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Committee Minutes
Committee Meeting Minutes

RIPON CITY BRIDGE CLUB – Committee Meeting 09/09/19
Present: John Blackett, Kay Thorpe, Chris and Christine Wright, Gillian Malloy, Andrew Murday, Steve Knight.
APOLOGY: John Digby

1.      Minutes. It was agreed that Kay would forward the minutes to John B. who would approve, they would then be sent to the committee and put on the website.
2.      Bridgemates.  John B. has ordered three new table mates and we will be reimbursed by the YCBA.
3.      Friday.  The social aspect of Fridays appears to be appreciated as well as Steve’s Courgette Cakes.  Play even seems to be speedier, finishing earlier.
4.      Lessons.  These will start Monday 21st. October at a cost £5/person however any person paying for 9 sessions will receive a 50% discount.  John B. has had flyers printed and a large, portable banner made for which the YBCA will pay half the cost.
5.    Library.  There will be a display with card tables, boards and bidding boxes on display from 10am – 5pm Thursday and Friday 12th & 13th. September and from 10am – 2pm Saturday 14th. September.  John B. will organise a rota and ask members to volunteer for a couple of hours.  Andrew will provide a General Data Protection Order to be printed on a form for interested people to give their details.  Steve will provide a
‘ballot box’ for the forms.
6.     Charity Bridge. In aid of Marie Curie, Steve had not had sufficient commitments and if there were not enough by the week 16th. September he would have to cancel.
7.    Teams.  There is a proposed ‘friendly’ match against Thirsk 13th. October.  Andrew was concerned with the number of members committed as 16 members were needed for the two teams.  John B. mentioned this would be his last season as captain of the A team, again.
8.    Road Closures.  Due to the Women’s Elite cycle race there may be a problem leaving the Friday bridge session 29th. September.
9.    Responsibilities.  Steve has agreed to manage the website and will have Graham show him.  John B. will draw up a rota for Directors and add it to the website calendar.  He will also draw up a rota for hosting on Fridays to include Chris & Christine, Andrew, Gillian and himself.
10.     Score cards.  It was agreed that at least one partner keep score and Steve would provide a ‘box’ for the cards at the end of the session.  Print outs would be available at the end of bridge sessions
11.    Lessons.  Chris and Andrew attended a lesson for Directors in Halifax which they felt was beneficial.  Christine will attend a lesson in November on EBU scoring for BridgeMate.
12.    Membership.  Christopher explains that we have 72 paid up members and the bridge sessions showed an increase in players.  Stationary costs were approved for the Treasurer.
13.    Bridge outreach.  Steve advised there would be more sessions to be held at various locations with another pub session in October/November.  There was also interest in a bridge holiday in March.
14.    Play.  Andrew was interested in the possibility of different forms if play as in Swiss Pairs.  It was noted that some players take an extended time to bid and others ‘fiddle’ with bidding boxes.  It was suggested we politely point this out during play.



Committee Minutes

Minutes of Ripon city Bridge Club Management Committee will be shown Below