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Welcome to Stamford Bridge Club
BBO - Sunday Evenings

Please note that the Sunday evening BBO sessions will resume on 2nd October (7.00 pm).

Posted 2nd September 2022

Tuesday Evenings - Competitions

We'll be running the full competition programme over the Autumn and Winter months.  The first competition night, for the Ramamoorthy Trophy, took place on 6th September.

Posted 14th September 2022

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4th October 2022
Supervised Play
9.30 am
Director: Cliff
Host: Yes
4th October 2022
Duplicate (21 boards)
1.30 pm
Director: Lynda
Host: TBA
4th October 2022
Ramamoorthy 2 (26 boards)
7.00 pm
Director: Trevor
5th October 2022
Supervised Play
9.30 am
Director: David
Host: Yes
Monday Trophy 7 (24 boards)
Director: Doreen
Duplicate (21 boards)
Director: Cliff
BBO Online (20 boards)
Director: John
Duplicate (21 boards)
Director: Steve