If you know of any member of the club who is unwell please let either Pat Martin or a member of the committee know so that appropriate wishes can be sent on behalf of all members.
The quickest response will be to tell either Pat Martin or any member of the committee at the bridge session then a card can be signed & posted immediately. Alternatively, you can email the secretary.

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Recent Competitions

Seven and a half tables for this at Stafford, 26 tables overall. Winners at Stafford were Geoff and Anne (third overall) with John and Geoffrey second (fourth overall) and Ivor an Pat third (tenth overall).  Paul gets a gold star for his lessons, one of his pupils came in fifth at Stafford!  See SSCBA results page for overall positions.

British Summer Pairs - Monday 22nd July and Tuesday 23rd July 2019

Two more sim pairs events were played on Monday 22nd July and Tuesday 23rd July sessions.  As at 7:15 p.m. 24/07/19 first placed Stafford players in the overall competitions were Sylvia and Bill on Monday coming 16th nationally with 70 clubs taking part and 1148 pairs,  and Mike and Steve on Tuesday coming 1st nationally with 49 clubs, 773 pairs scored so far (as of Saturday 27th Mike and Steve now 2nd nationally by .02%  after 51 clubs with 795 pairs recorded).  As of 8/8/19 52 clubs results for 814 pairs  now in for Tuesday and Mike and Steve now third nationally, Sylvia and Bill remain 16th nationally for Monday after 71 clubs have sent results in for 1159 pairs.

New captain, Terry, is promoting more competitions at the club, particularly Sim Pairs. The Bill Hughes event started as a small Simultaneous pairs between three Merseyside clubs. It has grown a lot, but it tries to be the cheapest international Simultaneous Pairs, despite giving out 50% of the entry as prizes and trophies. While this event is primarily played on the last Tuesday in June not all clubs meet on Tuesday so they may play later in the week   6 full tables at Stafford for the event - well done Terry. The full results for this event, ECats session 4566, will not be available until after 10 p.m. on Friday when all participating clubs will have completed but the basic results can be seen here as they come in.

SSCBA No Fear Pairs played at Wolverhampton on 21st February 2019

Robin's class at Stafford was well represented at this event in 2019 with five out to the 12 SBC players taking part on Thursday 21st February. Two others who used to play on Friday evenings also played coming 2nd EW.  Best placed was Friday morning pupil, Carl, from Paul and Terry's group coming 2nd NS but won a prize for best placed runner up with 58.14%.  Carl was playing with ex-teacher Ann who took the beginner's class at Stafford in the Autumn.

Mixed Pairs - Played 28th March 2019

The Mixed Pairs club championship was played with a double hesitation Mitchell movement on Thursday 28th March, the winners were Beryl & Michael with Linda & Paul second and Deirdre & Michael third. Congratulations all. Thanks to Terry for directing and David for scoring.  Apologies from the webmaster who perhaps did not sufficiently highlight the competition and the need to sign up in advance - will try to do better next time!

Shelley 2018-2019 handicapped results
Shelley 2018-2019 handicapped results

The 2018/19 Shelley Final Results

Final round played Thursday April 11th. Click here for the scratch results of Round 1 played 11th October,  Round 2 played 8th November, Round 3 played on Thursday 13th December,  Round 4 played Thursday 10th January,  Round 5 played Thursday 14th February, Round 6 played Thursday 14th March and Round 7 played Thursday 11th April.  The final accumulated results including handicaps for rounds 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7  are:  1. Davies (291),  2. Seymore (83), 3. Eaves (59), 4. Drinkwater (-22), 5. Maltby (-28), 6. Clarke (-79),  7. Sleightholme (-87),  8. Metcalf (-97)  9. Hensby (-120).  Despite a brilliant performance by the Drinkwater team in Round 7 the Davies team (Geoff Davies, Graham Link, Roger Keane & Paul Cutler) were still way ahead of the rest of the field in the overall result such was their lead by the end of Round 6.  3 members of this Shelley team are in the team presently at the top of the County League division 1.  Many thanks to David for directing and taking the picture and for Terry for all the hard work organising.

1 Davies 11 7 56 82 68 48 19 291
2 Seymour 7 39 24 18 -28 21 2 83
3 Eaves 13 49 4 -6 20 15 -36 59
4 Drinkwater -34 11 3 -11 7 -53 55 -22
5 Maltby 27 -11 -46 12 -12 21 -19 -28
6 Clarke 8 -22 23 -41 14 -24 -37 -79
7 Sleightholme -36 -31 31 5 -15 -15 -26 -87
8 Metcalf -8 -30 -32 -37 -35 29 16 -97
9 Hensby 12 -12 -63 -22 -19 -42 26 -120

SSCBA Sim Pairs - Played Monday 28th January 2019

A good turn out, 9 tables at Stafford.  Unfortunately an error came to light afterwards, which made minor differences to the percentages, originally a tie for third place now separated out into third and fourth.  After the correction to board 3 the winners at Stafford were Ivor & Liz, second John & Ann with third Terry & Gordon.  The final results have now been posted on the County website, the overall winners played at Chasetown with the second pair at Oswestry and Liz & Ivor third see SSCBA overall results for all thirty five tables. The camera woman too slow to catch the SBC winners at the time with her "point and click" camera, a lucky mistake as a good picture now taken by another!

The scorer achieved an interesting movement that caused some confusion, somehow requested round 2 as the arrow switch round instead of arrow switching for the last 2 rounds! 

DashTrophy - 24th January 2019

The winners were Alan & Dave A both before and after the handicap applied (total 71.23%) seen here under the Dash Trophy Board, with Dave R & Peter 2nd (58.77%) and Ivor & Robin 3rd (50.95%).  Thanks are due to Terry for the event running so smoothly. Readers might like to read something of Hugo Dash who presented the trophy to the club way back when........ 

November 2018 Competitions

Bryan Baker - played Friday 30th November

It was decided at a recent meeting to hold the Bryan Baker handicapped pairs event on an ad hoc basis alternating between a Monday afternoon one year and a Friday evening the next.  For 2018 it was to be on a Friday and it was finally played with a double hesitation Mitchell movement on Friday 30th November 2018 and the winners, after the handicap applied, were Ros & Clair, lovely to have new names on the trophy board. Second were Duncan & Margaret and third Frank & Sandy.  Many thanks to Terry for the effort of having the handicaps ready prepared for the last several Fridays.

Men's and Ladies' Pairs  - played Thursday 29th November

Eventually the two competitions were amalgamated into one single double hesitation movement.  Anne & Kath  retained their 2017 title in the ladies' group with Deirdre & Shirley second and Rose & Ann third.  Between the top three men's pairs there was less than 1.5% with Ivor & Mike winners by a short head from Peter & Dave just ahead of John & Geoffrey.  Many thanks are due to David for running the event as the non-playing director, scorer and cameraman.  The chaps were all so quickly away at the end, indeed before the final scores were in, that no picture was taken of them. David had to spend happy hours with photoshop to get the picture!!!

The Shelley -
The Shelley -

Click here for the scratch results of Round 1 played 11th October and here for scratch results for round 2 played 8th November. Round 2 results that include the handicap will be confirmed later.  The full results of this handicapped event for round 1 were (scratch, handicap, total): 1. Maltby (4, 23, 27), 2. Eaves (4. 9, 13), 3. Hensby (-6, 18, 12), 4. Davies (46, -35, 11), 5. Clarke (20, -12, 8), 6. Seymore (37, -30, 7), 7. Metcalf (-9, 1, -8), 8. Drinkwater (-25, -9, -34). 9. Sleightholme (-71, 35, -36). 


Twelve Stafford members, with mixed success, took part in the leagues during the 2017/18 season, six in division 1 and six in division 2.   The final division 1 result only came in on May 17th!  Congratulations to Geoff, who played in second placed Roger Keane's team along with Paul Cutler and David Beavon all of whom took part in the Shelley at Stafford during 2017/18.  In the second division the Sleightholme team squeezed into 2nd place by just one point and thus gain promotion to the first division.  The SSCBA League Results are also shown on the EBU site.

Club Pairs - Played Thursday 25th October
Club Pairs - Played Thursday 25th October

A very successful event, 7 tables, with the new club captain, Terry, in charge.  The winners were Graham & Geoff, Pam & Mike came second with Pat & Steve third.  Congratulations all, not least to Terry for all the organisation both beforehand and on the night. Your webmaster apologies for using an archive picture. 

Children in Need 2018, 9th, 13th & 14th November 2018

To give all members an opportunity to take part SBC, new Captain Terry entered the club in to 3 separate events, each with a commentary.  On the Tuesday and Wednesday all the table money was given to the charity.  On the Friday players were invited to make individual donations and raised £106.60 which was added to the donated entry money of £19.00 and money raised at Friday morning lessons to a total of £136.60, Tuesday raised £120 and Wednesday £104.92 making a grand total of £361.52 which was sent off to ECATS 15/11/18 by Adrienne - profuse thanks received from the organisers.  If you wish to look at the full results click here and then select the day, Friday, Tuesday or Wednesday, with options on the right hand side for overall, zonal, national or club listings.  With sim pairs the ranking order overall may not be the same as for the Stafford session and the results can arrive at ECATS some time after the event so will continue to change until all partaking clubs have sent in their results.  Best placed overall from Stafford were Friday players, Dave and Lesley, coming 26th but 5th in Stafford on the night!  Jane and Simon first on the same night at Stafford came 38th overall (as at 16/11/18).  Nicky and Eleanor, second at Stafford on Friday, were the only others from Stafford being placed in the first hundred of their event.

Summer Cup - Played Thursday 23rd August 2018

Despite the group using the showground there were five full tables so David ran the Sumner Cup.  The results were:

1st: Pat Andrews & Steve Walton,  Geoff Davies & Graham Link
2nd: Ivor Clarke & John Whiteman,  Derek Skinner & John Eaves
3rd: Beryl & Michael Metcalf,  Janet & David Drinkwater
Well done everyone
SSCBA Summer Sim Pairs - Played Wednesday August 15th

Wednesday players were canvassed on July 4th when they voted in favour of taking part in this SSCBA event. 8 tables eventually played at Stafford with Ivor & Michael being the heat winners (4th overall). Gina & Wendy came second at Stafford (11th overall) and Beryl & Terry third (23rd overall).  Many thanks to Terry, who acted as both director and scorer, for the session which ran like clockwork.  The full results are available on the County website where the results have now all been combined, the combining process changes the order as compared with the Stafford results, a quirk of sim pair events!  A total of 38½ tables participated at 5 clubs, Eccleshall, Newcastle, Stafford, Wolverhampton and Wrekin.

SSCBA Mixed and Flitch Pairs 2018

SSCBA Mixed Pairs - Played on Thursday 14th June at Wolverhampton 

Very good to see 4 Stafford pairs taking part in this event.  The winners being Stafford members Kath Adams & John Hartley. A most enjoyable all play all event.

Teams of Four
Teams of Four

The competition was played on 15th February 2018. 8 teams, something of a director's nightmare!  David put a lot of preparation in to make sure the 8 team movement ran smoothly and had time to take the pictures at the end!  Winners Beryl & Michael M, Deirdre & Michael S, second Ivor & Pat, David & Janet and third John & Ann, Clare & Liz.

SSCBA Sim Pairs - January 2018

The winter annual event was played on a Monday this time,  Monday 29th January

The winners at Stafford were Joy and Malcolm with Terry & Garry coming second and Pat Martin & Shirley Elphick third. Unfortunately board 4 was mis-boarded after round 3 so both the Stafford and the SSCBA combined results for 37½ tables, have made adjustment for this. Joy & Malcolm have come 2nd overall, many congratulations.  Ann apologies for getting the PC and tablets confused amongst themselves during the session, luckily there is nothing the matter with the tablet's memory!   Pam & Rachael playing at Chasetown were 3rd overall.  The commentaries and hands are now available at the club and the hands also shown alongside the results.

The Dash Trophy
The Dash Trophy

The Dash Trophy competition was played Thursday 18th January 2018. Despite the 'flu keeping some away there were 9 tables for this handicap pairs competition.  After the application of the handicaps the winners were Mike & Robin with Beryl & Michael 2nd and Glyn and Derrick 3rd.  Picture courtesy of Eleanor.

Some Autumn 2017 results

 Ladies' and Men's Pairs - Thursday November 16th

Apologies for the delay.  The results are finally confirmed as:

Ladies' Pairs were won by Anne Seymore & Kath Adams with Pat Andrews & Pam Ewan in second place and Janet Drinkwater & Adrienne Jones third.  5½ tables this year.
After a recount (the tablets had a bad night on the 16th) the Men's Pairs were won by Steve Walton & David Alderson just a whisker ahead of Michael Metcalf & Michael Seavers who were a short head in front of Derrick Balsom & Glyn Pugh.  Michael Metcalf oversaw the recount that sadly displaced him from first place. As with the Ladies' Pairs 5½ tables.

Many thanks to David Drinkwater, the non-playing director for the session in addition to his role as club photographer.

Children in Need Sim Pairs - Tuesday 14th November and Wednesday November 15th

This year the club took part in the Sim Pairs at both the Tuesday evening session and the Wednesday afternoon session thus allowing most club members the chance to enter.  Adrienne has sent off the cheque for a record £325.25 today (21/11/17) after contributions from the lessons added to the £288 collected at the Tuesday and Wednesday actual Sim Pairs sessions.  Anna Gudge, the organiser of the sim pairs, has asked Adrienne to pass on her thanks, "we think they are wonderful, big hugs all round".
Children in Need Sim Pairs - 15th November 2016
Arthur Bloxham Trophy - Played Wednesday November 8th 2017
Arthur Bloxham Trophy - Played Wednesday November 8th 2017

Towards the end of the session, three pairs were in serious contention for winning the trophy. Anthea and Eileen were leading and then into the penultimate round Pat & Carys had a good percentage lead and photographer even tipped off Pat to be available for the photo shoot. Then came the final three boards to see Anthea & Eileen finish third Pat & Carys second and the winners (who in fact had been lying second for much of the afternoon) were Adrienne & Harry on 66.67%.

Shelley Results 2017-18
Shelley Results 2017-18

The Shelley the Final Round, Round 7, played 12th April 2018

The detailed final scores are up on the notice board.  The winners were the Eaves team who came up from second place at the end of Round 6 to leap into the lead in round 7.   2nd Team Drinkwater, 3rd Team Pugh, 4th Team Jones, 5th Team Clarke, 6th Team Davies, 7th Team Sleightholme, 8th Team Metcalf, 9th Team Ullmer

The Shelley Round 6 - Played Thursday 8th March

Results for round 6 played on Thursday 8th March confirmed as: (raw, handicap, total when combined with the earlier rounds): 1.  Pugh (-5, 0, 100),  2. Eaves (41, 0, 71),  3. Drinkwater (36, -22, 40),  4. Clarke (20, -25, -49),   5. Jones (-14, -7, -52),   6.  Davies (83, -55, -83),  7. Metcalf (-22, -8, -146),  8. Sleightholme (-86, 25, -168),   9. Ullmer (-53, -5, -295).   With the handicap the totals add to -97 each month rather than zero.

The Shelley Round 5 - Played Thursday 8th February

Round 5 results played on Thursday 8th February now confirmed as: (raw, handicap, total when combined with the earlier rounds): 1.  Pugh (32, 0, 105), 2.   Eaves (16, 0, 30),  3. Drinkwater (0, -22, 26),  4. Jones (-1, -7, -31),   5. Clarke (+9, -25, -44),  6. Sleightholme (-79, 25, -107),  7. Davies (57, -55, -111),  8. Metcalf (-8, -8, -116),   9. Ullmer (-26, -5, -237).   With the handicap the totals add to -97 each month rather than zero.

The Shelley Round 4 - Played Thursday 11th January - Corrected results.

Round 4 was played on Thursday 11th January. Following a discrepancy the corrected results after round 4 were (raw, handicap, total when combined with the earlier round): 1.  Pugh (17, 0, 73), 2. Drinkwater (81, -22, 48),  3.  Eaves (20, 0, 14),  4. Jones (6, -7, -23),   5. Clarke (-4, -25, -28),  6. Sleightholme (-77, 25, -53),  7. Metcalf (4, -8, -100), 8. Davies (9, -55, -113),  9. Ullmer (-56, -5, -206). 

The Shelley - Round 3 - Thursday 14th December

All 9 teams turned out despite the icy road conditions for Round 3 that was played on Thursday, 14th December. The results, after round 3, were (raw, handicap, total when combined with the earlier round): 1.  Pugh (36, 0, 33), 2. Clarke (3, -22, 1), 3. Sleightholme (-14, 25, -1), 4. Eaves (-12, 0, -6),  5.Drinkwater (-13, -22, -11),  6. Jones (2, -7, -22), 7. Davies (25, -55, -67), 8. Metcalf (11, -8, -73), 9. Ullmer (-38, -5, -145).  

The Shelley - Round 2 - Thursday 9th November

The results from the second round played on 9th November were confirmed by Mike as being (raw, handicap, total when combined with the earlier round): 1. Drinkwater (30, -22, 24), 2. Clarke (47, -25, 23), 3.Eaves (-15, 0, 6),  4. Pugh (-9, 0, -3),  5. Sleightholme (-29, 25, -12), 6. Jones (-4, -7, -17), 7. Davies (42, -55, -37), 8. Metcalf (-17, -8, -76), 9. Ullmer (-45, -5, -102). 

The Shelley - Round 1 on Thursday 12th October 6:45 for 7 p.m.

Nine teams of four took part in the opening round of the Shelley competition played Thursday 12th October.  There were several spectacular slam hands.  The results from the first round were (18.10.17) confirmed as being (raw, handicap, combined): 1.Eaves (21, 0, 21), 2. Drinkwater (38, -22, 16), 3. Clarke (26, -25, 1), 4. Pugh (6, 0, 6), 5. Jones (1, -7, -6), 6. Sleightholme (-33, 25, -8), 7. Davies (31, -55, -24), 8. Metcalf (-43, -8, -51), 9. Ullmer (-47, -5, -52). 

Summer Cup - 14.09.17

Summer Cup - Played 14.09.17

As there were an odd number of complete tables, thus an easy movement, on Thursday 14th the decision was made to play the competition.  A fair few of past and present committee members were there to agree to this on the spot decision.  The results were:

1st Michael Metcalf,  Mike Seavers,  Pat Andrews,  Ivor Clarke
2nd Sylvia Ullmer,  Helen Jones,  Liz Clarke , Geoff Davies
3rd Rose Jessop,  Alan Walters,  Derek Skinner,  John Eaves  

Congratulations all.

SSCBA sim pairs - Tuesday August 15th 2017

9 tables took part in this event at Stafford (Ed thinks more tables than at any of the other clubs taking part).  Many thanks are due to David for ensuring that the event ran smoothly not only by dealing the cards beforehand but also directing and scoring on the night.  Such is the scoring system that when the results are combined with those from other clubs the order of pairs may be changed from that at their local club. This year the winners at each location get a prize in addition to the overall winners, 1st at Stafford were Geoff and Graham, 2nd Deirdre & Michael and 3rd Rachael and Alan.  It was good to see so many of Robin's class taking part and others who are not regular Tuesday evening players.

President's Cup

president The President's Cup was played Sunday March 12th.  12 players on each team.captain The Captain's team were the victors by quite a few imps.  Pat and Liz laid on a wonderful tea, many thanks. A very enjoyable stress free afternoon with some interesting hands thrown in.  After Thursday's excitement with the tablets it was back to scoring by hand - movement would have taken a while to set up on the tablets but maybe next year.......... 

EBU Master Points

Congratulations Liz, Adrienne and Harry. In 2016 the top Local Master Point scorers in the club, as recorded by the EBU,were Liz (1150), Adrienne and Harry (1090). The EBU year runs Jan-Dec the SBC year runs Apr-Mar so there will be differences.