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Our landline phone number is temporarily out of service.

Should you need to ring the club, either leave a message with the Secretary's phone 0438 828 669 or use the Contact Us form from the menu below.

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Gary’s Lessons are Back

Starting Wednesday 13th March, 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Beginners and Intermediates welcome.
Gary will begin with a 15 minute lesson, then follow through with hands dealt to reflect the topic of that lesson.

Depending on numbers, two sections may play to suit experience level.

Our Gold Prospectors

 Well done at the Gold Coast Congress 

Rob & Bas 13.88 Gold Points
Jen Woodhouse and Greg Brackenreg 7.74 Gold Points
Dianne Hinde and Heather York 3.71 Gold Points

Passing the baton
Passing the baton

President of Our Club from 2013 to 2023 (yes, 11 years at the helm!) Lewis Seychell has relinquished his post as Club President and handed over to Dianne Hinde.

A vote of thanks to Lewis, for his continued enthusiasm and time presenting many facets of the Sapphire Bridge Club. Lewis will continue as Tournament Director as we work our way through the 2024 calendar, and provide that essential teaching to bring new members into the club.

Dianne is welcomed in as our President, bringing many years of popular experience and sense of community.  

We also welcome our continuing and new committee members, who serve our Club so selflessly. 

Vale Gwen, Vale David
Vale Gwen, Vale David

Farewell Gwen Williams and David Fell

We salute you, Friday 2nd February,
sharing a drink and memories.

🥳 Happy New Year 🥳
🥳 Happy New Year 🥳

Good luck and enjoy your bridge in 2024 😊