 am & open at 9:35)

0-20 MP section starting at 8:45!
Next game Saturday, October 31st

Boulder Bridge Unit 359 & Fort Collins – Unit 363 & Steamboat Bridge – Unit 422


Colorado InterMountain Pairs Games:
Join us for friendly competition between Colorado Mountain town Virtual Clubs:
Every Saturday at 3pm on BBO
Maggie's Bridge Club in Summit County & Vail Valley & Steamboat Bridge


Steamboat Bridge Peer Games:
Play Virtual Club bridge with Steamboat Bridge
Pick up extra games with our Peer Clubs (between us, there are virtual club games every day!)
checkout their websites for game times
view the Steamboat Peers Calendar under useful links:

Fort Collins Bridge Center (unit 363)
Maggie's Bridge Club in Summit County
Vail Valley Bridge Club

Virtual Club Games - on BridgeBase online
Virtual Club Games - on BridgeBase online

Bridge It with Elaine Club 255828
is hosting Virtual Club Games on for

Unit 422: Steamboat, Laramie and Rawlins
and our Peer clubs in Northern Colorado, Summit County & Vail Valley

Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 3 PM MDT
Peer Challenge games on Saturdays

Results are posted on this page, at The Common Game, & Live for Clubs

Click Here for Results & Analysis by: The Common Game
ACBL has enhanced 'Live' Results to include final correct MPs and Hand Records.
Click Here for Results: 
ACBL Live for Clubs

Game Results
Thu 22nd October 2020
Bridge Lessons
Zoom 3:00 pm
Director: Sharon Smith
Fri 23rd October 2020
Fri Open Game
BBO 3:05 pm
Director: Sharon Smith
Fri 23rd October 2020
Fri 199r Game
BBO 3:00 pm
Director: Sharon Smith
Sat 24th October 2020
InterMountain Pairs Game
BBO 3 pm
Director: Sharon Smith
Host: Steamboat Bridge
Wed Open Game
Director: Sharon Smith
Mon 199r Game
Director: Sharon Smith
Mon Open Game
Director: Sharon Smith
Fri Open Game
Director: Sharon Smith
Wed Open Game
Director: Sharon Smith
Mon Open Game
Director: Sharon Smith