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  JOHN  BLACKETT  ON  07702 794 800  OR  E-MAIL  riponbridge  FOR  FURTHER  INFORMATION

BBO Online Tournaments
Online Bridge


From Thursday 21st May 2020 there will be a charge for all Ripon City Bridge Club Online Tournaments.

This is because Ripon is a member of the EBU and is therefore required to (and would like to support in these troubled times) pay the EBU their Pay to Play fee


  1. The tournaments are open to all members of Ripon, Thirsk & Nothallerton Bridge clubs and their friends who have prepaid our treasurer at least £10.00 on account for future tournaments fees. From this £1.00 will be deducted as a joining fee to cover any club expences. To join please email
  2. The directors Username is Super01 but could be one of several different players.
  3. Ripon plays their matches on Wednesday at 19:00 (charge £1.50) and Friday afternoons at 13:15 (charge 50p)
  4. Results will be posted on both the club website and on the EBU website. Materpoints will be awarded for all tournaments.
  5. If you need a partner for a matches please either email Christine on  or sign up to the partnership desk on BBO on the night
  6. All players agree to stay until the end of the tournament. If you lose connection please return ASAP. On return If one finds that he/she has been replaced by a substitute please message the director and you will be reseated at the start of the next round.
  7. You must be on the weekly email list. If you are not please email me on
  8. Undos are allowed for miss clicks. This can be in bidding or play. If opposition does not allow an undo please call the director
  9. All rounds are timed. If you do not finish the round in the allotted time the computer will allocate you 50% for any games unfinished. If you think that you have been unfairly treated by this please message the director and he can adjust the score.
  10. To help with producing and publishing the Results on Ripon’s website every profile must contain the player’s name
  11. Every player must have on their profile a summary of their convention card which opposition can look at. (See below for instructions)
  12. If a players screen freeze please log off and log back on as quickly as possible and you should be reseated automatically.
  13. All unusual bids must be alerted. This is done by typing in the explanation box before making a bid. If you think you have been disadvantaged by a bid not being alerted please call the director and the score may be adjusted.
  14. Scores can only be adjusted up to 20 minutes after the end of the tournament.