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We have created a Facebook private club just for members of our Bridge club.

Contact Robin please if you would like to participate. 

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Eastbourne Bridge Club

Every Tuesday and Friday a game on BBO

open to Sovereign Harbour Bridge Club players.

Click on the EBC link to request [by e-mail] more information.

The EBU are running tournaments on Bridgebase  -

some are free, some are pay to play, masterpoints etc.

The Nine high tournament would be particularly of interest to

most of you, inexpensive and friendly game for players

with an NGS of Nine or less.

IMPORTANT - BridgeBase -  

Please read their MESSAGES when you log on.

Privacy Policy - please review, it has been edited!

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Welcome to Eastbourne - Sovereign Harbour Bridge Club
Sovereign Harbour Bridge Club Website

April 20th 2021

-'The committee considers it unlikely that there will be any resumption of bridge until there is a meaningful relaxation of social-distancing and other regulations by the government. Discussions will be held with Sovereign Harbour Yacht Club as and when relevant government regulations are announced. Then, the committee will table proposals for the resumption of play and the teaching of bridge, as well as the payment of subscriptions......hopefully by 1 September, 2021.'     

Last updated : 20th Apr 2021 12:51 BST
Last updated : 12th Apr 2020 12:19 BST
Days elapsed since the Bridge Club was "closed"
Last updated : 4th Nov 2020 08:08 GMT
Last updated : 12th Apr 2020 12:17 BST
Corona Virus

UPDATE   as from - Tuesday 17th March 2020

Sovereign Harbour Bridge Club is CLOSED 

until further notice.


The Web Site is completely different for the duration of the LOCKDOWN.

Everything will return to "how it was" as soon as possible!

Any Questions or Comments, please feel free - e-mail me.

Thank you. Robin Levett - Webmaster

Information link for link  Corona Virus

We will during the course of the Closedown send out REGULAR "global" E-mails to all members,

please check your SPAM folder and ensure that any e-mails from Bridgewebs (Sovereign Harbour Bridge Club Web Site)

get sent to your INBOX instead.

Last updated : 21st Jan 2021 15:44 GMT