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If you know of any member of the club who is unwell please let either Pat Martin or a member of the committee know so that appropriate wishes can be sent on behalf of all members.
The quickest response will be to tell either Pat Martin or any member of the committee at the bridge session then a card can be signed & posted immediately. Alternatively, you can email the secretary.

Please Arrive 15 minutes before play

At all club sessions please arrive at least 15 minutes before play is due to start, 6:45 for 7 p.m. start, 7 for 7:15 start, 1:15 for 1:30 start. If you are running late please ring the club, 01785 246611, to let the scorer know you are on your way so that they can factor you in when setting up the movement and scoring systems.

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Baswich Lane closures summer 2018

Hi Ann,

For my general amusement, and hopefully help to the masses, I  drove 45 or so miles this morning (at Bridge Club expense, see if Committee agree ??), to determine timings etc for the impending closure of Baswich Lane.

These are my findings, which you may care to put on the web site possibly :😈                 You might like to pass this to Eleanor Lochee-Bain, for her comments.45

Closure in Baswich Lane :  23rd. July till September 2nd.  Then  September 10th. till December 14th.
This will mean effectively, that the route from Weeping Cross/Baswich will be fully closed along Baswich lane just under 5 months.

I tested timings on the 4 main routes.

                 Distance             time taken        Route                                                                  Comment                                   
1)             3.3 miles             8 minutes         from the middle of Weeping Cross               Obviously impractical during closure
                                                                        down Baswich Lane.

2)             5.3 / 5.4miles    17 minutes       Weeping Cross  down A34, Riverside            Furthest, but easily followed;  slowest by far
                                                                        then direct on Weston Road,
                                                                        past the Hospital.

3)             5.6/5.7 miles    11 or so mins.  via Holdicroft Road (on the left opposite      The longest, but the quickest; may not suit everyone !
                                                                        Milford Common), then Tixall Road, and
                                                                        right at the Crem

4)             4.4 miles            12 minutes       via Fairway.  down the A34 towards
                                                                       Stafford, Turn Right St.Leonards Avenue;      My preferred way to get to the Showground from Weeping Cross.
                                                                       Turn right onto Portsmouth Street; turn
                                                                       right onto Tixall Road, left onto Cull Avenue;
                                                                       Turn right onto to Weston Road.

Obviously, for say Eleanor, and anyone else that lives around us, option 4 is preferable.  The nearer you get to Milford Common, then certainly
option 3 would be preferable - obviously with care.
I took 17 minutes on early Saturday morning, so I would discount Option 2 for all those, who normally use Baswich Lane.

I trust you might find this suitable for publication.  Obviously I cannot guarantee timings, only mileages.

Yours, Robin