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With effect from 14th December all BPS events on BBO will be NGS rated

Welcome to Southport Bridge Club
How to begin online Bridge

How to begin Bridge online.pdf

Click the above link for more information



Compliance with the online alerting requirements is patchy to say the least. BPS will shortly publish some guidance on alerting and explaining but there are 3 overarching principles:

a) At the start of a round please give an overview of your system. Something like “Acol, 3 Wk2s, Weak NT, Standard leads, standard signals and discards (HELD), Weak jump overcalls”. You can keep this line in your paste buffer to use from round to round, if you don’t want to keep typing it in.

b) Every time you make a conventional bid you need to alert and explain it. You also need to alert 1N and 2N opening ranges and when you open 2 of a suit. Because your partner can’t see your explanation, you should err on the side of over-alerting online.

c) You can request an explanation of a bid by clicking on the bid. If you don’t get an answer mail the opponent using Chat and ask him/her. Don’t worry about asking one opponent for an explanation of a bid or a signal. As long as you send the message to the opponent who made the bid or play, only he/she will see it and there will be no danger of unauthorised information being passed.

Undos on BPS

From Thursday 1 April, Undos for carding mis-clicks will be allowed. These must only be for mechanical errors and not a change of mind. If the mis-click request is not allowed by the opponents, then the TD should be called. This policy will be reviewed after 3 months. 


a)   Quarterly championship pairs in two categories – Open, NGS 10 and below.

       Heats on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of February, March and April
       Starts Mon 1st February
       Best 4 scores with the same partner
       Prizes £10 per player as free BPS sessions to each player

b)   Single session Mens Pairs on Wed 10th February
c)   Single session Ladies Pairs on Wed 10th March
d)   Single session Mixed Pairs on Wed 14th April

Two Categories - Open and NGS 10 and below
Prizes of £2:50 per player paid as free session to the leading partnership

Changes to Online Bridge

We have collaborated with Preston and Bolton Bridge Clubs to form

Lancashire BPS on line bridge club hosted by BridgeBaseOnline.
For latest timetable click on Lancashire BPS revised schedule on the menu.

If you wish to be included in future sessions then please join BBO and send your details:

BBO ID;first name;last name;EBU No; Southport;email address; on one line

separated by a semi colon as above, to Kevin Holden,

Minutes of 2020 AGM

The very slightly amended minutes are in the Members section

Club Closure

The club may be closed but bridge is alive and well on line.  

Keep safe and we hope to meet face to face again before too long

Kevin Holden (Chair)

On behalf of the Board

Bridge Classes 2020/21

We have continued to provide online lessons throughout the Pandemic.

All our beginners have now become temporary members and 5 have taken the first step into online bridge and are thoroughly enjoying it. It has taken quite some time for our teachers to improve their technology skills but we have now got a full teaching programme.

Monday Advanced Class : 10.20 on BridgeBase Online

This is an advanced class where we play a Teams match then meet on Zoom to discuss and review the boards.

Wednesday Evening Class : 7.45 on Zoom

This is a beginners class where we consolidate the basics and help you improve your card play. We meet on Zoom discuss the topic and then move to BBO where we play 6-8 boards which are selected to cover the work discussed.

Friday Morning Class : 10.20 on Zoom

This is an improvers class run similarly to the Wednesday Evening which continues work on card play and introduces further conventions while consolidating the basics.

These are open to all Southport Members and visitors run by a group of Volunteers.

All teachers have Zoom licenses and so you can chat about any problems.

Further Information available from Sue Woodcock 01772 816734.


I am sorry to report that Betty Scott died on Sunday 4th April 2021. Betty was a long-term member of the club and a regular bridge player until health reasons restricted her attendance.

I offer condolences to partner Des Jenks, and her family, on behalf of the Directors and members of Southport Bridge Club.

Sandra Robinson.



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