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Welcome to Small Slams Bridge Club

Our club is for players interested in improving their duplicate game. We are an American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) Sanctioned Duplicate Bridge Club that limits membership to all SaddleBrooke HOA#1 and HOA#2 homeowners and qualified renters. Resident's guests may play as space permits, but HOA#1 and HOA#2 residents will always be given priority seating.

Newcomers to duplicate bridge are welcome but you must have a knowledge of playing bridge. You do NOT need to belong to the ACBL to play.  If you are not an ACBL member, you are encouraged to join  as membership offers many benefits. We can supply you with the forms at any of our games. As a non-member you can earn up to 20 masterpoints that will be tracked for a year and awarded when you join the ACBL.                                                                                                                               Reservations a Must!

If you live in SaddleBrooke but are not yet a Small Slams Bridge Club member, Click "Become A Member" & Register free.  You will be notified when you can "Sign Up to Play".                                                                                                               ♠   ♣ 

Congratulations To Small Slams Players Advancing In Rank

Club Master Lori Ward

Junior Master Carolyn Badger


Instructions to Sign Up to Play

You must be registered as a member. 

On the left hand column of this page, click on SIGN UP to PLAY.

1. At the "Small Slams BC Member Services in the box for ACBL number enter your ACBL number. If you don't have an ACBL number, enter your club number preceded by a hashtag# (Example -#77371). Then click on submit.

2. Click on "Select Reservation Date" and scroll down to the date you want to make a reservation. Click on the date you want.

3. Click on "Reserve/Modify/Find Partner" (then click "submit" on this line)

4. After a short delay you will see a new line with the play date. To the right of the Date is "Partner" To choose a partner:  In the search box, Type in the first few letters of the first name of your partner and a list of players with those letters will appear. Click on the partner you want so their name shows in the box. Once you use the system your regular partner's name will appear at the top of the list preceded by an "*".

5. In the box "When" make sure AFT is listed. We play in the afternoon.

6. In the box "Reg/Limited" make sure Limited is listedWe play in a limited game.

7. In the box "Direction" you can make a request "Do Not Care", North/South. East/West. The request is not guaranteed.

8. You may make recurring reservations for a month at a time.

9. Click on "Submit" on this line.

10. When the reservation is completed, the confirmation is printed in RED above.

If you want to play and don’t have a partner here are the directions to follow:

sign in then click on the date you want to play. make sure the date is correct. then click on "Reserve, Modify, Partner" Below that you should see: all in one line the message below:

Thu By First Name By Last Name

In the Box with "Search" type in *TBD  that is *To Be Determined. Make sure the "TBD" is in the search box. Then complete the rest of the steps - 5-10 above.

Please remember to cancel any reservation you are not going to use.

As a side note -If you click on the box "Line Up for the date listed", you can see all the players who have signed up for that date.

Any questions or problems please write to and we will help you.

Thu December 12, 2019
STaC game (0-750MPs) EXTRA Masterpoints
HOA 1 Activity Center 1PM
Director: Joyce Honorof
Thu December 12, 2019
Thu December 19, 2019
Invitational Game (0-750MPs) STARTS EARLY
HOA 1 Activity Center 11:30AM
Director: Jim Young
 Click for more information
Thu December 26, 2019
Happy Holidays
Thu January 2, 2020
Invitational Game
HOA#1 Activity Center 12:30pm
Director: Barbara Starrett
Director: Joyce Honorof
Event Name
Director: Jim Young
Invitational Game (0-750 MPs)
HOA 1 Activity Center 1PM
Director: Jim Young
Event Name
Director: Jim Young
Small Slams
Director: Barbara Starrett