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Welcome to the Royal Automobile Club Bridge Circle - Pall Mall
Bridge is available online NOW!


New games every Saturday - EARLYBIRD Individual at 9.30am & NIGHTOWL Individual at 9.30pm (12 bds, 6 minutes)

 6.45pm every Wednesday RAC OPEN Duplicate - $5BBO game, 24 boards

Register for evening games as normal - however for night's games you will need $5BBO dollars(which you must buy in advance ON BBO),- if you do not have BBU dollars you must buy some. Use your debit/credit card (APPLE and Google Pay have high exchange charges) - if you get really stuck you can buy an extra daytime session and I will transfer it to BBO dollars for you - tell me when you buy.

Daytime games are now five pounds a session, or if you play twice a week or more then opt for the all-you-can-play payment option to save money

We have established regular sessions now on BBO which are OPEN to all St James Group players. RAC hosted games are on Thursday at 1.00pm and Sunday at 11am - All-You-Can-Play members please look on the St James Calendar for other games to join in as you wish as well. Then we look forward to seeing you online soon. Stay safe and well please! Nicole

Bridgebase is where we meet to play matches in a weekly teams league. Joining Bridgebase How-to video and first hand (5mins) nonYouTube version.

So what do you need to do? - 1. Watch the video - 2. Decide if you need more before you try it- 3. Get yourself online - 4. Tell me your username 5. Turn up and register with your partner or at the Partnership Desk (Registration 30-60minutes before play). NB Players not online and IN THE COMPETITIVE AREA at start time will be DEREGISTERED AND WILL NOT PLAY.

Bridge is available online NOW!
Last updated : 31st May 2020 14:03 BST
The Cotton Cup Annual RAC Pall Mall Rubber Bridge Competition 2020

The Bridge Committee has decided that this year the Cotton Cup rubber bridge event which is normally run from June to December concluding in time for the Christmas Dinner should be run online using the Bridge Base Online (BBO) website. Members wishing to enter this competition should let Robin Kilborn (email - know their names and their partners by 12th June. The Committee will then organise the draw for the first round and let participants know who they are playing. Entrants will be asked to arrange their first round online matches with their opponents by 15th July. Many members have been playing on BBO in recent weeks and for those who haven't it is easy and free to join. The Committee will assist any members unfamiliar with online bridge. Because of the different method of scoring rubber bridge it will be necessary for players to keep their own scores on a score sheet just as they would when playing rubber bridge face to face and agree them with their opponents.

Last updated : 18th May 2020 14:04 BST
Ross Cope Swiss Teams Evening NOW ON 17TH SEPTEMEBER

Pall Mall
Thursday 17TH SEPTEMBER, 6.00pm

On Thursday 17TH SEPTEMBER we shall remember our friend Ross Cope by playing his favoured format of bridge, a Swiss Teams Night. The event will start at 6.00pm with a similar high tea to that sampled at the Championship pairs, followed by 24 boards. The Ross Cope Cup has been donated by the Royal Automobile Club Bridge Circle. 

Members and guests: £25.00
Includes: A buffet high tea

Please click here for an entry form.

Last updated : 1st Apr 2020 16:51 BST
RAC v MCC Annual Team of 8 Match

No matter how hard we try we don’t seem to be able to overcome the MCC team of 8 in our annual bridge match. This must be about the 5th year running that we have come second. At half time we were down 26 IMPs and in the second half we did pull back 6 IMPs to lose overall by 20. The Marina, Andrew, Tony and Paul team of 4 managed to win their bit by a single imp and the Bailey, Lester, Howard and Colin a small loss by 21 IMPs. The MCC were competitive and were gracious and took delight in beating us which I take as a compliment. Next year Marina is planning an earlier 4.00pm start  for the match at Lords so maybe this will benefit our old stagers more than our opponents.

Last updated : 5th Mar 2020 13:25 GMT
Bridge Circle Christmas Dinner, honours and thank yous
12 December 2019
Xmas 2019: Michael Bailey presenting Sally Found with...

Michael Bailey presenting Sally with the Hero/Heroine Plate.

Xmas 2019: Michael Bailey presenting the Kisiels with...

Michael Bailey presenting the Brigitte and Andrew Kisiel with Joyce Goldstein Trophy for Top Partnership.

Xmas 2019: Michael Bailey presenting Robin with...

Michael Bailey presenting Robin with the Debbie Goldstein Trophy for Our player of the year with highest aggregate points (second to Marina Chaning Pearce). Robin and Frank also won the Cotton Cup for rubber bridge.

See more photos

Last updated : 18th Dec 2019 13:02 GMT
Cotton Cup 2019. And the winners are... (12 December 2019)
Frank Hollendoner and Robin Kilborn faced up to David Mannooch and Michael Bailey in the Club Room at 9.00am on the morning before the Bridge Circle Christmas Dinner to play the final of the 2019 Cotton Cup, so desperate were the four to produce a winning pair to be presented with the champagne and Cup at the dinner! After two hours Mannooch and Bailey held a 2-0 lead in the rubbers and the overall score was virtually breakeven but it was downhill for them for the final 90 minutes and Frank and Robin ran out worthy winners.


See Cotton Cup ladder

Last updated : 16th Dec 2019 16:55 GMT
Ros and Bob Bowman Swiss Pairs 2019 Championship
(3 November 2019)

A bit like Formula one racing or Premiership Football our annual Open carves up into the top 6 or so very experienced, high quality bridge pairs, the majority of experienced Pairs who threaten a Leicester City performance and the less experienced Pairs who gain enormous know how and development by competing and one year will move up the groupings.

Played over two sessions of 24 boards per session the leading pair changed position countless times. After the first session the leading were: Marina and Terry, Gitte and Mary, Ruth and Sami. The second session leaders were: Paul and Brigid, Richard and Rhonda, Malcolm and Susi.

Leaders session 1: Marina and Terry

Leaders session 1: Marina Chaning Pearce & Terry Smith

Leaders session 2: Paul and Brigid

Leaders session 2: Paul Weston & Brigid Battiscombe

The overall winners of the Cup were Gitte Hecht-Johansen and Mary Gordon-Smith with 110 VPs followed incredibly closely by joint second with 108 VPs: Richard and Rhonda Collins and Paul Weston and Brigid Battiscombe.

Overall winners: Gitte Hecht-Johansen and Mary Gordon-Smith

Overall winners: Gitte Hecht-Johansen and Mary Gordon-Smith

As a club the RAC can claim some success as Gitte is a regular friend of ours replacing Nicole as TD when she is not available and Paul Weston is home grown. Marina and Terry, last year’s winners and early leaders after session one came 5th and Andrew Kisiel and David Glass came 6th.

Thank you to the Club for making the Mountbatten Room available to us on a particularly busy Sunday in the events calendar and for the Banqueting team who provided a beautiful array of coloured sandwiches high tea.


Last updated : 16th Dec 2019 16:52 GMT
Duplicate Pairs
Evening Duplicate
StJ RAC - Gentle Pairs part 1
StJ RAC - Sunday Open
Fri 5th Jun 2020
Sat 6th Jun 2020
Tue 9th Jun 2020
Cotton Cup 2020
Tue 9th Jun 2020
Devonshire Trophy 2020

The 2020 Devonshire Trophy winners are the Roehampton Blue Team. Runners up were the Oxford and Cambridge Alpha team.

The 2020 Devonshire Plate was won by the Polish Club who defeated the Hurlingham Pigeons.

Click here for the up to date Trophy and Plate results.

Click here for the 2020 Permitted Conventions, and here for the Rules and Procedures.

If you would like to compete in 2021 please let us know and we will let you know when entries open.