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Welcome to Stamford Bridge Club
BBO - Sunday Evenings

Please note that, because of poor attendances, the Sunday evening BBO has been cancelled.

We'll resume again, hopefully, in September.

Posted 18th July 2022

Summer School

If you're looking to improve your card play (both as declarer and defender) Summer School may be of interest.

- run by Trevor Thrower & Paul Double

- starting at 9.30 a.m. on Thursday, 18th August 2022, then for the†four weeks that follow (same day/time; a fifth week, making for six in total,†may be added)

- £2.50 per head per session (come as often as you wish; singletons welcome)

- please let Marcus know if you are interested so we get an idea of numbers

Posted 15th July 2022

Tuesday Evenings - Some Cancellations

Please note that, because of a lack of demand, the “normal” Tuesday evening sessions through to the end of August have been cancelled.  We hope to run the following events and you’ll be asked, in time, to let Marcus know if you’d like to play:

26th July – British Summer simultaneous event

16th August – Stamford Festival Trophy

23rd August – Annual Swiss Teams evening

We'll be running the full competition programme over the Autumn and Winter months and those dates are unaffected.  The first competition night, for the Ramamoorthy Trophy, will be on 6th September.

Posted 15th July 2022

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17th August 2022
1.30 pm
Director: Cliff
17th August 2022
BBO Online Leicester Trophy 5 (24 boards)
7.00 pm
Director: Trevor
18th August 2022
Supervised Play
9.30 am
Director: Cliff
Host: Yes
18th August 2022
Summer School 1 - Declarer Play - Trump Contracts
9.30 am
Director: Trevor
Supervised Play
Director: David
Supervised Play
Director: Cliff
Gentle Duplicate (stratified)
Director: Lynda
Stamford Festival Trophy
Director: Trevor