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  A Message from the newly elected President

I would like to thank the membership of the club for entrusting me to be at the helm and preside over the Scunthorpe Bridge Club. I will try my very best to continue the good work of all previous presidents, committee members and volunteers to make this club a relaxed, friendly and welcoming place, where we can all come and have some 'fun'.

Now I take over this position from Stuart Knox, who put a lot of hard work and effort into the club over many years in order to see it thrive and to be the number ONE bridge club in Lincolnshire, and even in the North of England. So I would like to pay tribute to him for that, thank him, and to say, you can now enjoy playing your bridge here at the bridge club, without having the stress, strain and responsibility for what goes on inside it!!

I see my initial work as president to focus on 3 things.

Firstly, to try and ensure that the bridge club thrives, and together with the committee and volunteers to make sure that every detail is looked at so that members can turn up, play bridge, and have fun, knowing that the club is running in an efficient manner.

Secondly, to try and increase the membership of the club, mainly through the club teaching programme introducing beginners to the game, and then advancing them through intermediate sessions before being thrown into the lions’ den that is Monday, Wednesday & Friday. Also, to try and make existing members come to the club regularly, knowing that all Covid precautions that can be taken are in place for their safety. I would personally like to see 16 to 20 tables on competitive evenings.

And thirdly, this is the big one, to oversee, together with the committee, the repairs required to the club roof. This has already proved to be a complex task, but in simple terms, it needs doing, and it needs to be done right. We do not want to pay out the kind of money we are going to have to pay out, only to find that it needs doing again in 3 years’ time. I have been on the roof and seen the problems first hand, I shall soon be going up again to make some running repairs that will give us some breathing room until the actual decision is made as to who will do the roof and for how much.

Once again, I thank you, and never be afraid to contact me with any suggestions that you think will benefit the club.

Andy Lewis

Last updated : 14th Oct 2021 11:34 BST
  Stuart Knox

On behalf of Scunthorpe Bridge Club Committee and members I would like to express our thanks and great appreciation for everything Stuart Knox has done for the club and its membership over the last 9 years he has been in post as the Club President and for all the hard work and effort he has put into the daily requirements of the club and also for its longer term growth to create a successful and viable club that we can all be proud of.
It is extremely unfortunate that in the past few weeks he has been unfairly criticised by a few members on social media which taken together with personal issues made him assess his future and formed his decision to step down as Club President. He will be a hard act to follow by whoever is elected at the next AGM to the role.
At the Committee meeting held on March 2nd 2021 it was agreed unanimously to support the decision taken previously that Realbridge will become the platform of choice for our on-line club sessions. Therefore NO BBO sessions will be supported or facilitated by the club or made available via the club’s software. Members are obviously free, on an individual basis, to choose BBO sessions provided by BBO as they did previously before club on-line bridge was set up.
Hopefully we will all be back soon playing face-to-face in the club and we as a Committee will try to expedite this happening as future requirements for this are known and can be put in place.
An AGM will then be arranged for 6 weeks after this re-opening date.
Sue Barraclough, Club Secretary.

Last updated : 12th Mar 2021 08:23 GMT
  Use of Mobile Phones and Tablets

Slowly and surely some of us are lurching into the 21st Century, whilst others have been there since 1999. Whether we like it or not mobile technology and social mediocracy(!) have made a massive difference to our lives. However there are some occasions when we should resist the temptations that these media induce. And one of these is whilst playing bridge.

For various reasons (imminent grandchildren is one which springs to mind) you might need to keep your phone on you, but put it on vibrate so that it won’t disturb others in the room (be careful where you position it though – or you could be in for an unexpected surprise!). But please don’t answer it if it vibrates. The caller will leave a message, and if it’s really important you could deal with it out of the playing room, at the end of the round.

Text messages and emails are also (all too) frequently received. They’re not so important that they must be viewed straightaway. Again, if you are sitting out, or if there is a gap at the end of a round, then you could leave the room, check your device, and deal with anything which you consider important enough.

So there is absolutely no excuse for viewing your mobile device at the table, even when you have completed play and you are waiting to move. Indeed the EBU’s White Book, Section 2.8.4, even suggests the penalties which should be imposed if someone is seen to use them. So why not chat to your opponents  – it’s (usually) less rude!

Last updated : 8th Mar 2021 12:15 GMT
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Competition Rules
This page contains details on the club competititions and the rules.
  General Rules

All fully paid-up members of the Club are entitled to play in all of the Club competitions. In a Pairs competition no substitutes are allowed but in a Teams event up to two 2 replacements are allowed as long as they have not already played for another team which is taking part in that event. It is up to the Team Captain to make sure that a team is complete for each week of the event. If a team is not complete then the Team Captain should inform the Director of this as soon as possible.