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17th Aug 2021 11:30 BST
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Time to resume live meetings?

A message from the chairman

I think we have reached an appropriate point to consider how and when to resume face-to-face bridge on Wednesday evenings at Southam Village Hall.

I would like to gauge the level of interest for a resumption, so please reply to the email sent to you if you would be interested in attending Wednesday evening bridge sessions in person. You can assume that the Club will have carried out a risk assessment and will arrange things to try to minimize the risks. It is likely that face masks will be voluntary, that only those members who have had both jabs will be encouraged to come, that there will be plenty of ventilation (while the weather is warm enough), and that good hand hygiene will be emphasized.

I will not be available to take part as I no longer spend much time in Cheltenham. The Club will need to find a new Chairman and one or more members to organise the resumption. Please contact me if you can help in any way.

Woodmancote Bridge Club has recently resumed face-to-face bridge – on Tuesday afternoon in Prestbury Village Hall. Their members decided to switch from an evening meeting to the afternoon. Their Chairman, Elizabeth Barker, who has been a regular with us on Wednesday evenings, would welcome visitors and potentially new members. Please contact her via details in my email to you for more information.

If you have no intention or interest in resuming face to face bridge at Southam, you do not need to respond to me. However, if as an alternative you would be interested in continuing RealBridge on Wednesday evening or even potentially at some other time then please let me know that. I am more than happy to continue my role in managing these sessions.   

I look forward to hearing from you.  With best wishes, Tony.

Table manners

Partners are kindly requested when playing online not to position themselves in the same room, except when as dummies serving alcoholic refreshements to their partners.  Significant eye-to-eye contact is similarly discouraged, as in the illustrated example that reportedly led to the celebrated Anglo-Dutch wars of the 17th Century, which the starer lost.

Where did we go wrong on that hand?

Here's your chance to play it again.

To replay the hand*, click on the results section top right, go to 'Travellers' then 'Play' in the right-hand column of a hand, choose a contract from the makeable options, and play.  The number displayed with each card gives the maximum tricks if that card is played.

Or: To play exactly as on the night, click the yellow square in the makeable contracts box.  Each card actually played has a tiny asterisk.  If you divert and play the hand differently, the asterisks disappear.  Better luck second time!

*If doing so for the first time, click on 'BS Online' to select Bridge Solver Online. This site will remember that in future, unless you clear Cookies.

22nd September 2021
29th September 2021
6th October 2021

Welcome to Southam Bridge Club

Meetings at Southam Village Hall, GL52 3NS, are currently suspended.  Previously the club met at 6.45 for 7pm every Wednesday except at Christmas and in Cheltenham race week.

Visitors and new members will be welcome when meetings resume.  Annual membership is just £5 per person plus a one-off £5 joining fee. Members pay £2 on the night, visitors £3. We are not EBU affiliated and don't give master points.

There is a free car park and kitchen but please bring your own refreshments.

For details, click the button above left: How to find and contact us.