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Membership Total 119

Breakdown by Grade

N1 = 1

B2 = 7

B1 = 12

A2 = 56

A1 = 22

MA = 16

MR = 5




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Presidents Charity

We Contributed €2500 to

"Awareness D15"


Webmaster Neil Burke

COVID-19 No Bridge until further notice/BBO Online Bridge Fridays 7:15

St. Brigids Virtual Bridge

BBO Friday 7:15 

Login from 6pm

If you have a problem getting online or

lose your connection Call TD 087 9032505

Please Note You Must Registrer with Club or TD before you can Play

To Registrer email:

Include Name, CBAI/NBID No, BBO ID

Notice of upcoming Events

Mid Leinster Region

MLR Pairs 1 Sunday 7:15 BBO (All Grades/First of Four this Bridge year)

To Entry email: or Text 086 8381825 (Before Sunday 5pm)

Cunningham League Final two Matches Oct 4th & 11th (Team captains will be get Notice)

Oct 31st Fun Teams (Masters & Novice / A & B Sat. 11am

MLR Pairs 2 Sunday 7:15 BBO (All Grades/Second of Four this Bridge year)


Duais an Uachtarain (Presidents Prize National)

Sept 26th &27th 1:30pm & 6:00pm Sun 11:00am

Masters & A’s 3 sessions/ Saturday  B’s & Novices  1:00pm start

Charity event proceeds to “Mental Health Ireland”

October 2,3,4,5/6 IBU Simultaneous Pairs

December 5th & 6th  National Masters Pairs

All above events are played on BBO

Entries online at CBAI

IBU Sims Pairs through your Club

Entry at BBO all competitions

BBO Virtual Bridge

Laws and Guidelines for playing BBO Bridge

Do Not alert in the CHAT SCREEN

How to self-alert on BBO

No alerting should happen via the chat screen. Alerts are for the opponents to hear, not your partner.

The proper way to alert happens when it's your turn to bid.

Perhaps your partner opened 1NT and you want to transfer to hearts. On the bottom row of the bidding box is an

'alert' button, click on it, and it will turn red. There is an 'Explain' line just to the right, click there and type your

explanation. In this case, type 'transfer'. Now at the top of the bidding box, click on '2' and then on the diamond symbol.

You have successfully made and alerted your 2D transfer bid.

When you make an alert, a box opens in the upper right of your playing area with your bid,

your alert explanation, and an 'Explain' button.

If you click on the 'Explain' button, you may modify your alert explanation. If the alert box is in your way,

you may click on it (not on the 'Explain' button) and it will go away At the same time that you make an alerted bid,

on your opponent's screens, they will see your bid outlined in red and the same Explain box in the upper right

with your alert explanation. Your partner doesn't see anything. Your partner doesn't know that you have alerted your bid.

That's all well and good, but what if you make your bid and then realize you forgot to alert? Don't panic, just click on

your bid in the auction area. An Explain box will open and you will be able to type in your alert. Again, this explanation only

goes to your opponents, not to your partner. Perhaps your opponents make a bid and you want to know what it means.

Just click on it in the auction area. just click on the bid and the opponent who made the bid will tell you.

Your other opponent won't see the explanation, only you and your partner will see it.

You can claim or concede tricks by clicking the CLAIM button.

You can call Director at any time by clicking the blue “hamburger” menu at the top corner of the table.

If you are worried about misclicks, turn on the “confirm cards” and “confirm bids” settings in Account > Settings

 Myhands, results, history. The Hand Records database allows you to access your hand records.

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Presidents Prize 2020

Winner Roisin Troy

Trophy Presented by President

Marianne Toomey

Keep Safe






Wash your hands properly and often

Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough or sneeze

Put used tissues into a bin and wash your hands

Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces

Try to avoid close contact with people who are not well


Touch your eyes, nose or mouth if your hands are not clean

Club Pairs
Club Pairs

Club Pairs Winners 2019

Mary Lyons & Mary Greene

Players of the Year

Player of the Year 2018-19


Arthur McGrail

 Club Master Points 2018-19

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Bridge Etiquette

St Brigids Bridge Club is a dynamic club with almost 150 members, many of whom joined the club in recent years,

and many have never read "The Laws of Duplicate Bridge"  and don't particularly want to.

The  most important law to remember is that

 Bridge is a game and players are reminded that they should treat all players including their partners

in a civilised and friendly manner.   

Players are also reminded that your club is run by a committee of volunteers who are not paid for their services.

In the website's  main menu there is a page "Bridge Etiquette"  it outlines many of the rules of bridge

in everyday languaage  and it is worthwhile to have a browse when you have a few minutes to spare.


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Bridge BBO 7:15
Bridge BBO 7:15
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Summer Bridge BBO 7:15
Summer Bridge BBO 7:15
Summer Bridge BBO 7:15
Summer Bridge BBO 7:15
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