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Would you be interested in playing in a BCL Stafford Bridge Club virtual club event? See BCL Newsletter of July 29th that BCL members should have received. Contact Terry or Carol. If you are a BBO fan there is the SSCBA Wednesday evening virtual club event. Play at both? Whatever don't miss your bridge at this difficult time.
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If you know of any member of the club who is unwell please let either Pat Martin or a member of the committee know so that appropriate wishes can be sent on behalf of all members.
The quickest response will be to tell either Pat Martin or any member of the committee at the bridge session then a card can be signed & posted immediately. Alternatively, you can email the secretary.

Robin's Notes
Notes from Robin's Lessons. A work in Progress!

A little experiment following Robin's lesson on 30th November 2017

CRO (two suited overcalls, colour, rank, other) from Robin's lesson 13th and 20th October 2016

Redoubles from Robin's lesson 5th October 2017

Trial Bids from Robin's lesson 30th November 2017

McKenney Signals and Discards from  Robin's lesson on 13th September 2018

Jacoby from Robin's lessons July 17 and November 18