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  JOHN  BLACKETT  ON  07702 794 800  OR  E-MAIL  riponbridge  FOR  FURTHER  INFORMATION

BBo League Information
Ripon City Bridge Club League

The matches can be played at any time to suit you.

The league will be 16 board matches scored in IMPs and then converted to Victory Points using the table below. This is very similar to teams and so team’s tactics should be used in the bidding and play.  Depending on the number of players each league will be divided into 6-8 teams. Each pair plays each pair over 6 weeks from the 1st July

The 2nd league will start on 1st July for the next 6 weeks so please send all entries by August 14th.

The league is open and free to all members of the Ripon Virtual Club. (That is those playing in the paid Wednesday or Friday Tournaments)

To play each pair nominates a captain and you arrange the matches any time to suit. Please send names of the pair to John using  agreeing to allow me to post your email on the website . Agree between the captains which captain is in charge and sets up the table, and exchange telephone Nos in case anything goes wrong.

To play a match click on Casual, then the main Bridge Club, and then the captain in charge clicks on start table.  Make sure IMPs is ticked in the top left corner (usually ticked by default). Also click the slider beside “Permission required to play” (not clicked by default). This stops BBO inserting a substitute if a player loses connection. Insert the User names of the players and press start table.

BBO will send invites to the players to join the table so everyone should be online by the time agreed and in the Relaxed Bridge Club to get the invite. There are usually not many tables in this area so if anything goes wrong the table should be easy to find. Note there is a fault on BBO and often a player is shown as offline when he is online and players in the Relaxed Bridge Club can sometimes not be seen by players elsewhere so always go to the Relaxed Bridge Club to wait for a league match to start.

After you have played 16 boards wait untill the next board (the 17th ) has been dealt then take the score shown in the top left as the final score.

Winning captain to send the results to the scorer for your league who is shown on the league table on the next page.

The scorer will convert the IMPs into Victory points and enter them on the Ripon City Bridge Club Website using the table below. The IMPs score is rounded to the nearest whole number (0.1 - 0.4 down and 0.5 - 0.9 upwards  that is 3.4 becomes 4)

At the endof the league the lowest 2 positions in League a will swap with the highest 2 positions in League B