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Committee Minutes
Committee Meeting 7.5.20

Ripon City Bridge Club – Committee Meeting May 7th 2020

Present – John Blackett, John Digby, Kay Thorpe, Christopher & Christine Wright, Andrew Murday, Gillian Malloy, Steve Knight.

The club AGM will be postponed until live play returns.  A treasurers report will be distributed along with these minutes to members.

Christopher advised that membership would lapse if not paid by July but this would be revised closer to the date.  Anyone wishing to Join Ripon Bridge Club should complete an application with payment made at a later date.

John B advised that even if we paid to play with BBO the site would crash when North America entered the site.  Therefore Ripon would continue to play Wednesday and Friday at 1:15pm with Thirsk playing Sunday and Tuesday at 1:15pm.  Directors will share running the tournaments and Steve volunteered to learn to direct.

Harrogate Bridge Club contacted John B as they would like to play online with BBO however no new directors are being accepted and they asked if they may join Ripon with John B being the director.  With discussion it was realised that playing online was more than playing bridge but also connecting with known club members and that the addition of 30 more, mostly unknown players would change the dynamics of Ripon Bridge Club.  It was agreed that John B would be the director for Harrogate Bridge Club and will suggest that they play on a Thursday.

It looks as if we will loose Team A in the Yorkshire League as there is no one to Captain the team.  Team B is still strong under Andrew so it was suggested that members be asked if they would like to play for a team in the Yorkshire League with the possibility of re establishing two teams.
We all waved bye.


Committee Meeting 10am 7th. February 2020

Present:      Andrew, Chris, Christine, John Digby, Gillian

                     Apologies:   John Blackett, Kay

Christmas Party – it was considered a success but changes would be implemented next year; review prize money as it is considered too generous, more red wine, less Prosecco, amend bridge movement, dietary requirements to be met by Cook of Harrogate, Gillian to obtain current brochure, ask at AGM to consider name change of event to New Year Party. 

Mentor Sessions – 20th. March proposed start date.  John B will organise list of mentors and mentees.  No problem foreseen if some conventions were to be disallowed such as the multi 2D

Friday Sessions – it was agreed to continue with the coffee break.  Play was within the allotted time but it was felt 28 boards were too much for many of the players and should be avoided.

Simm pairs – it was agreed to continue with 6 events to confirm at the AGM.

Scoring – Chris and Andrew offered to learn EBU scoring but the only benefit would be a saving of £30/annum.  We would continue with Scorebridge until training of others is complete and comparison with EBU is made.

Treasurer’s Report – As of 31st. Jan we had £650 more than last year.  There is money in the bank for a capital expenditure and the Christmas Party made a profit of £10.

A.O.B. – Request for hosting and directing schedule a month in advance.

Did we receive feedback from the library sessions?

Forming an additional ‘C’ team for the Yorkshire League to be proposed at the AGM.

Replacement for Mary as ‘host’ for the teams refreshments.

Help to maintain and update the website.

Andrew to take on dealing the boards during the Wrights absence.

Meeting closed at 1130hrs,

Committee Meeting Minutes

RIPON CITY BRIDGE CLUB – Committee Meeting 09/09/19
Present: John Blackett, Kay Thorpe, Chris and Christine Wright, Gillian Malloy, Andrew Murday, Steve Knight.
APOLOGY: John Digby

1.      Minutes. It was agreed that Kay would forward the minutes to John B. who would approve, they would then be sent to the committee and put on the website.
2.      Bridgemates.  John B. has ordered three new table mates and we will be reimbursed by the YCBA.
3.      Friday.  The social aspect of Fridays appears to be appreciated as well as Steve’s Courgette Cakes.  Play even seems to be speedier, finishing earlier.
4.      Lessons.  These will start Monday 21st. October at a cost £5/person however any person paying for 9 sessions will receive a 50% discount.  John B. has had flyers printed and a large, portable banner made for which the YBCA will pay half the cost.
5.    Library.  There will be a display with card tables, boards and bidding boxes on display from 10am – 5pm Thursday and Friday 12th & 13th. September and from 10am – 2pm Saturday 14th. September.  John B. will organise a rota and ask members to volunteer for a couple of hours.  Andrew will provide a General Data Protection Order to be printed on a form for interested people to give their details.  Steve will provide a
‘ballot box’ for the forms.
6.     Charity Bridge. In aid of Marie Curie, Steve had not had sufficient commitments and if there were not enough by the week 16th. September he would have to cancel.
7.    Teams.  There is a proposed ‘friendly’ match against Thirsk 13th. October.  Andrew was concerned with the number of members committed as 16 members were needed for the two teams.  John B. mentioned this would be his last season as captain of the A team, again.
8.    Road Closures.  Due to the Women’s Elite cycle race there may be a problem leaving the Friday bridge session 29th. September.
9.    Responsibilities.  Steve has agreed to manage the website and will have Graham show him.  John B. will draw up a rota for Directors and add it to the website calendar.  He will also draw up a rota for hosting on Fridays to include Chris & Christine, Andrew, Gillian and himself.
10.     Score cards.  It was agreed that at least one partner keep score and Steve would provide a ‘box’ for the cards at the end of the session.  Print outs would be available at the end of bridge sessions
11.    Lessons.  Chris and Andrew attended a lesson for Directors in Halifax which they felt was beneficial.  Christine will attend a lesson in November on EBU scoring for BridgeMate.
12.    Membership.  Christopher explains that we have 72 paid up members and the bridge sessions showed an increase in players.  Stationary costs were approved for the Treasurer.
13.    Bridge outreach.  Steve advised there would be more sessions to be held at various locations with another pub session in October/November.  There was also interest in a bridge holiday in March.
14.    Play.  Andrew was interested in the possibility of different forms if play as in Swiss Pairs.  It was noted that some players take an extended time to bid and others ‘fiddle’ with bidding boxes.  It was suggested we politely point this out during play.



Committee Minutes


RIPON CITY BRIDGE CLUB     Committee Meeting 2nd. December 2019

Present:       John Blackett, Christopher Wright, Kay Thorpe, Christine Wright, Gillian Malloy, Steve Knight.
Apologies:    Andrew Murday, John Digby

CHRISTMAS PARTY 8th. January 2020 – it was agreed to play Swiss Pairs with five rounds of four boards.  Movement will be instructed by the BRIDGEMATES.
Helpers to arrive at 5:15pm to set up and members to arrive by 6:15pm

TEAM MATCHES – A friendly match for both teams was held at Thirsk to introduce new members to team play in the hope of increasing members for both Ripon teams in the Yorkshire League.
It was agreed that when attending a match, either home or away, team members would contribute £5 each.  Drivers for away matches would claim £5 for each passenger.
As there is difficulty in maintaining a minimum number of players for both teams there is a possibility of only putting one team in the Yorkshire League in the future.
Christopher noted that running both teams results in a loss for the club’s home matches.

FINANCES – Christopher noted that the club’s finances are “doing well”.
For players wishing to join the club after Christmas they would only pay half of the annual subscription.

LESSONS – Attendance on Monday afternoons is erratic and John B. will check out South Lodge as a venue.
Steve suggested holding an occasional seminar prior to play on Fridays.  Steve also mentioned that the occasional ‘social’ session held in a pub and the Introduction to Bridge held in the library went well.

The club will purchase more cups which will be kept in a container for members use.  It was requested by a member that biscuits provided by the club be kept in their wrappers.