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Welcome to the website of the Highland District of the Scottish Bridge Union

Here you will find information for SBU members in the District, and visitors to the Highlands will be able to locate and contact affiliated clubs which would be more than happy to welcome them for a game of bridge.

“”BRONZE BRUNCH” Saturdays at 11.45

12 Boards Bronze Pairs $1.80 on BBO.  Registration opens 2 hours before.

Login to BBO.  Click Competitive, All Tournaments and search for an SBU host with BRONZE BRUNCH in the title

The host will vary each week, but will be of the form SBU _x_xxx

The event is restricted to SBU Bronze players who have saved their BBO name on Mempad at least 24 hours before the event takes place.

#77292 Pairs CLASS OF 20-21
#14201 Pairs CLASS OF 20-21
#69149 Pairs CLASS OF 20-21
#8341 Pairs CLASS OF 20-21
#46579 Pairs CLASS OF 20-21
#93805 Pairs CLASS OF 20-21

There is a stock of new SBU cards available at £1 per pack.

Please contact Tim Wickens if interested.



There has been a new rules book issued in August 2017. Changes will affect club players very little.

Each club will get 1 rule book free. Other copies cost £5.