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In either case please contact Brian Smith


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Jim Whitston


Welcome to Stoke Mandeville Bridge Club

Here are the 6 easy steps to gaining access to a Stoke Mandeville Bridge Club tournament. Note that the event starts at 7.30 pm. You should be able to register at up to two hours before that time but no later than 7.20.

Step 1     Log onto BBO using your BBO Name and Password. You will be on the BBO Home page titled Bridge Base Online Home.

DO NOT CLICK ON CASUAL as online tournament events are not found under Casual!

Step 2     Click on Competitive. This is in the section headed PLAY OR WATCH BRIDGE and you will go to the Competitive screen.

Step 3     Click on Free Tournaments in the section headed TOURNAMENTS to take you to the Free Tournaments screen. 

Step 4     Find the advertised “SMBC Online #xxx” and click/tap on it. “Stoke Mandeville” should be written in full as well, so it will be easy to spot. You can put “SMBC" into the Search function found at the top right just below the Free Tournaments banner.

Step 5     Invite your partner using their BBO User Name. Your partner should also be logged on when you do this.

Step 6     Your partner will receive your invitation to join you in the Tournament and should accept it.

Once you have completed Step 6, do not expect to be immediately transported to a table. Nothing at all will happen until the event starts. If you wish, you can log off now and return to BBO later but make sure you are logged on again in time for the event.

You both must be logged on to BBO 10 minutes before the start of the tournament.

If you do not have a partner for the event, you will find a partnership desk in the same screen where you invite your partner. You can enter your (BBO) name here. If anyone else has done the same, you will see who is there looking for a partner and you can invite them or they can invite you. Also, don't forget Jean Thompson's partnership service on WhatsApp. Ask David or Mary for details




Stoke Mandeville Bridge Club

will be Playing every Monday On-Line

at 7.30pm.

(log in by 7.20pm)


Thank you to everyone

who made our first duplicate on line event 



I am hoping you all enjoyed

playing duplicate bridge in a virtual club.

If you would like to know more about joining,

then please contact David Barker on


Best Wishes from Mary and all the committee.

Hand of the Week 3rd August

Those who read my column regularly (do such people exist?) will know that I am a sucker for a minor suit slam. Often so hard to bid as the minor suits make Blackwood risky. I often take a hit-or-miss approach of thinking that, if we’ve bid a minor suit game, there’s probably another trick available so go for it! Doesn’t always work! But on Hand 6 this week, Pair 10 risked Blackwood, even with a 5NT king-ask and found the computer's “optimum” contract of 6 clubs, the only pair to make any slam (although one pair who shall remain nameless went ingloriously two down in 6NT). Well done, Stephen and Sarah



Stoke Mandeville Bridge Club (At Green Park) prides itself on providing a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.


We play duplicate pairs every Monday.  Pre-dealt hands are used with hand records available and Bridgemates at the table for scoring.

Play starts at 7:30, so please arrive by 7:20

Also, we enter two teams in the Berks and Bucks County League of 8.

Free tea, coffee and biscuits are provided.

GUESTS: Guests are most welcome. If you need a partner please contact Brian Smith as we do not operate a Host System. A few days notice is appreciated.

EBU: We are affiliated to the EBU and issue master points.

CAR PARKING: There is ample car parking at Green Park.



Bridge on line
Scorer: Eddie
Bridge on line
Scorer: Eddie
Bridge on line EBU SUMMER SIMS
Scorer: Eddie
10th Aug 2020
Bridge on line
17th Aug 2020
Bridge on line
24th Aug 2020
Bridge on line
31st Aug 2020
Bridge on line
7th Sep 2020
Bridge on line
League of Eight
The A team have now played seven matches,
they have won two, lost five.
Their last two matches are both in March.
The B team have now played seven matches.
Three losses, three wins and a draw.
Their last match is Monday 9th March.
With luck, hopefully both teams will score enough points
to remain in Div 2 and 3. 
Good Luck to both Teams.
If you are interested in playing in the B team, please contact
Mary Baker.

To see the League of 8 results table click here